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Days of Summer 2019: Yet More 'Travels' of Yun Zi

August 27, 2019: The third annual Days of Summer event has begun! For the next 9 weeks, one quest a week will unlock on Yun'Zi near the wizard spires in the Sundered Frontier. The quests can be completed any time after they unlock, and will be permanent additions to the game, so you don't get to them for a few weeks/months/etc., you can do them all in a bunch later.

In order to do these new quests, you will need to have completed the Days of Summer 2017 and Days of Summer 2018 quest series on your account. The unlock flag is account-wide, so you only need to do this questline once per account.

Before I get too deeply into the quest and reward information, I also want to remind folks that the non-housing stuff (adventuring gear, adornments) is only visible if you are the appropriate level, so you won't see the newest gear on Pas Yu unless you are level 110. Furniture should be visible at any level.

Vendor Items?

Pas Yu, who also stands near Yun Zi, has quite a bit of ... stuff ... on him, and it can be a bit daunting to figure out what is new. Here's your handy-dandy quick notes: level 110 fabled "Bold Crusade" armor and weapons (60 resolve), "Daring Adventures" runes (an updated white Tol'Ren set, and some updated orange ones), a celestial mastery primer for the level 110 folks who still don't have all their ascensions to 15 (raises 1 ascension level to 15), Days of Summer Decoration Pack 1-9 (1 pack unlocks with each weekly quest). There are NO new deeds, familiars or mounts this year.

The Furniture!

Bonecrystal Shield Replica
Week 1
Earth Runed Shield Replica
Week 1
Stormcatcher's Shield
Week 1
Bornite Simple Tank
Week 2
Bornite Tall Pane*
Week 2
(currently floor-placed)
Succulent Plushie
Week 3
Priestess of Rage Plushie
Week 3
Badger Plushie
Week 3
Golden Marble Chaise
Week 4
Golden Marble Font
Week 4
Luminous Maj'Dul Light
Week 5
Mystic's Crystal Ball**
Week 5
Djinn Spellweaver Plushie
Week 5
Red Velvet Loveseat - No Pillows
Week 6
Memories of Skyfire
Week 6
Ebony End Table
Week 6
Grotto Column
Week 7
Grotto Glowing Sculpture
Week 7
Grotto Floor Medallion
Week 7
a loaded card table
Week 8
a wheel of chance**
Week 8
Pinnacle Myrist Bookshelf
Week 9
Towering Myrist Bookshelf
Week 9
Clutter of Old Books
Week 9

*Pane currently is floor-placed and defaults to being half sunken into the floor. Bug has been submitted requesting that it be wall placed like a window.

**Mystic's Crystal Ball - you can right-click to "Touch the Ball", which causes a mystical purple smoke, with the outline of a rapidly enlarging humanoid figure within it.

***Actual wheel does not preview, only the stand. Wheel has a right-click option to "Spin the Wheel", and yes, it spins (activate it from near the base, not the top). :D


I didn't do a full video of all the house items, but I did do one of the two items mentioned above that have right-click effects. It is VERY down and dirty, I didn't even hide all my chat windows and such! Here you go.

Week 1: Additionally, somce folks have been getting lost on Living Tombs, so here's a sloppy little video of the locations for week 1.

If you don't like spoilers, skip the quests section, and find the locations by wandering around the zones as they are mentioned when you examine the quest in your journal.

Quests by Week

This section will be updated each week after the new quests are available. Waypoints on the first week's items have varied a bit, with more than one spawn point possible. The provided locs should get you in the right general area.

Week 1: Yet More "Travels" of Yun Zi - Once Again in the Desert

Our bold(?) panda stands now between two large, empty bookshelves. During your conversation about his literary aspirations, he mentions that there have been requests for souvenirs of "his" travels. He'd like you to return to the Desert of Flames regions first, to pick up a few souvenirs, since that has been frequently requested.

  1. Pillars of Flame. You will find a clickable vase in the T'Narev area in the general vicinity of /way 106, -90, -1372
  2. The Living Tombs (zone off Sinking Sands) to /way -638, 17, 223 (Head straight in, drop down, go north all the way to the wall in that first room, look for a way to climb up to your right, once up on top, come back south a couple platforms to grab one of several vases up there.
  3. The Silent City (also off Sinking Sands). If you enter via the caves at sea level, it is pretty much straight ahead of you, at /way 116, 0, 465. Another possible spot is /way 116, 0, 341. (Around the base of that structure.) Collect the harp.
  4. Return to Yun Zi. Once you have handed in the quest, the souvenirs are displayed on one of the bookcases.

Week 2: Skies the Limit

  1. Barren Sky - Whisperwind Isle: You are looking for a goblet in the entryway to the Nest of the Great Egg around /way -681, -20, -480
  2. Bonemire - Drednever Crash Site: You are looking for a pot on the ground around /way -40, 43, 490
  3. Bonemire - Halls of Fate: Several loose digging tools were found on the east side of the structure containing the entrance to Halls of Fate around /way -26, -375, 23.5
  4. Sundered Frontier - Return to Yun Zi

Week 3: ECHO ECHo ECho Echo echo

You'll be headed to Faydwer for this batch!

  1. Butcherblock Mountains - Butcherblock Bay: You are looking for a glowing plant on the main island that is north of the docks. One possible spot is /way 605, 63, 133 and another is /way 588, 44, 80
  2. Steamfont Mountains - Gnomeland Security: You are looking for a glowing cog on the ground. One possible location is -552, 174, 925. Another found it at /way -633, 173, 1061, so it looks like it can be scattered throughout Gnomeland Security.
  3. Greater Faydark - Kelethin: You are looking for glowing cattail plants around the weathered memorial stone. There were several around 320, 92, 338
  4. Sundered Frontier - The Spires: Return to Yun Zi.

