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Erollisi Day 2022

Spring might be just a dream in many people's minds right now, but in Norrath, players can warm themselves in the soft glow of love that surrounds the Erollisi Day celebration!

First, An Announcement about Events in 2022

Before we get into the eye-candy, I want to explain the new plan for live events this year, as it wasn't well-explained in the Roadmap article.

We have a LOT of live events, and many of them have been running for quite a long time now. It takes a considerable amount of development and artist time each year to update all of these events. This year, instead of trying to do a new quest and a chunk of content for each and every event and having some of it have to be very rushed, something a bit different is being done. Four live events will get much larger content updates (new dungeons, a new event currency (Jubilation Medals), new items, etc.) The rest of the events will get a smaller amount of items this year. This year's four big events will be Chroronporals, Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky and Oceansfull. Next year, other events will be featured, and so on.

When and Where

Erollisi Day 2022 will run from 12:01 a.m. Pacific on February 10, 2022 and will run through 11:59 p.m. Pacific on February 25, 2022. NOTE: Date extended. Erollisi Day will run through the end of the 25th instead of the 23rd. Other than achievements that require newer zones, the entire event* is available and active on all servers, including TLE (*If a zone is available on a TLE server, then event quests that are offered from that zone are available, so "Vision of Love" will not be on Tarinax due to the quest being offered in the not-available Stonebrunt Highlands). Vendors can be found in Qeynos Harbor and South Freeport outside the buildings containing the mercenaries. Your pack ponies, if you have them, will be happy to bring you back love notes and hard candies for your crafting and shopping needs, and you will find that the vendors not only carry returning items, but one new recipe book and eight new buyable items.

Due to the fact that the Lore and Legend server did not launch until February 22, the Erollisi Day event will not be seen there this year.

Are You New?

If you're familiar with Erollisi Day, you can skip this section. :D

Various mobs around Norrath will drop love notes or hard candies. Generally, this tends to be mostly humanoid-type mobs, such as would be likely to have Lore and Legend quests, though there are a few odd ones, like shik'nar, that you wouldn't traditionally think of as intelligent. :D Additionally, a pack pony that has been upgraded via A Gathering Obsession Beyond the Grave" can bring back 100 mixed love notes and hard candies per 2-hour run.

The vendors for the event can be found in Qeynos Harbor and in East Freeport. In both cases, they are outside the building housing the city's mercenaries, and the NPCs in both cities have the same names.

The notes and hard candies can be: 1) used as-is as the primary ingredient in the holiday crafting recipes, 2) traded in to Heartgar MacInnes (Qeynos Harbor & East Freeport) for barbarian love notes, so they all can stack together for easier depot storage, 3) traded to Liannya Heartswell (also in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport) to convert them to Erollisi Coins. Once they are converted to coins, they cannot be converted back to love notes, so make sure you're not mass-converting your entire stash into coins when you wanted to set some aside for crafting. Bank/depot the ones you want to craft with before you convert the desired number into coins.

The coins can then be spent at the two vendors, Douglas and Steven. (Imagine that, they are also in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport!) While I am only presenting information on this year's new buyables, not the other offerings on the vendors, there are lots of lovely goodies from past years on them as well.

The wiki article contains more information on the various quests, collections, etc. and is a good guide for the overall event when paired with the quest tracker linked down near the bottom of the page.

New Crafted Items

The following items will come from "Romantic Gifts to Craft XV" which will be sold by Steven in Qeynos Harbor and in South Freeport. Note that one item is being bounced back to Kaitheel as a duplicate appearance and the fate of it is unknown at this time. Another item is awaiting an art update. See the notes section below the images for details.

Blooming Lavandula*
Comforting Dolly
Faydark Marble Bench
Faydark Marble Chest
Folded Cream Blanket**
Folded Gold Blankets
Misty Darkleaf Seedling
Plate Full of Assorted Chocolates
Plate of Assorted Chocolates
Red Candle
Small Faydark Marble Bench

*=item was discovered to be a duplicate image of the quested recipe matoppie blankets, and will be replaced with the single folded version of the same blanket. This appearance change for the Folded Cream Blankets will not happen on live servers until Feb. 22 due to the need for an art patch, but will automatically happen to any of them that are crafted before that date.
**=item will have a particle effect around it with the next art patch. (Yes, it is similar to a mastercrafted item, with a few small stem differences, which is why the particle effect is incoming. It is also smaller than the mastercrafted item.)

Steven in Qeynos Harbor and in South Freeport sells the following new items in addition to his older offerings, all of which can be purchased for Erollisi Coins.

Coldain Toiler Illusion
2 coins
Escaped Lightning Bug Bottle*
10 coins
Leopard Mum (housepet)
10 coins
Passionate Clothwork Steed
500 coins
Strawberry Zelniak Calf Clothwork Plushie
5 coins

Lover's Embrace Red Hat, Red Cloak, Red Outfit
10 coins hat & cloak, 30 coins outfit

*Cannot be resized. Lightning bugs (fireflies) randomly fly around it.

New Quest Reward

The "Love Will Lead You Back" public quest in the Commonlands can now also offer you a Blushbeak Stork Plushie.

Blushbeak Stork Plushie

New Achievement

"Vetrovia is For Lovers" is a new love note/hard candy achievement added this year. You will earn the suffix title of "the Vision of Love" for completing this achievement.

Quest Tracker?

Casdoe from Maj'Dul has once again updated her quest tracker with the new goodies for 2022. Snag it in XLS or PDF form if you need to keep track of lots of alts.


Despite the very short testing window, Ocarinah has put together a narrated house item preview and a shorter silent version.

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