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PoP A Stitch In Time Part V: Sealed with Hate

This is part of the Planes of Prophecy tradeskill signature line "A Stitch in Time" that releases to live servers on February 13, 2018.

Note: I am sorry to say that if you have vertigo, like I do, part of this quest is going to be rough on you.

You "should not" die on this step, even though there are aggro mobs all over the place. Listen to Mum and I'll get you through this, ok?

Materials Needed

  • 2 strand of ether
  • 2 rubicite ore
  • 2 darkstone
  • 100 celestial coal
  • 50 etherium - OPTIONAL
  • 50 golden ember - OPTIONAL
  • 25 celestial coal - OPTIONAL


After speaking to Varig Ro in Valor to obtain this quest, you will need to enter one of the the The Molten Throne [Tradeskill] instances at /way 94, 3, -149

One of? After this guide was written, a "Portals to Nowhere" instance was added as an alternative to the "Hate's Essences" instance. The writeup below is for the Hate's Essences instance. I will get up further details on the newer instance soon, along with video footage of both, but the short version of the explanation is this: Those flaming paths in the sky were causing some folks to have major FPS issues, so a second version of the instance was made that requires that you craft the Fragment of Ro and use it to reveal portals. You will portal from spot to spot, standing on small patches of flame path, and have to remember which portals you have/have not been through. More later.

Feeling unwell, so cleaning up this guide will wait. For now, here are the promised videos: There is a video covering the Molten Throne instances as well as the Plane of Magic, Nektulos Forest and Shard of Hate portion of the quest.

Now, back to the Hate's Essence instance.

Before this writeup continues, you need to decide if you are a brave lemming that bravely runs and jumps on insubstantial paths in the sky, knowing that a mis-jump could kill you, or are you the more cautious sort that would rather leave the jumping to kangaroos? i.e., there's a fast and possibly dangerous way to do this, and there's a slower and safer way to do it. We'll start with the slow way, and then pick up with the fast after.

Slow and Safe (Optional)

Dodge the slow-moving mobs, and harvest a Molten Throne Debris 3 times. Hmm, this may be useful ... The Fragment of Ro Diagram appears in your recipe book. Carefully harvest more debris until you have 50 molten shards. Do you remember that ginormous corpse near zone-in? (/way 1811, 695, 795) Click on that extinguished construct and craft a Fragment of Ro. This will also need the optional ingredients listed above (50 etherium, 50 golden ember, 50 gnarled entwood, 25 celestial coal.)

You will receive a no-zone unlimited use Fragment of Ro. The no-zone means that you won't keep it if you zone, evac, etc., but the unlimited charges means that while you're in the zone, you'll be able to skip the jumping part of the next step.

Everyone (Both Fast and Slow)

You will need to collect 9 essence of hate from the zone. There is no counter, so you keep track on your own. Ample harvest works on these, so the harvesting on this will be faster for some than others due to ample harvest procs.

Dodge mobs and collect an Essence of Hate at /way 1808, 709, 960. When you harvest it, a small flaming ball appears and heads away towards the top of a rock (/way 1877, 734,892). Collect the essence of magic here, and you will note a small flaming path starts to appear, extending into space.

Ulp. Walk on that path. Every time you see a black spot in the path (if you are zoomed in, it has a blue sparkly overlay to the black), the slow version folks use their Fragment of Ro to revive the flames so you can walk across the burnt out spots. The folks who like speed and living dangerously should make sure they have no floaty cloak, jump boots or the like active, and do a standing (not running) jump over the blackened area. Miss, and it is a lonnnnnggg way down to your death.

There is no sense in me listing locs for the essences up here, as there are many possible branchings in the paths that you can take. There are also spots where the path will stop and a glowing portal will be in your path. Click the portal to move to another section of the path so you can keep harvesting. (Don't just try running through it, as it is a long drop down. Been there, tried that, before I'd figured out how everything worked.)

Protip: Discord user "Mathafern" recommends the following for the Hate's Essences version: take all lefts until you have almost made the flame paths connnect (almost looped around to where you came from), at which you take the left teleporter again, then go right.

Once you have 9 essences, right-click on the unfilled Varig's Deific Vessel to fill it. Once the vessel is filled, take your preferred way to exit the zone - evac, gate, scream "goodbye cruel world" and jump off the walkways in the sky, etc.

