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This information is part of the preview of the Sentinel's Fate expansion, and is not yet available on Live servers. As with all content in beta testing, it can be changed before launch. Please see the the Sentinel's Fate Information Clearinghouse for further information on the expansion as well as links to the other image galleries for this expansion.

I know folks are going to cry over this one. I just know it. Especially decorators with well-stocked kitchens. Hopefully we can get a few more details, and possibly see a few tweaks to the planned rarity of these items before launch. Meanwhile, here's what we do know:

There is a quest open to level 90 adventurers for one of the (heroic) Vigilant instances. It is a level 92 quest called "The Crook Cook." The item reward is their choice of one of sixteen no-trade house fabled items with 500 rent status reduction from the following: (Yes, 16 choices, items are no-trade - can you see why there will be crying?) I have word that the quest is repeatable, at least, though the no-trade bit still makes me want to whimper.

Fresh Apples
Roasted Apple in a
Cinnamon Glaze Platter
Fresh Cantelopes
Expensive Chocolates Platter
Plate of Grilled King Prawn
Dartain's Blood Gelatin
Fresh Fruit Assortment
Fresh Oranges and Limes
Candied Orange Platter
Sweet Marr Cherry Pie
With Whipped Toppings
Seared Barracuda Platter
Fresh Oranges
Authentic Cooking Pot
from the Vigilant
Kejekan Palmfruit Punch Bowl
Roasted Apple in a
Cinnamon Glaze
Roasted Turkey Platter

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