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PoP A Stitch In Time Part II: Lightning Strikes

This is part of the Planes of Prophecy tradeskill signature line "A Stitch in Time" that released to live servers on February 13, 2018.

This quest in the sig line doesn't have aggro mobs to dodge unless you wander well off the beaten path into areas not needed for the quest (I'm looking at you, tester who wandered into the areas to the east of the NE tower! :D). This is not to say you can't die -- folks like me can find ALL sorts of creative ways to die in a "safe" zone, after all, but if you read the walk-through, you've got a nice break from mob-dodge for a bit before you go to Sol Ro and Decay for Part III.

Required Materials

  • 50 plumewit hide
  • 50 gnarled entwood
  • 50 etherium
  • 100 celestial coal

Should you bring a progress potion? That depends on how impatient you are and how many potions you have to spare. It will be "just" two long combines, so I'm personally on the fence about it. If you only have 1 such potion on hand, for example, I'd save it for Part 3, where you have to do 4 combines back-to-back, instead of wasting it on the 2 combine step here.


You can pick up this quest from Varig Ro after completing your A Stitch In Time, Part I: Security Measures with him. He will send you into the Bastion of Thunder, where Karana is rebuilding after recent unpleasantness. Your goal is to gain some concentrated essence of the plane to use in rebuilding the time portal.

Zone into Bastion of Thunder: Lightning Strikes [Tradeskill] from the portal in Valor at /way -95, 3, -164 and set about finding Karana. He is actually up in a tower that you need to access via port pad. The pad, which shows a lovely display of lightning over it, can be found at /way -29, 994, 191.

Head down the long hallway to speak with Karana. (Note: you can stick your nose in the two side-rooms along that hall for a tiny bit of quick discovery xp.)

Karana may be an ally of the gods of Valor, but he's got no time or desire to have much to do with pesky mortals. He and the other denizens of the zone that you will speak with won't attack you or anything, but they also don't welcome you with open arms. You're going to have to do 99% of the work on this one, of course!

Walk back down the hallway and step back onto the port pad to be dropped down into the atrium/entry area. Then head south and take the branch to head to the southwestern tower. You will find Voonark at /way 558, -17, 634.

Silly mortal, af COURSE all Voonark is going to do to help is tell you what you need to do. But at least he does tell you.

Note: Open up your track harvestables at this point, and keep an out of for "a bucket" in the area of each tower. More on that later, but when you find it, snag it.

Harvest 10 aluminum orbs from around the base of that SW tower (Tower of Thunder). Then head to the SE (Acolyte) Tower and harvest 10 zinc orbs. Then head back to the atrium and go north and harvest copper orbs around the base of the NW (Glacial) tower. (Look out! This tower is icy and you will slide allll over while there.) Then head to the NE (Sandstorm) tower and harvest 10 torden clay.

Did you find and grab "a bucket" during all that? If it wasn't around the base of any of the towers, then you're going to have to climb to the top of each of three* towers until you find it. (*The tower in the SE part of the zone has no ramp and thus cannot be climbed. It is most likely to be up the NW or the SW tower, if it isn't at the base of a tower.)It can be in random spots either around the base of one of the towers, or up top, and track harvestables isn't reliable at reaching the tower top until you do some clambering. I tend to wait and backtrack to the towers to do all that extra climbing only if I can't find it while gathering the rest.

Once the bucket is happily in your inventory, and the song is probably running through your head as an earworm, head back to Karana's Tower of the Rainkeeper (again, port pad for that is at /way -29, 994, 191). Head to the pool just in front of Karana, and click on the white circles you'll see in the water. Collect 5 water to soften up the clay, then return to the atrium.

Upon the platform where the entrance/exit to the area resides is a forge (/way 22, -2, 5).

I am not sure anyone who doesn't read their quest journal to understand crafting order will read this either, but craft the "Untempered Lightning Rods" FIRST. It is now fixed on Test so that you are only given the untempered lightning rods when you have grabbed all necessary items, then the recipe for the heated clay temper is received once you have finished making the lightning rods, but that's a "fix" to protect those who didn't read the quest journal at this step and bugged themselves.

Although I have the ingredients list for this quest up top, here's the breakdown. The untempered lightning rods need 10 aluminum orbs, 10 copper orbs, 10 zinc orbs, 50 etherium and 50 celestial coal. The heated clay temper needs 10 Torden clay, 5 Torden water, 50 plumewit hide, 50 gnarled entwood, 50 celestial coal.

Once you have the updates for both pieces, find the Heated Clay Temper in your inventory and right-click to apply it to the lightning rods. Your toon even shakes them around a bit to help them dry off after. {grin}

Now head to find Edlias, a rather grumpy and hungry wyvern, at the base of the NE tower (/way -618, -17, -550). You'll find out from him that you'd make a good snack, but then you'll also find out that, while he can fire the lightning rods for you, you're going to need to cool and temper them after.

Head to the NW (Glacial) tower, and skate your way up to the top. (/way 751, 198, -722). The moment that you pick up the block of ice, you start a 5-minute timer to return to Edlias with the block of ice. This is PLENTY of time, as long as you don't try any fancy skating maneuvers.

There is a faint blue outline on the ground beside Edlias at /way -605, -17, -555. Place the ice within the outline and the timer stops and the quest updates. Speak with Edlias again, then click on the "patch of sand" directly in front of him to place the lightning rods there. Hail Edlias again, and then move to his side and wait. Standing in front of him will be a sure way to die as he breathes flame at the rods placed there, m'kay?

Wait until he is done breathing fire, click on the rods to grab them, then click on the ice to cool them, then click on the rods to pick them up.

Now you are finally ready to play with lightning!

Head to the SW (Thunder) tower and you will find circles on the ground at /way 585, -15, 717 and so on. (Do you really need me to type all 4 locs out when you can plainly see them when you're in the right area? :D)

Click a circle, place a lightning rod, step back several steps, wait for the light show, click the rod and collect the solidified lightning. Then move on to the second, third and fourth circles and rinse and repeat.

Did you place the rod, then afk beside it and come back to find yourself dead? Silly mortal, didn't anyone ever teach you to not stand next to a lightning rod in a lightning storm, especially in the Rainkeeper's realm? I really DID warn you to step back several steps. It was a glorious light-show and flight off the edge of the platform, though!

Wait, you mean you heard that I did that on my first time through the instance? Who told you that? I ... I ... {mumbles} ... I needed to stretch!

Once you have all four solidified lightning, exit the zone and return to Varig Ro, who will be wandering about somewhere in the Coliseum of Valor.

This part of the sigline rewards tradeskill xp, AA xp, guild status and coin. (Part 3 is where real rewards start coming into play.)

Once you are finished with this quest, you may immediately begin A Stitch In Time, Part III: From Birth to Tombs


This one really doesn't need a walkthrough as much as some of the other parts, but for completeness' sake, here is a walkthrough of Lightning Strikes.

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