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BoL: Overseer System

The Overseer system added with the Blood of Luclin expansion was expanded with GU 114 (April 14, 2020). It is still being tweaked and has some issues. Below are first the original notes for the base system, including my commentary. Scroll down to below the horizontal line for what we know about Season 2 overseer.

These initial notes were taken mostly from a post from Caith during beta, and were pretty much all we had from the team with regards to an explanation of how the system works. I have added in comments where appropriate, on things that we know changed between beta and launch. I also put together a quick video regarding the Overseer system.

As of the beta update for 11/23/2019 the Overseer system is now available on Beta. To gain overseer quests and agents purchase the An Overseer's First Agents crate from the beta buffer Finch. This will grant you the short tutorial overseer quests and your first agent. Completing the tutorial overseer quests will grant you another agent, as well as your first two persistent overseer quests. For the purposes of beta, the overseer rewards only drop more overseer system agents and quests.

Mum note: That was the beta-only way of accessing your overseers. For live, you are looking for a Overseer Starter Pack in the Promotions dropdown of your /claim window, NOT your BoL dropdown. That starter pack gives you your first overseer and the intro overseer quest. That quest completion, in turn, gives you another overseer and a second intro quest. That second quest gives you your first regular overseer quests.

How do I open the Overseer window? The Overseer window is listed under Overseer in the main menu.

Mum note: "Main menu" means the EQII button.

What is an Agent? An agent is a character you have formed a contract with to perform tasks throughout Norrath. While all agents can help fulfil an overseer quest, higher tier agents have specific traits which may positively or negatively affect the outcome of an overseer quest. In game systems terms you collect these agents as in game items and add them to your overseer agent collection, and assign them to overseer quests. Once used on an overseer quest an agent goes into a cooldown period to recuperate.
What is an overseer quest? An overseer quest is a task that you send agents to accomplish. Each quest has a set of positive and negative traits that can affect the outcome of the quest. Sending a sly agent may help in an infiltration quest, while sending an honest agent may well hinder that same quest, increasing the chance for a mishap. These tasks take a set time to complete and will always grant a reward upon completion with a chance for a bonus reward based off of the difficulty of the quest, as well as the matching traits of the agents you send.
Bonus Chance? A bonus chance is the chance the completion of the quest will grant an extra reward. You can increase your bonus chance by assigning agents that have positive traits for the quest, as well as assigning a mercenary.

Mum note: While you have no bonus chance for the two tutorial quests, the rest of the quests will have a percentage showing for a bonus chance. Use an agent that matches one (or more) icons for traits needed on the quest, and your bonus chance goes up. Click on the little shield icon directly attached to the top of the bonus chance listing to assign a Hire Anywhere mercenary to the quest to increase your chance at a bonus crate.

Mishaps? Every task comes with some risk, and each overseer quest has a chance for a mishap. When a mishap occurs one or more of the agents you sent on the quest will go into an extended cooldown. Assigning an agent that has a trait that the quest treats as a negative will increase the mishap chance on that adventure.

Mum note: You will receive a message in your chat window when completing a mission, if an agent had a mishap. The agent in question will have their cooldown time listed in red, and it will be over a day in duration. (More below about how to reduce that cooldown.)

Can I do anything about a mishap? First, avoid using agents that have a negative trait on the quest, though sometimes the positives may outweigh the negatives. The second thing you can do is assign a familiar to assist your agents on the quest. Assigning a familiar reduces the mishap chance, with higher tier familiars reducing mishap chances by a greater amount.

Mum note: Click the little shield icon above the mishap chance percentage to add a familiar to the mission to reduce the mishap chance. It will display available familiars with the highest-rarity ones at the top of the list. (The higher the rarity, the more it can reduce the mishap chance.)

What happens when my agent has a mishap? When your agent has a mishap it has either been injured or captured by another agency in Norrath. When you have an agent in such dire straits special overseer quests called rescue quests become available, which you can assign the unfortunate agent to decrease the extended cooldown time. Rescue quests, as with all quests, come with their own chance for a bonus reward. While painful, sometimes failure can lead to great things.

Mum note: When you start a rescue mission, the agent who had the mishap goes over in the lefthand box in the mission listing. Then you assign 2 other agents to perform the rescue, making sure to check for traits that will increase your bonus chance while reducing the chance at another mishap.

