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*** Headlines ***

  • - Get more from your practicing your craft with new Tradeskill Work Orders!
  • - The hand of the gods can be felt with two new Live Events!
  • - Be rewarded with more experience as a solo or raid player!
  • - Assassins, Bruisers, Defilers, and Troubadors: Get your shiny new profession hats!

*** Tradeskill Work Orders ***

  • Artisans rejoice! New Tradeskill work orders have been added to the game.
  • You can begin obtaining work orders when you've reached the subclass level (20).
  • Please see a local Work Order Foreman to get yours. Work orders, not cash money. Well, technically you do get rewarded for doing them, but yo...
  • Rewards include faction, status, and coin. Exiles will not earn faction, however.
  • Work orders are both timed and untimed--the component cost for crafting an untimed work order is greater.

*** Experience Changes ***

While we feel that solo quests can be quite rewarding, we were not satisfied with the experience from solo combat alone, especially for those characters who prefer to target slightly lower creatures. Therefore, we have increased the experience earned in the following situations:
  • Non-Heroic creature experience has been increased slightly.
  • Experience for blue con creatures has been increased slightly.
  • Experience for green con creatures has been increased significantly.

In addition, we also wanted to increase the reward for defeating the nastier foes you meet during raids. Therefore, epic creature experience has been increased significantly.

*** The Hand of the Gods ***

  • The influence of the gods continues to grow stronger on Norrath as the prophets of War and Tranquility call upon the faithful for assistance.
  • Prove your mettle to the followers of War by speaking with Tychus Zeksworn in Zek, the Orcish Wastes.
  • Show your penchant for peace by contacting Sensei Makoto Shoda in Zek, the Orcish Wastes.

*** Profession Hats ***

  • New profession hats are available for Assassins, Bruisers, Defilers, and Troubadors!
  • Visit the original quest givers for Relic and Hooloh hats and trade your current headgear for your all-new profession hat! Please remember that you cannot change back to the original appearance once the trade has been made.

*** Gameplay ***

  • Mounts can now be toggled off by using the whistle or summoning object again while the mount is active.
  • You can no longer set your public access level to friend or higher. Visitor is the new highest default setting. Note that this only applies to the default setting for your house--you can still set specific friends to be trustees to your heart's content.
  • In order to prevent lost items and coin, you cannot zone while a consignment transaction is in progress.
  • You will no longer get an error message if you change targets while harvesting.
  • It should now take a bit longer to drown after you run out of breath.
  • Consigned items purchased while possessing a pet will now correctly be placed in the pet owner's inventory.

*** City Guild Raids ***

The old society quests used for the city raid guild writs have been replaced with a new quest series to help ensure players zone into the correct instance.

*** Player-versus-Player ***

  • - When in passive mode, pets will no longer attack aggressors unless they are directly attacked themselves.
  • The Village of Shin is no longer protected via carnage rules.
  • The carnage flag will automatically be applied when entering a city if you are not a member of that city's alignment.
  • Spells that summon dumbfire pets can now be used against other players without first being in combat. Examples include Undead Tide (Necromancer) and Band of Thugs (Brigand).
  • Arena merchants should no longer talk about killses and winses. They have been instructed to stop watching Lord of the Rings and get back to work.
  • Pouch of Trappings and Pouch of Nauseous Memories can now be equipped and used as range weapons.

*** Quests ***

  • In "Tombs of Night: A Search for Answers", the scout that spawns when Lureclaw and Gulp are killed will now run to the shore prior to dying so the rock sample doesn't find its way into geometry.
  • Residents of Beggar's Court who had completed the "Big Trouble..." quest and stopped talking to Durio Dexus should now be offered his next quest after speaking to him.
  • When a timed stage of a quest fails to be completed, the quest helper window will now update properly.

*** Items ***

  • Repair costs on Fabled items have been reduced significantly. Previously, they cost four times as much as Legendary items to repair.
  • The distance that Tarton's Wheel will teleport its user has been shortened. This should make the teleport effect a bit more reliable for its wielders.
  • The Sergeant's Scimitar should now work properly for those who can wield it.
  • The effect on the Scallywag's Plumed Hat should now function correctly.
  • Shields and symbols should now always list in which slots they can be equipped.
  • Certain collection tome pages found in the Forsaken City now have a chance to be a No Trade page that previously were only found on enemies. Page 10 of "From Pond to Paladin Vol. II" will now drop or be found on page ground spawns.
  • The Narin Earring of Exploration will now equip properly.

