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Erollisi Day 2023

It is time, once again, for the celebration of Erollisi Marr, goddess of love. This year's celebration of Erollisi Day will run from February 9, 2023 at 12:01am PST through February 22, 2023 at 11:59pm PST on the live servers*.

*Special Rules servers:

  • Kaladim and Kael Drakkel: The entire event is active
  • Tarinax: The entire event will be active other than "Heal the Pain" and "Tainted Love" (due to expansion availability)
  • Varsoon - There will be special holiday merchants in Freeport and Qeynos Province District with over 45 Erollisi Day themed house items and equipment pieces, including a mount. Varsoon players can also earn a romantic reputation this holiday by handing out fresh-cut roses to your fellow adventurers. Erollisi roses can be found in Enchanted Lands or Frostfang Sea!

This event has a massive amount of content returning from past years, and a small amount of new content to help keep things fresh. The new content includes a new "Love Renewed" achievement, an "Eternally Enamored of Erollisi" achievement which is an updated verson of the old "Enamored of Erollisi" achievement (updated to include newer quests), a new recipe book with new items to craft, seven new buyable items, and a new reward that drops in the "Love Will Lead You Back" Public Quest.

Are You New?

If you're familiar with Erollisi Day, you can skip this section. :D

Various mobs around Norrath will drop love notes or hard candies. Generally, this tends to be mostly humanoid-type mobs, such as would be likely to have Lore and Legend quests, though there are a few odd ones, like shik'nar, that you wouldn't traditionally think of as intelligent. :D Additionally, a pack pony that has been upgraded via A Gathering Obsession Beyond the Grave" can bring back 100 mixed love notes and hard candies per 2-hour run.

The vendors for the event can be found in Qeynos Harbor and in East Freeport. In both cases, they are outside the building housing the city's mercenaries, and the NPCs in both cities have the same names.

The notes and hard candies can be: 1) used as-is as the primary ingredient in the holiday crafting recipes, 2) traded in to Heartgar MacInnes (Qeynos Harbor & East Freeport) for barbarian love notes, so they all can stack together for easier depot storage, 3) traded to Liannya Heartswell (also in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport) to convert them to Erollisi Coins. Once they are converted to coins, they cannot be converted back to love notes, so make sure you're not mass-converting your entire stash into coins when you wanted to set some aside for crafting. Bank/depot the ones you want to craft with before you convert the desired number into coins.

The coins can then be spent at the two vendors, Douglas and Steven. (Imagine that, they are also in Qeynos Harbor and East Freeport!) While I am only presenting information on this year's new buyables, not the other offerings on the vendors, there are lots of lovely goodies from past years on them as well.

The wiki article contains more information on the various quests, collections, etc. and is a good guide for the overall event when paired with the quest tracker linked down near the bottom of the page.

New Crafted

The merchant Steven will sell you the recipe scroll "Romantic Gifts to Craft XVI" which contains the following items:
Black Rose Bouquet
Black Rose Topiary
Faydark Marble Pitcher
Gilded Desert Vase
Lavender Stripes Curtain (left)
Lavender Stripes Curtain (right)
Long Faydark Marble Bench
Passion's Pearl
Ro Heartbound Carpet
Sunset Red Stucco Tile

New Buyables

These items are sold on Douglas for Erollisi Coin:

Black Erollisi Mantrap (fluff pet)
20 coins
First Light Lovebird (housepet)
20 coins
Hizite Matchmaker Illusion
2 coins
Mauvelous Fae Drake Plushie
5 coins
Lover's Embrace Pink Outfit (30 coins), Lover's Embrace Pink Cloak (10 coins)
Lover's Embrace Pink Hat (10 coins)

New Achievements

The "Love Renewed" achievement for collecting specific love notes and hard candies will require that some of the collecting be done in Renewal of Ro zones. As with other love loot achievements, if a note or candy drops from mobs in multiple zones, you can collect it wherever you wish. (Grey mobs can drop them as well.) For this achievement you will need Raj'Dur mobs (such as the Raj'Dur Bandits), Cursed Elddar, Ortallians, Cyclops, Yha'lei, Beholders, and Golems. Completion of this achievement will grant the suffix title "Heartstopper."

The new "Eternally Enamored of Erollisi" achievement, which replaces the "Enamored of Erollisi" achievement will require completion of:

  • "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"
  • "Cuts Like A Knife"
  • "Vision of Love"
  • "A Cold-Hearted Snake"
  • "I Melt With You"
  • "Could It Be Magic?"
  • "Love Lines"
  • "Find 'em a Find, Catch 'em a Catch!"
  • "Tainted Love" or "Heal the Pain"
  • "Hearts a'Flutter: Antonica"

PQ Reward

Rewards on the "Love Will Lead You Back" Public Quest now include the "Cutest Owlbear Chick Plushie".

Cutest Owlbear Chick Plushie

Quest Tracker

Casdoe from Maj'Dul has once again updated her quest tracker with the new goodies for 2023. Snag it in XLS or PDF form and you will find it much easier to track the many quests and activities available to you during this limited-duration event.

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