How many overseer quests can I run? Each account can start 10 persistent overseer quests each day. Cancelling an overseer quest will not restore the use of that daily charge. Some overseer quests do not go into this daily pool, as they are charged quests. An example of a charged quest would be the Become an Overseer tutorial quests. Once the charges on these quests are exhausted they remove themselves from your quest pool. Cancelling a charged quest will not restore the item that granted the quest.
Can I still use my Familiar/Mercenary while it is assisting with an Overseer quest? Your mercenaries and familiars may still be used while they are also assisting an overseer quest. Norrath is a magical place.

Mum notes: Players have noticed that they only have a certain number of their known overseer quests display as available each day. (In most cases, that number is 6, and does not include rescue quests in the count. Bunji had the following to say on the forums:

There are a set amount of quests from your uncharged pool (can do them more than x amount of times) that are randomly pulled and sent down to the client each day (shared among the account). So, you won't have all your unlocked quests available each day. When you first add a quest to your pool by using an item, etc, it is immediately available that day, but will then cycle normally the following day.

Mum note: This changed after a while to allowing you to choose from all your unlocked quests, not just a pool. You were/are still limited to 10 non-charged overseer quests per day.

Quests for mishaps and quests with charges are handled differently.

Mum note: In actuality, the mishaps also end up counting towards your 10 quests per day.

Overseer Season 2

And then, along came Overseer Season 2, and some changes. Leveling your overall overseer system was added, with completed overseer quests granting you xp (with exceptions), new missions, new agents, new ways to handle the missions you already unlocked, etc. Please bear with me, as it doesn't quite seem to be doing all that was intended, and we are expecting more tweaks and changes along the way.

Overseer Level 5

When you hit Overseer level 5 (the xp bar is displayed at the bottom of the Overseer window), you get a happy little popup and the first "tutorial" for the new system. You are also granted your choice of one single charged version of a season 1 mission from a tiny pool (3) of mission choices. While you are not out of season 1 yet at level 5, it gives you a taste of what is to come. Enjoy the charged mission as a one-off "free" mission that doesn't count towards your daily 10 and then promptly go back to doing your season 1 missions as usual.

Overseer Level 10

You're almost there! You're still in season 1, but they're trying to get you excited and ready for season 2!

You get another single charge mission from a small pool of choices as well as a big happy popup telling you about it.

Overseer Level 11

BOOM! You're now in Overseer season 2, and you get a couple season 2 missions to start you off. They're little 1-hour blue ones, but they are a start, and from this point forwards, only your season 2 missions will grant you any overseer experience.

Now is where it gets tricky, and rather messy at the moment.

Stocking up on Charged Missions

The Stanley Parnem NPC mentioned in the popup has allllllll the charged season 1 overseer missions available for sale for 0c. Sadly, most of them won't scribe for you, even if you had a boat-ton of them "unlocked" in their original uncharged form. Nor is there any easy way to figure out by quick eyeball what ones the system thinks you do have unlocked, much less which ones are which rarity/color, and so on.

My personal recommendation is to grab an unused alt that you can park next to good old Stanley (Qeynos Harbor docks on some scaffolding overlooking the water, and East Freeport docks as well). Buy one of every single mission. Try to scribe each ... and ... every ... one. Make note of which ones scribe, and that small handful will be able to be repeated ad nauseum, one repeat per charge scribed. Those ones are the ones you will want to buy several of each (you can scribe up to 10 total charges at a time of each to save making so many trips to Stanley), and refill as needed. These will then be what you can keep grinding for season 1 rewards, including attempts at traitless agents that you can convert into currency. (More on that later!) As mentioned elsewhere, these Charged missions will not count towards your daily 10 allotment, so your main limit on how often you can run them will be from the cooldown timers. They will NOT grant you overseer xp, but free stuff is free stuff!

But Wait, There's a Fix Coming!

After the fix that is currently on Test, you will be able to have scribed 10 total charged missions at a time, from all the missions that you had previously unlocked. You still will have to figure out which ones those are, but you should have a bit more selection. Also note that the 10 counts the weekly heritage mission, multiple charges on current missions, and any that you have on current cooldown.

Season 2 Missions

You will start with only a couple season 2 missions, with quick cooldowns, and, if able, you will want to find the time to come in and run them as often as possible, to build up a few more available missions and agents. Some of the loot tends to be pretty nice as well! You also will find a couple that you don't have any matching agents for. Drop in a traitless one and run with it, just to get you more missions run for the loot.

Agent Trade-Ins?

