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Ancient Teachings Scroll Listing

The Tier 6 rare Ancient Teachings scrolls confuse a lot of people, 'Mum included. Each of these scrolls is a chest drop of a single adept III recipe (and will require the appropriate adept rare). No recipes exist to make app IVs of these spells/abilities. Some are, however, available in Adept I and Master I form as mob drops, and some of the level 52 spells/skills/arts are also available in App II form in the Maj'Dul Courts for those with proper court faction. (The "some" does not include spells like Call of the Hero, which does not scale, so has no App II version.)

SoE refers to these spells/skills/combat arts as "marquee" spells, and they are variations of spells from the EQ era. You will find that in some cases, there is no difference in the spell between the apprentice/adept/master versions (such as Call of the Hero), so do a bit of checking around before you burn rare resources on these.

Note that for tier 7, there are also marquee spells dropped in Ancient Teachings books, but all of the recipes for each class are in a single book, such as Ancient Teachings of Alchemists Volume 6, so I'm not bothering to list those at the moment. (They also seem to be in more than one book, either through accident or intent - we'll get more details for you as time goes on.)

In each of the below cases, the name of the scroll will follow the format of "Ancient Teachings: insertrecipenamehere", such as "Ancient Teachings: Essence of Outward Calm"

Level 52 Level 55 Level 58
Alchemist Essence of Outward Calm
Essence of Stone Deaf
Essence of Insolent Gibe
Essence of Mana Seive
Essence of Reinforcement
Essence of Sigil of Heroism
Essence of Sonic Fists
Essence of Consecrate
Essence of Vision of Madness
Essence of Tsunami
Essence of Tap Veins
Essence of Sentry Watch
Essence of Close Mind
Essence of Death March
Essence of Tower of Stone
Essence of Divine Favor
Essence of Open Wounds
Essence of Fall of the Phoenix
Jeweler Rune of Requiem of Reflection
Rune of Apply Poison
Rune of Amazing Reflexes
Rune of Thorny Trap
Rune of Percussion of Stone
Rune of Hurricane
Rune of Demoralizing Processional
Rune of Hail of Steel
Rune of Scream of Death
Rune of Stream of Arrows
Rune of Concealment
Rune of Dispatch
Rune of Cacaphony of Blades
Rune of Finishing Blow
Rune of Lung Puncture
Rune of Sniper's Shot
Rune of Double Up
Rune of Precision of the Maestro
Sage Torpor
Back into the Fray
Call of the Hero
Dark Infestation
Forced Cannibalize
Numbing Cold
Tunare's Watch
Drawing of Souls
Fervent Focus
Illusory Allies
Frigid Winds
Voice of the Ancestors
Nature's Ally
Slothful Spirit
Null Caress
Control Undeath
Ring of Fire
Forge of Ro
Surging Tempest
Netherous Realm
Divine Arbitration
Protecting Grove
Ancient Balm
Elemental Vestment
Spiritual Circle

Bloodlines Upgrades

In addition to these marquee spells, there is now one other set of ancient teachings scrolls in tier 6. These spells, which are upgrades to the level 35 spells available through the Bloodlines adventure pack, are level 53, and only cover the spells/arts that do not scale properly in the higher levels. The recipe scrolls are available via drop, one recipe per scroll, and are also available in the three Maj'Dul Courts for those who have the proper faction. (The recipes are no trade)

They are:
  • Alchemist: Essence of Doom Aura (paladin/SK)
  • Jeweler: Rune of Magic Rebuff (troubador/dirge)
  • Sage: Horde of Bats (conjuror/necro), Punish Corruption (templar/inquisitor), Senses of the Bat (warden/fury), Glacialflame (wizard/warlock), Mana Cover (illusionist/coercer)

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