PoP Crafting Missions

Once you complete the Planes of Prophecy tradeskill signature line, you will be allowed to obtain the crafting missions from the Coliseum of Valor. The harvesting quests unlock with the completion of the third quest in the same sig line. Since the signature line had to be well-tested before the issues with these missions were resolved, it will take a bit to get full details on timing, quest details, etc., but I'll fill this in as able. Things on these may still change a bit, so please notify me with any additions or corrections.

Hilgrid, Far Seas Attache is standing on top of a table in the area with the adventuring mission givers. (/way -136.33 1.41 -105.45) She's the spitting image of Niami, other than the fact that she's probably an inch or two taller than Mum. Of course, Mum says that's because she's barefoot, and her doppleganger probably has that extra height due height built into her armored boots. ;D

Note: You might not want to camp out on top of the table with Hilgrid, or you may find yourself wedged solidly under the table upon your return. :D

Daily Harvesting Missions

Every day you will be able to obtain three harvesting quests:

Items that your pony dumps into your bags as bonus harvests do NOT count. You DO get to keep these harvests after the quest completes.

Harvesting quests are obtained either from the NPC in Valor or from guild harvester NPCs. In the case of the guild harvesters, however, at last check they cannot be out harvesting when you try to get the quests from them. We don't know if this will change or not. In any event, you'd have to hail all three harvesters to get their respective quest (mining from the miner, etc.)

Reward for each is 1p 66g 32s, 48000 status, 2 Tears of Ro, and a harvesting rewards bag (includes chance for rares) The bag gives you appropriate PoP commons for that type of mission (gathering, mining, hunting), plus can give you a PoP rare or two (including essence of magic!)

Tradeskill Missions

Every day you will be able to pick up a daily mission from Hilgrid in the Coliseum of Valor. The quests apparently change every 18 hours ... ish, so it WILL be a pain to keep track of this by memory, folks. You might want to hit the front page of http://eq2library.com/ for information on when the timer "should" roll over. (The rollover time is still being nailed down, and seems to be out of syn with the adventure mission resets. We're still trying to figure it out.)

Rewards for these missions are: 5 Far Seas Trading Company tokens, 2 Tears of Ro, 1 Planar Mission Reward Crate, 3 Ancient Rubicite Relic (that can be sold for 31K status each), 15000 status points, 4 p 30g 76s 84c.

As a side-note, one of the possible new rewards from the dailies is a "potion of limited progress" which gives you +500 progress for 5 minutes. You can only have a stack of up to 10 at a time (lore (10)) and they are no-trade.

Note that these reward crates are the same crates that adventurers can get from daily missions. That may not be so handy if you don't have a high level adventurer, but the status is a good thing, and you'll eventually be happy to have those extra tears of ro. (We've also asked for something that the non-adventuring crafters can use, but since we're asking at the nth hour, anything we do end up getting will likely have to be patched in later.)

Weekly Mission

"A Restitch in Time": Complete 3 tradeskill missions - Reward is 25 tears of ro, 15 Far Seas Trading Company tokens, 15 moonstone** crystal, weekly planar mission reward crate, 84000 status, 4p 15g 80s. You will have 14 days before the mission expires. A new weekly should open up on Thursdays, providing you do not have a weekly still in your book. (i.e., finish the weekly on Saturday, and the following Thursday you will be offered a new weekly. Pick up the weekly on a Tuesday, and don't finish until Thursday? Wait another week to be able to pick up another.

Now, one thing to note is that, along with other adventuring uses, those moonstone** crystals can be traded in, along with status, for special reward crates. Note that these are adventuring reward crates, which turns out to be a potentially good thing, in my eyes. These crates have a small chance to reward you with a fabled gear item. Said gear items can be transmuted and give you a chance at a Planar mana. Since non-adventurers were looking for a way to get any planar mana at all, without having to sell off their firstborn, here is a very slow path, but a path, nonetheless ...

Trading in Your Stones

While this may still be tweaked to give a more crafter-centric reward, this is what we are seeing now, and it may/may not stay that way. See the paragraph just above this section for the possible silver lining for those who realllly want planar mana for orange adorn crafting, but don't want to adventure to get a chance at them.

When you have received moonstone** crystals from completing your tradeskill missions, you can then head to Plane of Valor and open a merchant transaction with Jihjen at /way -29, 0, 169

10 moonstone crystal and 250p will allow you to purchase a polished moonstone** crystal.

The fire elemental standing/floating near her is Iks Fenn at /way -40, 0, 169. Open a merchant transaction with it and you can trade that polished moonstone crystal for a "mysterious moonstone"** reward crate.

**As of Feb 27, 2017 the weekly quest reward will cycle through the possible crystal rewards, instead of always awarding the moonstone crystals.

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