Traitless agents from Season 1 that are unscribed will have an option to convert them into currency. Most, if not all agents from Season 2 will also be able to be converted, but you will want to wait on those until you have a few of them scribed, most likely. This currency can then be used to buy season 1 rewards that you missed out on. Sadly, the empyral/shadow books for level 115-120 (lower ones not available) will cost you 250 of the new currency, and you get 1 single Rejected Agent Resume currency for each season 1 trade-in and TWO currency for each season 2 trade-in. I truly, truly, hope that the cost gets cut on the recipe books, but at this point, we really don't know.

For those wondering, the reason why many season 1 agents cannot be traded in for currency is because they were also given out in the /claim packs, and they don't want folks abusing the claim system. This is not an issue with season 2 agents, thankfully.Once you have enough of the currency, you visit Old Michem, who is located near Stanley Parnem in QH and EFP and shop.

Reference Materials

As mentioned somewhere above, the charged season 1 missions from Stanley don't tell you what rarity they are, so here is list to make it easier:

Season 1

Charged PURPLE (Mythical)

  • Eliminate Venekor - 10 hr
  • Retrieval for the Crown - 10 hr
  • Save the Vision of Vox - 10 hr
  • The Kra'thuks Magical Properties- 10 hr
  • The Word of Thule - 10 hr

Charged YELLOW (Legendary)

  • Convince the Guardians - 5 hr
  • Eliminate Warlord Ix Acon - 3:30 hr
  • Exact Revenge on the Drakota - 5 hr
  • Find the Goblin Banker's Loot- 2:30 hr
  • Find the Golden Idol of the Drafling - 3:30 hr
  • Liberate Lady Laravale - 2:30 hr
  • Reacquire the Idol of Solusek Ro - 5 hr
  • Recover the Stolen Scrolls - 5 hr
  • Save Orxilia Calogn - 3:30 hr
  • Save the Valkyrie Princess - 5 hr
  • The Throne of Emperor Fyst - 2:30 hr

Charged BLUE (Treasured)

  • Captured in Bramble Woods 1:30 hr
  • A Dark Ceremony - 1 hr
  • Eliminate the Gang Lord - 1 hr
  • Eliminate Klirkan X'Daval - 2 hr
  • Keeper for the Keep - 1 hr
  • Lord Sellwin's Locket - 1 hr
  • Rescue Captain Wilcox - 1 hr
  • Rob the Fool's Gold Tavern - 1:30 hr
  • Save Lira Singebellows - 2 hr
  • Slay the Evol Ew Chieftan - 1:30 hr
  • The Thexian Wizard's Wand - 2 hr
  • Thexian Treasure - 1:30 hr
  • Treasure in Shortwine Burrow - 2 hr
  • Valuable Runes in a Dirty Place - 1:30 hr

Season 2 List

GREEN (Celestial)

  • Eliminate the Djinn Master - 15 hours
  • Ewer of Sur'Dae - 15 hours

PURPLE Season 2 (Mythical)

  • Eliminate Ank'Mun Rhoen - 10 hours
  • Retrieve the Golden Scal - 10 hours
  • Save Xideus Yoatiak - 10 hours
  • The Platinum Eye - 10 hours
  • The Scepter of Life - 10 hours

YELLOW Season 2 (Legendary)

  • Eliminate Blademaster Thul - 3:30 hours
  • Eliminate Meathooks - 5 hours
  • Pirate Strongbox - 2:30 hours
  • Rescue Gumbolt Triggerhand - 5 hours
  • Save Joana Larr [ 3:30 hours
  • Save Milo Brownfoot - 2:30 hours
  • Shield of Cazel the Mad - 2:30 hours
  • The Blackened Scepter - 5 hours
  • The Broken Lord's Crown - 5 hours
  • The Golden Tablet - 5 hours
  • The Priceless Time Monocle -3:30 hours

BLUE Season 2 (Treasured)

  • Ancient Spices - 1:30 hours
  • Eliminate Harbringer Siyuth - 1 hour
  • Eliminate Herald Zydul - 1:30 hours
  • Eliminate Lady Samel - 2 hours
  • Pilfer Tan'ke Rei's Golden Cap - 2 hours
  • Raja the Sunspeaker's Staff - 1 hour
  • Rescue Dolloran Akur from Azhakhar the Gatecaller - 2 hours
  • Rescue Lady Mirolyn from Gorakhul the Annihilator - 1:30 hours
  • Save Lord Padrun from Queen Marrowjaw - 1 hour
  • Steal Yinden the Snake Charmer's Jeweled Pipe - 1:30 hours
  • The Golden Trowel - 1:30 hours
  • The Jeweled Fez - 2 hours

Many thanks to the Discord community for help with the mission lists!

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