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Days of Summer (2017)

With little fanfare, a new "Days of Summer" event launched in EverQuestII on August 1, 2017.

Membership is required for this questline, and and at least a couple rewards require the Kunark Ascending expansion. You will also need 100 adventuring to see any of the adventuring rewards. Due to zone and level requirements, the Fallen Gate (TLE) server will not have this event. Due to the level requirements, the Stormhold TLE server will only have access to the house items and possibly the familiar tonic.

While there was initially an end date to this event, after which you would no longer be able to do the quests, this is no longer the case. Kander has announced that these quests will be a permanent addition to the game, so new/returning players and those beset by real life can do them when they wish.

Speak with "Yun Zi", a hua'mein that is located near the wizard spires in Sundered Frontier at 2294, -199, 2504. He is a merchant and has no quest feather over his head. He will give you "The Days of Summer" quest. There are quite a few rewards, some of which only unlock after you have completed several of the quests. The quest reward currency flags your entire account, so you only need to do each quest once per account to unlock it for everyone.

Yun Zi is a merchant not a brave adventurer. That doesn't stop him from yearning to learn about all sorts of areas, and he'd like to "see" them through you. We assume that each quest will send you to a different region to explore, then report back to him with what you saw. (Since one new quest unlocks each week, we can't be sure of what the later quests will require, but it is our best guess.) In return for your travel report, he will sell you some of his father's old items, which include a new Isle of Mara prestige home, adventuring rewards, decorating items, etc.

For each quest ou will be sent to various zones, then have to figure out what area in that zone to visit based on the small icon-sized image in your quest journal. If you want to figure it all out for yourself, you are welcome to, just skip everything below the horizontal line below. If you want spoilers and locations, then you will find details each week down below the horizontal rule .

Points of Clarification

Please bear with me. I am having issues figuring out how to word this so there is less confusion, because I've already tried in chat channels and the wording that works for some people doesn't work for others.

These are called "weekly" because Yun Zi offers up a new quest every Monday night (midnight Pacific) for 9 weeks. You, however, don't have to log in each and every one of those 9 weeks for fear of "missing" a quest. You just have to finish all 9 quests, in order, in order to claim all of the rewards. (So, nonmembers, you have time to decide if you want to subscribe or not, in order to get these lovely items.)

To reword so people don't get hung up on the "weekly" bit - There are/will be 9 quests. A new one of the 9 unlocks every Monday night. You must do these quests in sequence, but you can wait and do them all in one "swell foop" later.

Yun Zi will be sticking around after the 9 weeks are over, for at least a while, so folks can continue to both quest and shop. (As per conversations on Discord.) The only thing that rushing to do the quests as soon as each is offered will do for you is get you the items that you want sooner.


There are quite a few rewards, unlocked by x number of weeks of questing. Since the rewards you see will vary by level and by class, I have put together a separate article listing the Days of Summer Rewards.

Locations are rough locs where you can get the update. It is often a solid section that will give you the map update, but the locs give you something to aim for if you aren't familiar with the area.

Week 1: The Travels of Yun Zi - An Oasis for Your Thoughts

This week he wants you to explore the Deserts of Ro.

  1. Your first stop is the Sinking Sands - your clue is what appears to be a small monkey icon. My update hit at -1319, -185, -330. I will check with an alt "later" to see if the update hits elsewhere in the zone.
  2. Your second stop is Pillars of Flame - your clue is a magic lamp icon. It is in the Searing Gorge area, at roughly 3,-93, -661.
  3. Clefts of Rujark - you can't really make out the orc face in your quest journal until you've actually found the location, but, well, that's an orc face. My update hit at 126, -5, -68
  4. Maj'Dul - a faction coin icon. Run up that first ramp to roughly /waypoint -163, 176, -101
  5. Living Tombs - a skull icon. Zone in from the Twin Tears area (click on the staff, not the stones to zone in) and walk a few paces.
  6. Silent City - a helmet icon. For those of you unfamiliar with the zone, ignore the blue dot on your Sinking Sands map for a moment, as if you run to that point up in the desert, you're not going to find anything but sand. Instead head back to the Sinking Sands docks, and you can take the carpet directly to the Silent City entrance. (This is especially important if you are running a low-level character through.) Once there, you will want the one that says "The Silent City" (2nd option). Run forward a few steps for the update.
  7. Return to Yun Zi

Week 2: The Travels of Yun Zi - In a Kingdom Far Away

This quest sends you to various locations in the Kingdom of Sky. Again, the icons in the journal are hard to see/decipher while they are greyed out, so don't feel bad if you need a bit of help! (With thanks to Leonitas on Isle of Refuge for helping find the proper spots!) Some of them don't really

  1. Barren Sky spire portal landing spot on Whisperwind Isle. (waypoint -583, -49, -413) - clue is apparently a hooluk claw
  2. Barren Sky, Isle of Awakening. Step off the cloud landing pad and you should get the update - Clue is a droag head.
  3. Tenebrous Tangle, Hidden Refuge - no clue what the connection is supposed to be, but clue is a feather.
  4. Tenebrous Tangle, Breeding Grounds port pad - the clue is a round eye o.O
  5. Bonemire, Dreadnever Crash Site - clue is some sort of funky heart-shaped metallic thing.
  6. Bonemire, Halls of Fate around -27, -374, 3 right near the zone to the instance. - clue is an aviak head
  7. Return to Yun Zi and he will sell you more "doo-dads".

