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PoP A Stitch In Time Part IV: A Favor of Love

This is part of the Planes of Prophecy tradeskill signature line "A Stitch in Time" that released to live servers on February 13, 2018.

Required Materials

  • 100 storm stalk
  • 100 golden ember
  • 50 deadly mushroom
  • 50 rock fern
  • 50 nightmare cichlid
  • 1 strand of ether
  • 150 celestial coal
  • 50 celestial incense
  • 50 celestial candle


A (re-recorded on Feb 21) video walkthrough by Mum can be found on YouTube at this link.

Phew! I'd also recommend a progress potion, if you have any to spare, as these 4 combines are each very long, and they're done one right after another. You can complete all 4 combines with a single progress potion.


**WARNING**WARNING**WARNING** Danger Will Robinson, Danger! The Shard of Hate instance is deadlier than the Plane of Innovation could ever dream of being. Where clockworks do regular, and thus predictable, pathing, there are pools of shadows where mobs will spawn, only to hover about for a bit before depopping. There are things that stand still, there are things that patrol, there are things that are floating/flying. All of them want to kill you. While they were going to look at trimming down the mobs some in some spots, expect this to be very deadly and rather time-consuming on your first run through. Soon, you too will possibly understand why Niami finally stripped nekkid to shovel poo. Don't look at me like that until you've tried this zone, ok? :P

Once you're familiar with the zone, it is, of course, much saner. That first exposure, though, reminds you that it is Hate-ful. This zone is the reason I finally broke down and started doing video walkthroughs like the one linked above.

Exit Valor and speak with the version of Druzzil Ro that is at Valor's Roost (/way -764, 343, 1093) in the Plane of Magic. She once in a while proves how magic she is by falling under the ground there, so if she is missing for this step, /target Druzzil and H to hail her. She'll pop right back up to the surface again. (This is a known client issue that's been around for years, based on which what loads first on your computer as you enter the area.)

She sends you to the Shard of Hate via a nearby portal (again, this is out in Plane of Magic, not in Valor). Enter Shard of Hate: Eye Spy [tradeskill] at /way -764. 347, 1044

You say the journal only tells you to use the arcane ocularum to listen to the Mistresses of Hate, or somesuch nonsense? Yep, time to do some digging into details, eh? Your recipe book now has the recipe for the arcane ocularum, which needs 3 more recipes that are now in your recipe book: Sensory Delver, Ire-Bound Frame, Resident Attunement Lens.

Let me make it easier for you - in addition to the materials listed at the top of the writeup, you will need to harvest, in this zone:

  • 50 twisting worms
  • 50 blackwood
  • 50 red shard of malice
  • 50 charred bone marrow
  • 50 fiend stool (and we're talking poo, not a stool to sit on
  • 50 dark abhorrent ore

50 Twisting Worms - Harvested (trapping) from soiled mound nodes in the zone.

50 Blackwood - another easy one, forested from the blackwood nodes in the zone.

50 Red Shards of Malice - Especially malicious, the shard of malice nodes (glowing crystals hovering just above the ground) have two colors that they cycle between. Harvest only when the shard is red. Shards will give an extra glow to warn you when they are switching colors. Harvest when it is blue, and it sort of explodes, and destroys some of the red ones that you have already harvested.

Charred bone marrow - there are pain bringer (skeleton model) that wander, such as near /way 176, 33, -33. After a set time, they just plop down onto the ground to rest, and go from aggro mobs, to harvestable "a resting pain bringer" They can only be tracked using track harvests when they are in harvestable form, but if you see one wandering around, you can get into a safe spot and wait for it to clatter to the ground.

Fiend stool - ugh. There is one fiend near a sleeping skeletal dragon, that spoots out piles of steaming fiend stools. I don't suppose you can whittle up a clothespin to use as nose plugs, can you?

First, you have to get there, and that is a challenge by itself. Since there is more than one way to get there, I'm going to give you a loc, and let you figure out what works best for you.

Head for /way -14, 0, -130-ish and watch your on-screen messages for a /say from you about crouching near the dragon. Do so immediately and stay crouched while poo collecting. If need be, remove your mount so you can see that you truly are crouching. Watch for floating mobs in the area, watch for the pathing aggro imp, and just tiptoe past the dragon and up onto the steps. From there you can watch the imp path, see where he spoots out an imp stool, and figure out if you can safely get to it to harvest. It will take a bit of watching good old "Spooty", as I call him, before you can get all the stools that the quest requires (50)

Dark Abhorrent Ore - Head to /way 178, 0, 112 and pick up a golem corpse. (There must be some use for it, if you can pick it up, right?) Follow the wisp that it immediately gives you to a placement point near an organ. If you lose the wisp, you want to go to /way -21, 12, -71. As always, watch pathing carefully! It seems that there is a dog sitting on the port pad that you need to access, and placing the corpse at the designated spot will lure him off the pad. Press yourself into the corner of that little area, away from the corpse, until pathing is clear and you can sprint for the port pad. I recommend leaving this step until last (get the bones, stools, etc first), so, when you are done with the mining, you can jump to the top of the wall (watching for aggro floaters), and jump down in the general vicinity of the crafting equipment that you need.

