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PoP A Stitch In Time Part III: From Birth to Tombs

This is part of the Planes of Prophecy tradeskill signature line "A Stitch in Time" that released to live servers on February 13, 2018.

First off, a quick comment - I'd not recommend eating at the keyboard in the second part of this segment of the questline if you have a weak stomach. You'll see what I mean soon enough!

Required Materials

  • 50 celestial kindling
  • 25 celestial coal


If you want/need a video walkthrough, I have one of Solusek Ro's Tower as well as of the Crypt of Decay (along with an explanation of the rewards at the end).


After a relatively peaceful jaunt through Torden, Varig is ready to send you on to less friendlier planes. (I know, Innovation wasn't friendly either, but he's not the one who sent you there ;D) He'll also give you a couple inert seals of power that need to be empowered for Solusek Ro and Bertoxxulous.

Enter Sol Ro's Tower: From the Ashes [Tradeskill] from the portal located at 95, 3, -185.

Take a few steps forward, and you'll realize that there are lines of glowing runes on walls and pillars. Your quest journal tells you to "find a way to translate the runes" You will also see a bunch of unmoving sentries and constructs around. (Don't worry, the stuff that looks "dead" isn't going to jump up and get you at any point, it is just zone flavor.)

Hail The Immolated Lexicon at the north end of that entry room and have a roundabout conversation with it that eventually leads to it agreeing to follow you and translate the runes. This adds the spell to your knowledge book to "Summon Immolated Lexicon" (As you'll see further below, you get to keep it as a fluff pet after the quest is complete.) Summon it and head for the runes on the walls (both types pictured below.) Don't just head to the runes, summon the lexicon, otherwise clicking the runes won't do you any good. ;D

Go around that entry room and click on all of the long strips of runes (left picture), then into the side corridors, and click on all the other runes that several folks have thought wer simply wall art (left picture). When you have finished clicking on all of them to fully translate everything, you should have the recipe for Obsidian Incubation Vessel auto-scribe into your recipe book.

You have them translated. That's the good news. The bad news is that to empower the seal with the power of Solusek Ro, you need to bring the dead phoenix back to life. While you now have instructions on how to do it, does anyone else get the feeling that this might be a bit ... dangerous?

Before you move deeper into the zone, go back into that central entrey area and you will find 3 "a pool of condensed magma." Fish from them to get 6 of the 12 condensed magma that you need. You may need to be on the very edge of platforms and podiums to fish from them, but it is still, to me, a saner fishing experience than you will find deeper in the zone. Depending on how long it takes you to collect the sulphur ash, those nodes may also be respawned by the time you are done ash collecting.

This next step can be deadly, so watch pathing carefully.

Head down the east corridor, and go through the door at /way -100, -6, -102. There is a central area with a brazier, and 3 side rooms. There are 3 aggro mephits that randomly burp (?) out a pile of burning sulphur in either the central room or the side rooms, as they path in and out and make smelly nuisances of themselves. The ash is on a timer to despawn (duration unknown), due to the fact that it was burning, and cools off with time. If you're feeling like added dodging, you can go into the side-rooms and try for sulphur from in there, and also mine the drakes for some of the 15 obsidian that you need, but, you can get the shards deeper into the zone with no aggro, and you can get the ash with less risk (but more time spent), by standing near the door to the room with the brazier, and zipping in to grab piles as the mephits path away.

Grabbing burning ash will make you take damage, but it seems to be percentage based, so it won't kill you. Mephits WILL kill you on the other hand, if you get in their aggro range, so give them a little space to do their thing, k? :D

Once you have all 6 ash, either go back into the entry area and check to see if you can fish more, or go directly to the brazier in the middle of the mephit room and click on it. (It is a 2-way teleporter, so you can always use it to come back to this room from the other side.) Follow the hallways to a large room with dead giants and drakes on the ground, a huge flaming cauldron in the middle, and lots of flame sparks floating about aimlessly. Mine drakes if you didn't harvest (enough) in the mephit area, until you have 15 obsidian shards. There should be plenty of corpses in this room to get all 15 here if you wish.

Find the door in the side of this room at /way -100, -6, 102 and open it so you can click on the brazier on the other side of it. This will teleport you to "Arlyxir's Room", complete with a large pile of glowing ashes in one spot from the phoenix.

If you didn't fish all the magma that you needed, here is your chance to get the rest. Due to how some of the nodes are placed in here, though, I liken it to clinging to the edge of a platform with your toenails while you lean out over the deadly molten magma and fish.

Have everything you need? The far wall in this room is the "Wall of Elemental Fire" (/way 0, 103, 35) and you will need to click on it and combine the Obsidian Incubation Vessel. (You did bring the 25 celestial coal that I mentioned up in Required Supplies, yes?)

