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Planes of Prophecy Rare Harvest Quick Reference

First, here's a quick glance at which node yields what rare(s). Note that any node can yield Planar Energy (used in level 11-15 ascension spells).

  • Celestial lair (den) - cnidcara hide
  • Etherium mass (ore) - rubicite ore
  • Golden cluster (gem) - darkstone
  • Matron's nursery (food) - strand of ether, matron's heart (ultra rare food)
  • Molted entwood (wood) - storm ent heartwood
  • Stormwracked sprout - strand of ether

Rares by Crafting Class

  • Alchemist - tank CA's: rubicite; potions/poisons: each rare (other than matron's heart) is used in at least a couple recipes
  • Armorer - chain/plate armor and merc armor: rubicite
  • Carpenter - furniture: storm ent heartwood
  • Jeweler - scout CA's, jewelry, merc accolades: darkstone
  • Provisioners - rare food (no rare drink): matron's heart
  • Sages - priest spells: darkstone; mage spells: rubicite ore
  • Tailors - cloth armor & belts: strand of ether; leather armor & cloaks: cnidcara hide
  • Weaponsmiths - weapons (including thrown) & metal shields: rubicite ore
  • Woodworker - wooden weapons, wooden shields, arrows, crossbow bolts - storm ent heartwood

Usage by Rare Type

  • Cnidcara Hide: leather armor, cloaks, some potions/poisons
  • Darkstone: Scout CAs, priest experts, jewelry, merc accolades, some potions/poisons
  • Matron's Heart: Matron's Cobbler (food)
  • Planar Energy: level 11-15 ascension spells (once we find the recipes!)
  • Rubicite Ore: metal armor & weapons, merc armor, tank CA's, mage spells, some potions/poisons
  • Storm Ent Heartwood: wooden weapons, arrows, crossbow bolts, furniture, some potions/poisons
  • Storm Stalk: clothe armor, belts, some potions/poisons

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