Once you have allllll of the stuff that you need, you need to use the Fiend Fount at /way 8, 12, 5 to craft for a bit. Again, this is the step where I recommend that you use one of your precious progress potions if you have any.

Craft the ire-bound frame, resident attunement lens, and the sensory delver from the materials that you gathered and the materials at the top of the page that I told you to bring with you.

Then head to the nearby Malicious Mixer at /way -17, 14, 10 and make the arcane ocularum with most of the rest of the stuff you brought with you. One progress potion should last long enough for all 3 subcombines and this main combine, unless you're totally noodling away while crafting.

Now head to near /way -199, 18, 9 and use the Arcane Ocularum on a fiendish attendant. You will be ported into the fiend's body, so that you can listen to the Mistresses of Hate. When done, it kicks you back out of the body, and you are ready to leave the zone (evac, gate, sneak back through, "gimp-gate" by suiciding on a mob, etc.)

You aren't done with this part of the quest yet, though!

You need to check out this Nektulos Forest lead. The wandering hermit in Nek Forest that you need to speak with roams near the zoneline to Darklight Woods. He will not have a quest book over his head until you are close to him, and he roams a bit in that area.

Once you are done speaking with him, return to Druzzil Ro in the Plane of Magic (/way -764, 343, 1093) and come to the realization that some fragment of Innoruuk not only still exists, but you sort of kind of need to restore that hateful god in order to get enough essence for a seal for the time portal repairs. Blarg.

Head into the Coliseum of Valor and talk to Varig Ro, who will NOT be a part of anything having to do with bringing Inny back. But you NEED Varig's help! Speak with the version of Druzzil in the center of Valor and update her. She suggests that Varig's love for Erollisi might convince him to help you with this. Speak with Erollisi Marr, who is now standing in Valor at /way -102, 0, 25. She agrees that restoring Innoruuk, while totally counter to everything she stands for, is a necessary evil, and sends you on a quest to create a favor that signifies her support of your task.

She gives you a Silver Heart, and the recipe for "Erollisi's Favor" drops into your recipe book.

You will then need to head to New Halas and the Shrine of the Huntress at /way 41, 150, -45 to collect the golden casing.

You also need a devotion chain, which is at a small shrine to Erollisi found in Sayer's Outfitters in Antonica at /way -731, -16, 241. Low level evils *may* have issues with a level 25 heroic guard standing outside that building. You may need to enlist help to summon you in, pull the level 25 heroic guard away, etc.

Now you need to head to any work bench and create Erollisi's favor. You will also need that strand of ether mentioned in the resources section at the top of the page, and 50 celestial coal.

Once you are finished, head back to Valor and speak with Varig Ro to complete the quest (convince him to help).


In addition to tradeskill xp, coin and guild status, you will be rewarded with the following recipes upon completion of this quest:

What? You're still here? Ok, here's the condensed version of why Mum was nekkid when shoveling imp poo. I've never adventured in the Shard of Hate. The zone was totally unfamiliar to me, and at that point, we were still gathering and sharing information. No wiki, no walkthrough, little clue what I was doing other than helpful comments from guildmates, and a /loc for the poo.

And then we realized that everything you harvested in there at the time, plus the combines in there that you did, disappeared from inventory if you died. Yep. They were all accidentally no-zone for a couple days on Test. So every time you died, you had to start over collecting everything. There was a learning curve. There was much damage to armor. Rather than wait another day for a patch, since I really needed to keep testing so we had more eyes on Part 5, I had Niami shimmy out of her armor, and went to shovel poo before doing any other harvesting. For me, that was the most deadly step to do, and I was tired, and had the "usual" testing distractions. I got to 45 poo of 50 harvested before I died again. A great explosion of poo! Everything fell out of my bags, and I had to run back, dodging all the frissen frassen mobs and shovel poo again. Of course, the more tired and frustrated I was, the more likely I was to slip up. I lost count of deaths, but I finally did it. The next 3 that I ran through it on Test (each one starting after a patch, to test for changes/fixes) did much better, but still managed to die a couple times in there.

Once you are finished with this quest (and have possibly taken several showers to remove some of the stench!), you may proceed to the fifth and final quest A Stitch in Time, Part V: Sealed with Hate

House Items?

Last but not least, I had mentioned that I loved the two items that we craft upon in the Shard of Hate, and would like them as house items. They are both player-made and available in the Maretplace. The Fiend Fount graphic can be found as "Dark Wizard's Scrying Pool" and the Malicious Mixer can be found as "Dark Wizard's Table".

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