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Revamp - Packrats and Interims

Tradeskillers tend to be packrats. No ifs, no ands, no buts. We tend to have multiple crafting alts, sometimes even a storage mule, stockpiles of resources, and stockpiles of refines and interims.

So, what happens to all our bits and pieces of premade ... stuff ... when the revamp hits? What do you do with all those now-obsolete fungi and food harvests? Breathe easy, mighty packrat, breathe easy. 'Mum will try to make the panic go away, k?

Which What Goes Where

For almost every premade sub there is a use. Washes, oils, padding, thread, yarn, and suchlike work in place of that tier's roots. Rare inks work in place of a rare raw for any of that tier's adept IIIs for any class, and for rare jewelry in that tier (since the base component is rare gem or soft metal-derived, this makes some sense). Various wood products, including scraps and turned lumber, work in place of the wood for the tier. Crafted loams, poison vials, and potion glasses work in place of the appropriate harvested loam. Commons work for commons, rares work for rares. Things are happy.

There is only one spot that I have seen where this breaks down, and that is with rare ingots and rare arrowheads. Due to it being very unbalancing to make them sub for anything rare, since they're a higher-yield byproduct and there are no more rare arrows, they will work in place of the common metal for the tier.

Unwanted Foodstuffs

In many tiers, at least one fish, plus the herbs, spices and nuts are going to be removed from the harvest tables. Details can be found here. My personal recommendation is to use them up now. Cook them, broker them, etc. Unless you're on a really weird server economy, the raws will have far less cash value to a vendor than you will get from players for edible yummies.

Unwanted Fungi

This is a tough call. If you're a mad alchemist, you can convert them all into crude solvents and make slightly more in vendor sellback than you will get for the raw fungi. I'd really not recommend going on a fungi binge between now and when this goes live - there are far better/easier ways to make money. :)

Other 'Mum Comments

When you think about the time and effort (and fuel costs) that go into making certain subs, you'll find that some you will truly want to use up now, other items are worth saving for later. A lot will depend on your resources and crafting needs.

In some cases, however, I say "eat the fuel costs and convert them now!" Since rare inks will work for adept 3's of all classes, and for rare jewelry, for example, the extra fuel/resource cost may be a happy thing in return for having an item that will work in multiple spots. Since rare glasses and vials will work in place of the rare dust needed for rare potions and poisons, converting your rare crafted loams into such containers might be a happy thing. Converting your common crafted loams, however, is just plain silly. You'll have loam coming out your ears when you harvest, why spend money making more?! :)

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