Report back to Druzzil Ro in the Coliseum of Valor. She then sends you off to get 8 yrzucite ore, 14 metetherial fiber, 16 aetherite shards.

The yrzucite is mined from grey rocks that spawn on the Khali'Yrzu platform (/way 197, 588, -636). If you are having troubles with line of sight, stand on top of the stones to mine them.

The metetherial fibers are from small teal and blue vases called Full Metetherial Ewer in Khali'Vahla (/way -143, 576, -630 gets you onto the platform, then you wander it looking for the ewers).

The aetherite shards are mind from red crystals called an aetherite crystal in the Aetherscar (around 676, -35, -175). They can be all over in this area, and some will be near aggro mobs. There are enough in safer spots in the area for a low-level to harvest safely.

You're in the home stretch, sort of!

Use any work bench to craft the Metetherial Shield. You'll need 25 celestial coal in addition to the quest items that you obtained from Druzzil and from harvesting.

Now, you have a special shield that should protect the wandering hermit/Innoruuk while he regains some of his scattered power. It is time to {shudder} help restore him.

Return to Nektulos Forest and speak once again with the wandering hermit somewhere around /way -1347, 17, -1404. This zones you into Nektulos Forest: Apotheosis [Tradeskill]. Talk to the hermit again (/way -1360, 21, -1390) then click to release the seal at /way -1393, 30, -1345. This throws a giant blue bubble shield around Innoruuk.

Meeeep! An epic Saryrn and Ulkoruuk appear and start not only attacking the shield around Innoruuk, but also summon a horde of creatures to attack it as well. Thankfully, while epic, they don't do more than knock you around and/or root you for a second or two.

Several (3? 4?) times during their fight with the shield, there will be a message about them finding a weakness in the shield, and all the creatures will dogpile on a spot. When you see the message "You must seal the crack that has formed in the shield!", you must go "Draw in Hatred" from the seal by clicking on it at /way -1393, 30, -1345. Then you head to where the mobs are clustered at the shield and wiggle your cursor around until it turns from a pointer into a hand. Click to repair the shield.

Eventually the script is done, Inny gets upset at the two upstarts, and then heads through a portal. You still need the seal from him, so you had best follow him through the portal at /way -1361, 21, -1388 to enter Shard of Hate: New Ownership [Tradeskill]. You can either speak to Innoruuk immediately if you don't want to listen to him ranting at Saryrn and Ulkoruuk, or wait a few moments to watch him pacing and ranting. Hail him, either sooner or later, and while he won't stop you from taking the seal, he makes no promises about his followers. (Basically, yeah, I owe you, you need me, but I'm the god of hate, and you only brought me back because you need me, so I'm going to make it hard on you.)

Thankfully there is a Projection of Druzzil Ro that only you can see at /way -216, 19, 3 and she IS the goddess of Magic, after all. Speak with her and POOF, you are ported to /way -14, 31, -173. Step forward and take the seal, then you will be teleported to the Coliseum of Valor. Speak with Varig Ro, who sends you on to the culmination of all this work - the repair and sealing of the actual portal to Time.

Enter Plane of Innovation: Nick of Time [Tradeskill] from the portal found at /way -94, 3, 164. Walk up to the pretty Meldrath's Malfunctioning Time portal at /way 25, -5, -374. (It seems almost a shame to close it down. I would love it as a house item!) Craft Repair and seal Meldrath's time portal. This combine requires the chonoseal, 2 darkstone, 2 rubicite ore, 2 strand of ether, 100 celestial coal. This is the standard (for this sig line) long combine, but the crafting events have names more suitable to the repair work that you are doing.

When done, exit the zone and speak to Druzzil Ro again in the Coliseum of Valor.


Tradeskill xp, if you somehow managed to not be 110 by this point, but I don't think that is possible. Some coin. Guild status! An achievement for "A Stitch in Time" that grants you your choice of a planar foundation or a planar spellshard. The recipe for the Tome of the Planes (no-trade, can't be commissioned, good when/if you hit level 110 adventurer), a familiar with harvesting and experimentation stats in addition to adventuring stats, and a 44-slot harvest and fuels bag that does not take up a bag slot in inventory. You open it by either toggling all your bags open (default key is B), or summon it from the ability that added itself to your knowledge book. You also unlock the ability to obtain daily and weekly tradeskill missions.
New base version of the tome
New refined version (cannot be experimented on)

44 slots, acts as an additional bag
can hold harvests, fuels, transmute bits in it

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