Week 3: The Travels of Yun Zi - Echoes of the Past

  1. Butcherblock Mountains - dock area (clue was a scroll such as is used in a map).
  2. Steamfont Mountains - Gnomeland Security (clue was a gear)
  3. Loping Plains - Somborn (That icon, which is also used as part of a GFay collection, may also be used in the Crested Mistmoore Shield HQ in Loping Plains)
  4. Lesser Faydark - Fae Drake Breeding Grounds (no clue why they use that icon for this region, but ....)
  5. Greater Faydark - "Old Kelethin" (City of Kelethin from the Acorn Lift).
  6. New Tunaria - Hall of Truth (-286, 53, -853 Since at least one person is having problems with this, to clarify for the rest of you, New Tunaria is a zone off GFay. The Greater Faydark in-zone mount system will get you close. The loc is for once you have already zoned into New Tunaria and are looking for the Hall of Truth, which is the first big building that the main path leads you to.)

Week 4: The Travels of Yun Zi - Kunark or Bust

  1. Kylong Plains - (Dreg's Landing) dock area (clue was a map)
  2. Kylong Plains - Teren's Grasp (clue is a supply crate)
  3. Fens of Nathsar - Sathir's Span (clue is an envelope, probably for the mailbox there)
  4. Kunzar Jungle - Jinisk (clue is a spear? a feather?)
  5. Jarsath Wastes - Stonehoof Badlands, down the hill from the zone to Kylong (clue a saber-toothed earring)
  6. Jarsath Wastes - Venril's Crown, around the area of 72, -124, -300 (clue is a skull)
  7. Return to Yun Zi

Week 5: The Travels of Yun Zi - I Need to see Moors Places

(Locations 2, 4, 5, 6 can all be reached via the balloon network. Grobb is a short run/fly from Firmroot)

  1. Dropship Landing Zone (clue is a clockwork copter)
  2. Firmroot Moot (clue is one of the harvestable plant icons)
  3. Grobb (clue is a troll icon)
  4. Tupta (clue is a froglok? icon? It looks a bit odd to me, but ...)
  5. Shadowed Cleft (clue is a map fragment icon)
  6. Brokenskull Rock (clue is a skull icon)
  7. Return to Yun Zi

Week 6: The Travels of Yun Zi - Ice to See Velious

  1. Great Divide - Fina's retreat (clue is a map icon). Area is the evac point for the zone.
  2. Great Divide - Falls (back) entrance to Thurgadin (clue is a ring icon) /waypoint 760, -181, 44 is a good general area.
  3. Eastern Wastes - wizard spires (clue is a helm? icon)
  4. Withered Lands - where the griffin lands you (clue is a beetle shell icon) New Combine Flightmaster at Thurgadin Harbor Docks will transport you to WL
  5. Skyshrine - Zone-in (clue is a droag head) (Level requirement has been removed from this zone so the under-90 crowd can do the quest)
  6. Cobalt Scar - Salt Breeze, which is the griffin landing point when flying from WL or Thurgadin docks. You can also evac to this point if you bell to CS instead. (clue is a backpack)
  7. Return to Yun Zi

Week 7: The Travels of Yun Zi - An Eternity Without You

  1. Ethermist Shores (/waypoint 125, -47, -168) - Eidolon Jungle (clue is a green squiggly icon)
  2. Greyfall (/waypoint -83, 1, 729)- Eidolon Jungle (clue is a blue squiggly icon)
  3. Fearcreep (/waypoint -1365, 218, 606) - Eidolon Jungle (clue is a red wisp icon)
  4. Obol Plains (clue is a blue wisp icon) Just zone in. Both druid ring and Tourbillion worked (anywhere in the zone should work).
  5. Cardin Ward (/waypoint -481, 9, 25)- Obol Plains (clue is a purple wisp icon)
  6. Harrow's End (/waypoint 441, 31, 535) - Obol Plains (clue is a voodoo doll icon)
  7. Return to Yun Zi

Week 8: The Travels of Yun Zi - Tears for Fears

All locations are within the Vesspyr Isles zone. Yeah, no clue what the color clues are supposed to mean, but ... {shrug} That's part of why I did this quest guide! :P

  1. Falinpol - clue is a blue wisp icon
  2. Aeterna Gardens - clue is an indigo wisp icon
  3. Karak peak - clue is a purple wisp icon
  4. Droumlands - clue is a cyan wisp icon
  5. Blightscale - clue is a pink wisp icon
  6. Veeshenna Tol- clue is a green wisp icon
  7. Return to Yun Zi

Week 9: The Travels of Yun Zi - An Altar-nate Malice

  1. Tranquil Sea, Isle of Refuge - clue is a note, just to the left of the dock where you bell in
  2. Tranquil Sea, Death Weave Isle - clue looks like a frog leg to me, but is apparently a spider leg :P (NW Island)
  3. Tranquil Sea, South Dshinn - clue is a duck icon? (NE island)
  4. Phantom Sea, North Dshinn - clue is a turtle shell icon (fly north from South Dshinn and you end up zoning into Phantom Sea near North Dshinn)
  5. Phantom Sea, Wanderer's Dock (on western side of Kithicor Island) - clue is a sword icon (/waypoint 1258, 20, 1192)
  6. Phantom Sea, Grim Shales - clue is a skull icon
  7. Return to Yun Zi

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