*** Zones and Population ***

  • The Seraph of the Stags will no longer attack the other creatures around it.
  • Some monster damage types should more closely match their attacks (e.g. badgers pierce because they bite you).
  • To help improve performance in and around Qeynos and Freeport, the loading distance in the cities, villages, and adventure yards has been reduced.
  • Murdunk's Falls have been fully reclaimed and will no longer be called the Pool of Ruins. Our apologies to those who enjoy ruins, but there are plenty others to be found elsewhere.
  • The icefloat in Everfrost carrying tradeskill devices has melted away due to global warming caused by tradeskillers.
  • In "Tombs of Night: A Search for Answers," the scout that spawns when Lureclaw and Gulp are killed will now run to the shore prior to dying so the rock sample doesn't find its way into geometry.

*** Combat ***

  • Maximum power pool increases bonuses have been adjusted to be more consistent throughout level progression. This will increase the amount of maximum power bonuses below level 60, and lower it above 60.
  • Weaker tier spells will no longer be able to overwrite stronger tier spells.
  • The double attack skill will no longer work with ranged weapons.
  • Epic opponents no longer have a chance to score a critical hit when casting spells.
  • The following spells can now be cast while feared:
    • Bruiser: Indomitable Will
    • Bruiser: Close Mind
    • Defiler: Voice of the Ancestors
    • Inquisitor: Fervent Focus
    • Monk: Will of the Void
    • Potion: Freedom of Action
  • Achievements:
    • Rogue: Torporous Strike: Critical reduction changed to casting and recovery speed reduction.
    • Predator: Placating Strike: Increased melee damage and hate reduction effectiveness.
    • Predator: Toxic Expertise: Modified examine information to indicate it affects spell triggers and not combat arts.
  • Coercer changes:
    • Empathic Link: Removed restriction from hate decrease so that it can affect fighters as well.
  • Paladin changes:
    • - Offensive stances now grant additional disruption skill.
    • Wards will now stack with shadowknight reactive heals/damage shields.
    • Divine Favor no longer has a hate reduction component. Its duration was increased from 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Shadowknight changes:
    • Infernal Blessing will now stack with paladin wards.
    • Death March's triggered duration is now 10 seconds, automatically triggers when it is cast, had its DPS bonus reduced, and now reduces casting times.
    • Offensive stances now grant additional disruption skill.
  • Warlock changes:
    • Boon of the Dark: Can be cast on a raid member. If they are a fighter, this transfers a small amount of the warlock's hate toward the fighter.
    • Stop Breath's debuff amount has been increased, and its power cost reduced.
    • The Null Caress spell will no longer cause the target's UI to display the zone loading screen.
  • Wizard changes:
    • Accord can be cast on a raid member. If they are a fighter, this transfers a small amount of the wizard's hate toward the fighter.

*** Tradeskills ***

  • Fuel amounts in almost every recipe have been modified. Most recipes had their fuel costs reduced, though some now require more fuel. Provisioner recipes were not changed.
  • Tradeskill quests (work orders and writs included) should now use tradeskill level instead of adventure level when determining any applicable experience or status rewards. Tradeskill level will also determine con color in the quest journal for tradeskill quests.
  • Bandoliers, pouches, satchels, and sheaths now have recipes that will allow you to imbue these items with magical properties. These new recipes will automatically be updated in the recipe scrolls that contain recipes for those items already. In addition, all level 60 to 70 imbue recipes will now no longer require additional components besides scintillating materials for build components.
  • Sisal Fiber should now be usable as a rare cloth component in level 10-19 recipes.
  • Minor Vigor is now a level 4 recipe and found in the level 4 artisan books.
  • Disease Imbued Ebony Wands should now be named correctly.
  • The Steel Chain Mantle recipe is now Steel Chainmail Mantle.
  • Rare round shields and bucklers should now use the correct amount of fuel.
  • The Reprieve line of potions should persist while zoning.
  • The level 60 Armorer shield imbue recipes should now be the same level as the recipe to make the items.
  • Essence of Unflinching Will is now called Essence of Burning Will to match the name of the spell it makes.
  • There should now be a clearer progression between level 50 and 60 hex doll effects.

*** User Interface ***

  • The character portrait in the inventory window now has a plain background and no longer follows the animations that your character makes in the game world. You can use your mouse to rotate your character around. Why make such a change? We're keeping that under the cloak of secrecy for now...
  • The option that controls the number pad for text input should once again be operational.
  • Double-clicking on an item in your Overflow slot will transfer that item to your inventory instead of opening the Persona window.
  • The guild recruiting icon in the guild window will no longer follow the right edge of the window.
  • Attempting to attune an item in your house vault should no longer give an error about not being in a bank transaction.
  • The "kick from raid" context menu command has been changed to "kick group from raid" to better reflect its functionality.
  • The /kickfromraid command has been renamed to /kickgroupfromraid.

*** UI Files Updated ***


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