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Artisan - Classes, Subclasses and How They Work

Levels 2-9 - Sample Everything

After you speak to one of several NPCs (wholesaler if on the isles, crafting trainer if elsewhere) you will be promoted to artisan level two, and receive your Artisan Essentials Volume 2 book. Congratulations, you are now an artisan, able to make a little bit of this, a little bit of that. It is a good time to "try a bit of everything" and see what you do and do not enjoy making. Before you can "ding" to tradeskill level 10, however, you need to make a choice regarding what tradeskill class you wish to be.

Decisions, Decisions

Your three class choices for level 10 are Craftsman, Outfitter and Scholar, and you must choose one, and only one, before you can progress at the end of artisan 9. Once you inform the proper NPC* of your decision, there is no going back, so use the time that you spend as an artisan as a chance to try things out and make a decision. This decision will only affect what level 10+ recipes you can learn, so don't fret about losing some of your low-level food recipes, for example, if you decide to go Outfitter. Nothing that you already learned is lost.


The crafstman makes food and drink, as well as all sorts of things with wood (wooden weapons, furniture, totems, bucklers, ammo, etc.)


Outfitters focus on gearing up players by use of blacksmithing and tailoring - metal, cloth and leather armor, as well as an array of metal weapons and metal (tower, kite) shields.


Scholars create jewelry, potions and poisons, as well as all spells, skills and combat art upgrades.

Levels 10-19 - Refining Your Skills

You have chosen your tradeskill class, and are now starting to make bigger, better items. You'll be working with a more limited subset of the recipe types than you saw as an artisan, and using higher-level ingredients to make higher-level items. (Your target customers will generally be folks in the adventurer levels 10-19 at this point.) Again, take these levels to get a feel for the various types of items that you can now learn to make. See what does and does not interest you in your level 10-19 recipes. Now is the time to really settle down and figure out which parts of the profession you do and do not like, so you are prepared to make your level 20 subclass choice.

By the time you are level 19 in your chosen tradeskill class, hopefully you will have managed to narrow down exactly which subclass you would like to be. As with your class choice for level 10, in order to progress to tradeskill level 20, you must seek out the proper NPC*, and inform them of your choice. Once you have chosen, you cannot change your mind, so make sure to give this some thought.

Level 20 - The SubClasses

If you are a Craftsman, your choices for subclasses are: Provisioner, Carpenter and Woodworker. Those who love playing with the stove and keg above all other crafts tend to become Provisioners, creating delectable foods and drinks for the voracious masses. Those who like to make wooden weapons, ammo, small shields, bows, and totems will find Woodworker more to their liking. Any who, like 'Mum, love to make homes beautiful with a variety of furniture (as well as those who like making strongboxes) will find that the Carpenter subclass to be where they are most comfortable. (Carpenters also craft rare woods into home-placeable sales containers, starting in their 20s.)

Outfitters, too, have three choices - Armorer, Tailor, and Weaponsmith. The Armorer specializes in chain and plate armor, as well as tower and kite shields, spending hours working in front of a hot forge while making protective gear for the more combat-oriented sorts. A Tailor works on protective gear for those who are a bit more delicate - creating an assortment of cloth and leather armor sets, as well as bags, quivers and hex dolls. Then, of course, there's the Weaponsmith, who makes metal implements of destruction (weapons) in a wide variety of styles.

The Scholars choose from Alchemist, Sage and Jeweler. If chemistry experiments that create useful potions and dangerous poisons are up your alley, or you like making combat art upgrades for the fighter classes, then Alchemist is a good choice for you. If you prefer working with precious metals and gems to make lovely (and useful) jewelry, or you like making skill upgrade runes for scouts, then, naturally, Jeweler is more your style. For the more bookish sorts, who tend to have permanently ink-stained fingers from making spell scrolls, the obvious choice will be Sage.

Choose Wisely

Levels 3-9 in artisan go very quickly, so be sure to sample a bit of this and that, making at least one item on every piece of tradeskill equipment, if you're having problems making your level 10 choice. Once you make that choice, you have basically locked yourself out of 6 of the 9 possible tradeskill professions, so think carefully before you choose.

*When you are ready to make your level 10 and level 20 profession choices, you should speak with the tradeskill trainers outside the various village crafting instances.

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