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Heroes Festival 2023

We invite all Norrathian adventurers to commemorate our years of questing, raiding, tradeskilling, house decorating, and socializing. Obtain special items, including a new mount and new armor, from festival merchants in Freeport and Qeynos. While you’re there, be sure to seek out Gandy Gearlotta and Thumore D'armer, two of the many celebrators in the city. They would love to reminisce with you about one of the many heroic acts being honored during this festival.

The annual celebration of the birth of EverQuest2, the Heroes' Festivalwill run from from 12:01 a.m. Pacific on November 7, 2023 through 11:59 p.m. Pacific on November 17, 2022. This year will include new purchased house items for Tokens of Heroism, new purchased appearance items AND level 125 gear for Mischeva's Tribute, a new appearance ground mount and one new quest. Note the date changed after the original post!

Availability by Server:

This event will be fully available on Live servers (and Test).

Kael Drakkel - The event is active, with the following exceptions (due to expansion availability): One Afterlife to Live.

Varsoon & Zarrakon -

The event is active, with the following exceptions (due to expansion availability):
Mischeva's Clothworks (associated quests and collections), Thumore's quest line, and One Afterlife to Live.
Heroes' Festival Merchant prices have been adjusted specifically for TLE due to the lack of Mischeva's Clothworks event.

The only crafting involved in this event is one quest in Qeynos/Freeport, so I will not go into a lot of detail for this event preview other than the eye candy. If you need details on all the quests, I recommend the Wiki Heroes' Festival Timeline.To track which of your alts has done which parts of the quests and the achievements, Casdoe of Maj Dul has provided a Heroes' Festival Quest Tracker in .XLS form as well as a .PDF version.

New Buyables

These items are sold in North Qeynos and East Freeport. This year, the merchant wares have been split across two NPC's - one for house items, the other for gear and appearance armor. The house items require Token of Heroism, which are earned by the various Heroes' Festival quests in Qeynos and Freeport. The gear requires Mischeva Tribute, which are earned from the six different Mischeva puppet battles around Norrath.

House Items For Tokens of Heroism

This currency is earned from quests within Qeynos and Freeport.

Barakah Plushie
5 tokens
Bluetiful Brick Block Set
Carpenter-only recipe book!
30 tokens
Caravan Canopy
5 tokens
Caravan Peaked Tent
5 tokens
Heroes' Blue Glass Pitcher
1 token
Siyamak Plushie
5 tokens
Stationary Blessed Blade
5 tokens

Appearance Items

The mount costs Mischeva's Tribute (earned from the "puppet" events) The appearance weapons cost Tokens of Heroism .

Regal Parade White Stallion
(appearance mount)
50 Tribute
Wyrmspirit Fang Short Spear

15 tokens
Wyrmspirit Needle Rapier

15 tokens
Wyrmspirit Talon Pike

15 tokens

Level 125 Armor Sets and Weapons

These items are sold for Mischeva's Tribute currency. Each individual piece in the set will cost 40 Mischeva's Tribute.

Baelon's Brilliant (chain) & Eminent (plate) sets
40 Tribute each piece
Baelon's Excellent (leather) & Tremendous (cloth) sets
40 Tribute each piece
Thumore's Brilliant (chain) & Eminent (plate) sets
40 Tribute each piece
Thumore's Excellent (leather) & Tremendous (cloth) sets
40 Tribute each piece
Aeteok Eucalyptus Perfect Replica
40 Tribute
Enoxus Eucalyptus Perfect Replica
40 Tribute
Baelon's Complete Refutation
40 Tribute
Baelon's Deep Ethos
40 Tribute
Baelon's Extended Argument
40 Tribute
Baelon's Generous Concession
40 Tribute
Baelon's Irrefutable Evidence
40 Tribute
Baelon's Justified Quarrel
40 Tribute
Baelon's Piercing Point
40 Tribute
Baelon's Sensible Pathos
40 Tribute
Baelon's Triumphant Summit
40 Tribute
Baelon's Unseen Fallacy
40 Tribute

New Quest!

As you harvest those original Heroes' Festival collection pieces in Qeynos and Freeport, watch for an "Ethernaut Charm Bracelet" to drop into inventory. Once you get it, examine it to pick up the "Scattered Charms" quest, then continue harvesting the purple shinies in either city until you complete all the quest objectives. Upon hand in, you will receive your choice of either 5 Token of Heroism, or a Staff of Theer Replica house item.

Staff of Theer Replica

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