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Revamp - Profession-Specific Notes

Each profession will find that the changes due to LU24 will impact them a bit differently, so I'll try to list out the main changes by class. Please check out the bold, red items for things that are currently hot topics that may/may not make it to the live servers. I'd rather folks be warned in advance rather than caught by surprise.

Artisan 2-9

A large chunk of your common recipes were converted over a while ago, so these changes won't seem so drastic to you. The recipes that hadn't been changed over will now be changed so you don't have to do refines or interims. You may notice some of the potions and poisons have gone away, but everything else should be pretty smooth for you. You'll also get your first taste of power and health regen totems in these levels. A few of the harvests that you had in your bag will now only be good for selling to an NPC vendor, due to changes in some food recipes as well as the changes to potions and poisons.

Currently on Test, your old artisan advanced books will no longer have recipes in them, and you will need to obtain new rare books. BUT I've just had news that since everyone but furniture lovers and newbie crafters will outgrow everything in these in hours flat, there WILL be a vendor alternative for the level 2-9 rare books. So consider this both good and bad news in one. :) (Update: it looks like these books will cost 1 silver and change, so it shouldn't be a great hardship on folks.)

Craftsman 10-19

Rare books HAVE changed. Craftsmen have gone from having advanced craftsman 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, to having odd-numbered books as well. So yes, you will suddenly not have some recipes that you had before, and will need to farm new books.

Foods/Drinks - a few food harvests were removed from the harvest tables, and you can now vendor those items. Your trusty recipes will have changed quite a bit, including durations, stats, etc. Anything you already made won't change, only new stuff that is made after LU24 goes live. You'll find you've got statless food and drink of various durations, as well as some 2-stat drinks and 2-stat foods of varying durations. Stockpile your tubers for many recipes in the tier, and a little bit of the tier 2 loam to use in one of the drinks. Craft items on the stove to pristine level in order to receive a yield of 2.

Furniture - Nothing really new here other than changing over to no-subs. You may find yourself using a bit more in the way of hides and ore, but not really anything major to report here.

Woodworking - you'll now be making all the ammo (thrown weapons and arrows) instead of just arrows. These will all yield 25 on a pristine. Other than that and the no-subs bit, not much will have changed other than receiving your imbue recipes in the same level that you get the base item recipe.

Scholar 10-19

Goodbye inks! Goodbye WORTs! Goodbye fungi! Hello loam! You'll also find that the jewelry items have been twiddled around a bit - there's a lot more resist jewelry than there used to be. Make your adept IIIs to pristine and receive 2 dust that can be used to craft rare potions and poisons.

Outfitters 10-19

No more patterns and all that jazz. You won't be making thrown weapons anymore, but you get lots of other goodies in their place. You will start to see the start of new armor sets for the various classes, and possibly a few new weapon designs as well. The two larger shields also go from being wooden, to being more sturdily made by a smith. You'll receive any imbue spells at the same level as you receive the base recipe.


You'll have loam coming out your ears (you'll use it for app IVs as well as for potions and poisons), but ah, the joys of no longer having to make WORTs, or ink, ever again. And no more fungi!! Potions and poisons will be a snap, with every pristine combine creating a stack of 10. Remember to save any dust that is created adept IIIs, as you'll need it for the rare potions and poisons. Other than the above-mentioned loam, you'll still need roots, gems and soft metals. On the good news front, it looks like pristine adept III combines will yield 2 dust and (at least) the third quality level yields 1 dust. This should make rare potions and poisons a bit more affordable, and hence more desirable, for some folks.

Below is a breakdown of the loam/dust naming scheme:

  • Tier 1: leaded loam (rare: solidified loam, flickering dust)
  • Tier 2: salty loam (rare: alkaline loam, shimmering dust)
  • Tier 3: pliant loam (rare: malleable loam, sparkling dust)
  • Tier 4: supple loam (rare: ductile loam, glimmering dust)
  • Tier 5: bonded loam (rare: fused loam, luminous dust)
  • Tier 6: soluble loam (rare: alkalai loam, lambent dust)
  • Tier 7: porous loam (rare: spongy loam, scintillating dust)


Other than the no-subs, the biggest things will be new resist jewelry and the imbued rings possibly moving around a bit in levels. Save any dust that is created when you make an adept III, as it can be used by alchemists to make rare potions and poisons.


Goodbye inks, quills and paper - few of us will miss you! It is looking like mage spells will use the soft metals (common/rare) and the priest spells will use the gems (common/rare) for the apprentice/adept spells. Save any dust that is created when you make an adept III, as it can be used by alchemists to make rare potions and poisons.


I hate the word "nerf", I really do. I know a lot of armorers, weaponsmiths and tailors are screaming it at the top of their lungs, so I'll leave the screaming to others and try to be a bit more tactful.

You're going to be getting some new sets of chain and plate armor that are more tailored towards specific classes that can wear them (priests, tanks, scouts). However, even the current base sets are being "tuned" to be more in-line with what the devs consider to be balanced. Anything made before the 14th will NOT change, so if you're particularly attatched to the stats on some rare set, get it made before the 14th.

Expect to see your imbues at the same level as you get the recipes for the base sets (the generic stuff not really tuned to either class, that you have right now). The totally new sets won't get imbues.


What I said for armorers goes for you, too. New armor sets, changes to stats on anything made after the update, imbues only on the base set. Go ahead, read the paragraphs I wrote under their headings. They won't mind!


First, read the first two paragraphs of my Armorer comments. Then come back to read the rest of this.

