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For the first many tiers, potion and poison names stay pretty much the same from tier to tier, with different adjectives in front to show which tier it is from. For example, the common poisons and potions from tier 1 are be "lesser", the common from tier 7 are "exceptional", the rare from tier 7 are "grandmaster's". This should make it easier for you to search for the next tier up of your favorite concotion(s) when you outlevel your old one(s). (Things change a lot in the last couple few expansions, and that will need a separate article some day. If anyone wants to write up something to accurately summarize from ToT onwards, let me know!)

Stacking and Colors

One of the more frustrating things for many of us before potions and poisons were standardized, was to figure out which potion/poison stacks with what. Be frustrated no more - the color of the vial will show you if items will or will not stack. You can have only one from each color grouping active at a time for poisons, and only one from each color grouping active at a time for potions. So, if you have a green stat buff potion on you already, another green potion cannot be used at the same time, but you could also use a purple resist potion. For those who have issues with colors, and those who want a handy reference sheet, I've put together the following information:

*Note that the "violet" color in potions is an odd shade of light purple, and could easily be confused with the purple at a quick glance.

Name Color Tier(s) Description
Caustic Poison Red 1-8 Large upfront poison damage
Hemotoxin Red 1-8 Damage over time
Mental Breach Red 6-8 Power tap
Vitality Breach Red 6-8 Health tap
Enfeebling Purple 6-8 STR, ranged, slashing, crushing, piercing debuff
Cerebral Ebb Purple 7-8 INT, ministration, subjugation, ordination, disruption debuff
Warding Ebb Purple 3-8 resist debuff
Gracelessness Purple 6-8 AGI, parry, deflection, defense debuff
Turgur Blue 5-8 Attack speed debuff
Fettering Blue 5-8 Movement speed debuff (snare)
Ignorant Bliss Blue 5-8 Threat reduction
Stupefying Blue 7 (rare) stuns target
Name Color Tier(s) Description
Arcane Remedy red 1-8 cure arcane
Noxious Remedy red 1-8 cure poison/disease
Trauma Remedy red 2-8 cure trauma (crushing, piercing, slashing)
Elemental Remedy red 1-8 cure elemental
Essence of Health purple 2-8 instant heal
Essence of Power purple 2-8 instant power
Essence of Regeneration purple 3-8 heal over time
Essence of Clarity purple 3-8 power over time
Elemental Reprieve purple 6-8 cold/heat ward
Noxious Reprieve purple 6-8 poison/disease ward
Arcane Reprieve purple 6-8 magic/mental/divine ward
Freedom of Action violet* 4, 7 10-second immunity to fear and root
Freedom of Mind violet* 4, 7 10-second immunity to stifle and stun
Elixir of Constitution green 3-8 +max health
Elixir of Thorns green 7-8 damage shield
Elixir of Transcendence green 3-8 +max power
Elixir of Deftness green 5-8 +AGI
Elixir of Fortitude green 5-8 +STR
Elixir of Piety green 5-8 +WIS
Elixir of Intellect green 5-8 +INT
Elixir of Second Sight green 7-8 (rare) increase heal crit and damage spell crit chance (4% chance)
Elixir of Tactics green 7-8 (rare) increase melee and ranged crit chance (4% chance)

The Ingredients

Each tier follows the same rough pattern with regards to recipes, with some exceptions in tier 8 due to the fuel pricing model. common potions and poisons need that tier's common loam, as well as the jewelcraft common metal, the common roots, plus 5 fuel (2 fuel for tier 8). The rare potions and poisons will use 4 fuel (2 fuel for tier 8), as well as the tier-appropriate roots and ore, but then will need that tier's dust, which is obtained from creating a pristine-quality adept III from that tier. (yields 2 dust per adept III created.) Below is a quick-reference list with the names:
  • Tier 1 common (Lesser)- leaded loam, rare (Neophyte's): flickering dust
  • Tier 2 common (Lesser) - salty loam, rare (Apprentice's): shimmering dust
  • Tier 3 common (Greater) - pliant loam, rare (Journeyman's): sparkling dust
  • Tier 4 common (Superb) - supple loam, rare (Workman's): glimmering dust
  • Tier 5 common (Superior) - bonded loam, rare (Apothecary's): luminous dust
  • Tier 6 common (Remarkable) - soluble loam, rare (Master's): lambent dust
  • Tier 7 common (Exceptional) - porous loam, rare (Grandmaster's): scintillating dust
  • Tier 8 common (Dedicated) - mineral salt loam, rare (Expert's): sacred dust

In addition to the above, there are special potions and poisons in Tier 8, using faction recipes. These are mastercrafted, and require level 72 to use:

RoK Poisons

  • Di'zok Mental Strike (power tap & poison) - Bathezid Alchemy Volume I
  • Rilissian Vital Strike (poison with small heal/power increase) - Riliss Alchemy Volume I

RoK Potions

  • Regimental Elixir of Combat (4% double attack) - Danak Alchemy Volume I
  • Regimental Essence of Combat (power increase DoT + heal) - Danak Alchemy Volume I

Far Seas Supply Division Potions & Poisons

The "Chemist's Reflections" book is sold on the Far Seas Supply Division faction merchant in Mara, requires 40K faction with them, and is no trade. Each recipe requires a reflective smoldering shard as a primary ingredient, but are level 80 items that can be used by all classes (this includes the poisons!)
  • Frozen Mists - large encounter-based cold damage, elemental mitigation reduced. 10 uses, 10 second duration per use.
  • Hemotoxic Venom - procs single-target poison damage (DD&DoT), 5 charges, 15-minute duration per charge
  • Holy Sight - procs single target divine damage + caster heal, 5 charges, 15-minute duration per charge
  • Immaterial Ingenuity - procs single target mental dd and power decrease
  • Magmatic Detonation - large encounter-based heat damage, elemental mitigation reduced. 10 uses, 10 second duration per use.
  • Runic Destruction - procs single-target magic damage, 5 charges, 15 minute duration per charge
  • Subtle Perception - procs single-target piercing damage. 5 charges, 15-minute duration per charge
  • Vile Outbreak - large encounter-based disease DoT and noxious mitigation reduction, 10 charges, 10 seconds per charge

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