Week 4: Rising to the Occasion

This week's quest sends you to three spots in Kunark. As with other weeks, there are multiple spawn points within a general area in which you can find the needed item.

  1. Kylong Plains - Dreg's Landing (aka the docks area): You are looking for a bush to the right of the docks. I saw several. Some possible locations include /way 796, 12, 224, /way 803, 11, 205 and /way 937, 9, 186.
  2. Kylong Plains - Teren's Grasp: You need to find a shallow gem-filled bowl. These tend to be inside on the floor of the Arcane Refuge building (first building on your right as you enter Teren's Grasp. Some possible locations are /way 1854, 483, -808 and /way 1852, 483, -834.
  3. Jarsath Wastes - Venril's Crown: You are looking for a set of balance scales. Possible locations include /way 24, -138, -256 and /way 119, -99, -300.
  4. Sundered Frontier - The Spires: Return to Yun Zi.

Week 5: More Moors

These locations are all in the Moors of Ykesha. As with the others, locations are approximate as there are multiple potential locs within a general area.

  1. Moors - Dropship Landing: You are looking for a small cannon on the ground. It will not sparkle unless you are zoomed in pretty close. A few possible locs are /way 1889, 452, 891, /way 1689, 452, 916 and /way 1718, 452, 930
  2. Moors: Tupta. You are looking for a totem. Some possible locations are /way -149, -42, 760, /-111, -47, 716 or /-130, -43, 771
  3. Moors: Brokenskull Rock - This plate of rats wanders a bit. Some possible locations are /way -1791, -968, 2645 or /way -1688, -968, 2689. Reports are that it can be on the ground near the instance zone-in or it can be on the top of the island around the hole in the ceiling.
  4. Sundered Frontier - The Spires: Return to Yun Zi.

Week 6: Destined for Destiny

Break out your cold-weather clothes! You're headed for Velious zones! :D These locations are possible locations - several of the item will be scattered in the general area.

  1. Great Divide - Fina's Retreat: You are looking for a large blob of purple brain coral. There are several scattered across the Retreat area when you are on this step. A couple possible locations are /way -1575, -536, -2390 or /way -1634, 533, -2393
  2. Eastern Wastes - Wizard Spire. You are looking for a large aqua crystal cluster. Some possible locations include /way -974, -336, 2368 and /way -945, -336, 2391
  3. Cobalt Scar - Salt Breeze Camp. This is the small camp down near where you would land if you took the griffon from Great Divide. You are looking for a small statue/totem, generally under one of the tents. Potential locations include: /way 3625, -1016, 1666, /way 3612, -1015, 1659 and /way 3667, -1017, 1679
  4. Sundered Frontier - The Spires: Return to Yun Zi.

Week 7: Eternally Eternity

This week you are heading for the Ethernere. You should know the drill by now - there will be multiple possible locations for these, so just check around the general area if the provided waypoints don't lead you directly to it. :D

  1. Eidolon Jungle - Fearcreep. You are looking for a small golden statue. Possible locations include /way -1356, 218, 636 and /way 1339, 217, 644
  2. Obol Plains - Harrowed Gate(ish). This is a small plant on the western side of the map. Fly to the Harrowed Gate POI on your map, then head south to the shrine. You should find the plant around /way 781, 79, 56 or /way 804, 78, 28. (Note: Since Yun'Zi hasn't traveled to these places on his own, it is unsurprising that he got a location name wrong. He calls it "Harrow's End" not Harrowed Gate)
  3. Sundered Frontier - The Spires: Return to Yun Zi.

Week 8: Returning to Tears

This week focuses on several spots in Vesspyr. As with others, locations are approximate, as the item in question can be found in several spots around the area.

  1. Vesspyr - Falinpol. You are looking for a scroll. Reports have been given for somewhere around the base of the tower. /way 85, 198, 9 or /way 45, 182, -99 have been given as possible spots
  2. Vesspyr - Droumlands. You are looking for a golden plant, probably near Lord Vyemm. Two possible locations are /way 278, 316, -866 and /way 282, 315, -906
  3. Vesspyr - Veeshenna Tol. You are looking for a statue, likely near the Fractured Hive portal. Two possible locations are /way -399, -6, 627 and /way -387, -16, 581.
  4. Sundered Frontier - The Spires: Return to Yun Zi.

Week 9: Altering the Altar

This week focuses on the Altar of Malice. As with others, locations are approximate, as the item in question can be found in several spots around the area.

  1. Tranquil Sea - Isle of Refuge. You are looking for a rune-covered rock near-ish the tower. I found some at /way 850, 16, 1415 and /way 908, 13, 1338
  2. Tranquil Sea - South Dshinn. You are looking for a smallish plant. I found mine at /way -649, 6, 263 and another at /way -693, 8, 276
  3. Phantom Sea - Wanderer's Dock. You are looking for a globe. I found one at /way 1228, 19, 1188 and another at /way 1234, 19, 1196
  4. Sundered Frontier - The Spires: Return to Yun Zi.

All weeks are now unlocked on the vendor once you finish week 9's task. The only visibility limitations for members once they unlock all 9 weeks will be based on player level. (Gear and adorns don't show up on the vendor until you are of a level to use them.)

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