While you have lost your three thrown weapons in each tier, flails, voulges and other new weapons have been added. Watch for your imbue spells to appear at the same time as you receive the base recipe. Stats on pretty much all crafted gear other than tier 7 have changed, so be braced for it. If you're really attatched to the stats on a specific item, be sure to get it made before the revamp hits - all changes are only on items made after the LU hits the live servers.


For shields, you'll only be making round shields and bucklers - the tanks claim they wanted something sturdier to hide behind than wood, but the fact is, they just like the CLANK sound better than THUNK. You'll start playing with thrown weapons as well as with arrows, and pristine yields will be 25. Your imbues will be scattered throughout the tiers. You'll also get to make harvesting tools that will cut down the time spent on each harvesting attempt. The first set is in the late 20s, can be equipped by level 20 (currently works only for adventurer, not tradeskill level, though this is being looked into), and cuts 0.5 seconds off the harvesting time of the targeted skill. One tool per harvesting skill, and it's still a bit kludgy how you're going to have to swap from tool to tool while harvesting, since pretty much everyone is going to need items from more than one node type.


I have the proverbial good news and bad news, and expect reactions will be all over the spectrum. And the first person who vents at me about it is likely to get bitten, and it is even odds that it'll be one of two guildmates of mine who won't even read this after being told to several times, but instead get the news third-hand ... or after the patch hits. ;)

The good news - Tier 6 rares are finally all in and working, other than an anchoring issue with one. It has been worth the wait in my book. Reeeaaaalllyyy would have liked them sooner, but at least there are some really sweet items in there. One of the table lamps is a VERY good light source, too. Head over to the furniture gallery section of the site, and be sure to have a drool cloth handy!

The neutral news (no, I'm not stalling, really) - you may scratch your head over the way some of the recipes changed, but it balances out in the end (you'll need ore in your rugs, for example ...). You'll be using a wider variety of rares in tier 6, too, so I hope you've eyed the recipe names and started stockpiling!

Now, some folks are going to scream that it is the end of the world. Others are going to say "Well, Beghn said back in February that he wanted to do this ...", others won't really care, one way or another. Some of you may remember when a couple end tables had the rent status reduction on them lowered. They were part of the furniture we call "racial", for lack of a better term, that was removed from furniture vendors after launch, and added to carpenter recipes. Some of the items used a solid bit of extra fuel, and had status reductions that were a bit high for their nonrare status. A good example would be the halasian bearskin rug, or the paladin brazier. (For a list of items that have been confirmed to have changed status, click here.) When folks made an outcry about the change to the end tables, he said he wanted to change it for the other items too.

And then there was silence. Many probably hoped he'd forgotten that comment, but those hopes were in vain.

It looks like a lot of this stuff has had status lowered to be more in line with the tier the item is in, and that the change is retroactive to existing pieces of furniture, too. Again, things on Test can change daily, if not more often. Time will tell, but you have been forwarned that this is going to happen. For those whom this will hit really hard because you have stacks and stacks of bearskin rugs, or other silliness like that, pay a couple week's worth of rent BEFORE the 14th, before your status items drop in value.

I'll just crawl into this gorgeous new ironwood king bed and hide under the covers. Someone tell me when the fur is done flying, k? And find a way to import a ton of chocolate for me ...


Forget what you know about the stats and durations on foods and drinks. Anything already made will keep the stats that they've already had, but some of those old favorite recipes of yours are doing different things after the revamp. Forget about needing to make some tier 1 or tier 2 subcombines for higher-tier recipes. Forget about nuts, and grains and spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon! Forget about needing half-a-dozen different supplies from the vendor just to try out a few recipes. Forget about chocolate! Heyyyyyy, wait a sec, there!!

On the downside of the changes, you'll have a few less recipes per tier to work with, once you get rid of all those inedible refines and ever-present interims. On the upside, one combine, and you have something marketable. TWO somethings if you finish the item to pristine! And if you miss pristine quality, you'll still have something that has the same name and stacks! Say goodbye to nuts, grains and spices. (They'll be vendorable if you still have some in inventory, but as mentioned elsewhere, they'll have more value if you turn them into food before the 14th.) You'll have a few less things to pull off the food nodes now, which means you should be getting more of what you really need. You'll still use dough, but a lot of the rest of the frufru you used to have to mug the vendor for (milk, cream, sugar, yeast, etc.) are things of the past. Save some of that freed-up bag space for the roots of the tier you are working in, as, like Sam Gamgee, Beghn seems to really like his taters! Once in the while some other odd item may make it into a food item as well, such as loam in a couple of drinks. You'll start each tier with low duration, statless food and drink and slowly build up to higher duration and/or stat foods and drinks.

But, I'm sad to say, the powers that be seem to think that chocolate is NOT a necessary part of life, and have removed all traces of it from recipes. Please excuse me while I go into massive withdrawal over in the corner. Someone please film the protest by throngs of upset chocoholics around the world, and tell me when it's safe to come out of my fetal position, k?

I know some of these sound like I'm braced for the worst - other than the chocolate-thing, though, most of them were things that we really had gotten warned about and/or very strong hints about in the past. However, I think I spent too long on the SoE forums again, and the constant screaming, wailing and bemoaning that anything and everying is the "death of tradeskills" has me flinching over the thought of the trolls crawling out from under their rocks and inciting even the most well-behaved crafter into a frenzy.

As with anything in changes of this scope, you can't please everyone, and there's enough here that everyone is going to be alternately pleased or dismayed, depending on which segment they're looking at, as well as the mood of the day. If this last statement has you sort of confused, don't worry - my brain is full, and misery loves company. :P

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