It is the typical longgggg combine that we see in this sig line, but since it is only a single combine, it isn't too horrid.

Now you need to fire it. See those vents that randomly jet flame into the air? Yeah, wait until you see a nonflaming grate start to show a little flame-like bit in the center, step onto the center of the grate, and get knocked up into the air. Stop looking at your health bar and control your fall to land back on the platform! Yes, you! You don't want to fall into the magma, or get knocked into the wall of flame, etc. You die, then. The firing process "just" takes a percentage of your health and knocks you up in the air. And since it is a percentage, you can do all 4 firings in rapid succession without waiting to regen. You may not show any visible health in your health bar, but since it is taking percentages each time, it won't truly kick you to zero. Phew!

Once you've fired it 4 times, it tells you to collect Arlyxir's ashes in the newly-created vessel. Click on the pile at /way 10, 105, -81 It is a lonnggggg, but very amusing harvest. Go on, read the messages that show up in your chat window as you wait out the harvest time. This writeup isn't going anywhere, so take all the time you need to snicker at tired dev humor.

Take your vessel and go back to the teleport brazier at /way 0, 103, -123. Click it to go back to that large room with the flame sparks and the cauldron in it. Walk up the flame ramp and click to place the vessel in the cauldron at /way 133, 110, -81. You get a message about the flame sparks moving away as you approach them, and the cauldron needs to be heated more, so it is time for ... spark herding!

Yeeeehaw! Git along little doggies! {whipcrack} Move so there's a bunch of sparks between you and the cauldron, and run at them, chasing them towards the cauldron. The messages start telling you about the rise in heat. Then it will tell you that it gave birth to a baby phoenix. Now you still need to empower the inert seal, so you start edging up the ramp to do so while everything is nice and hot and **CHOMP** It seems that when you're a newly-hatched baby phoenix, you're especially epic and "hangry". (While this resulted in death while we were testing it, it now "just" reduces you to a small bit of health, provided you move away quickly after that first bite.)

Now your quest journal is telling you to flee (Great, NOW it warns you about the hungry baby, once it's already gnawed on you! Snarky quest journal!) In this case, flee means to exit the zone.

You will then need to head to the alcove of disease at /way -191, 3, 0 and enter Plane of Disease: Crypt of Decay [Tradeskill]. While nothing in here will kill you, it isn't the sort of place that you want to noodle through while nibbling on a snack. Or maybe you will. Some of you might be twisted like that. ;D

Note: Nothing in here will kill you, though it may make you want to gag!

Walk forward until you find a clickable coffin at /way 320, -475, -75. There is a plunderable note that you can grab that is next to this coffin (you don't need to grab it, but hey, it is a house item AND it gives you clues as to what you're supposed to be doing in here). Click on the coffin to move the lid, then angle your camera so you can see inside the coffin and click to take first the shovel, then the bag (embalming kit).

Now, see those diseased-looking cubes that are blocking your way further into the zone? You need to click twice on each to clean waste, and to have a chance at getting a pathogen. (You need 15 dormant pathogens.) Blarg! Yep, you get yourself rather dirty while cleaning up the waste, but Mike Rowe would be proud of you! (I'm not sure what Lera will think of this quest, but ...)

You also need 6 plaguebringer protoplasm. As you work your way across maze of cubes between you and the hallway to the east, watch for fast-moving pillbugs moving around. If they collide with you, they'll knock you back and stun you for a bit, but won't really harm you. However, you need their protoplasm, so as one galumphs towards you, click rapidly and repeatedly on the embalming kit that is showing in your quest helper. As the embalming fluid squirts out and hits the pillbug, it stops and begins to swell. Keep up that fast clicking until ... SPLORK. Yeah, it is messy, too.

Now do you see why I warned you about snacking while doing this instance? :P

Stay in this central room of cubes and bugs until you have 6 of the protoplasm, and 15 dormant pathogens, then head to the room to the east. There will be several Amalgamation of Decay and Amalgamation of Pestilence in the room there, and you need to mine them for 6 blighted marrow.

Walk up the ramp to the platform and click on the Cauldron of Contagion at /way -11, -473, -92. If you paid attention to the materials list at the top of the page, you even have the 50 celestial kindling that are needed for the "Empower the Seal of Bertoxxulous" recipe that you need to craft! (Yes, it is another slow combine, but at least it is only a single combine.)

Once done, head west through the cube room to where you zoned in and leave the zone. (Evac will not work in there.)

Find Varig Ro in the Coliseum of Valor for your rewards.


There are three rewards to this quest that do not drop anything in your inventory, so folks who are clicking through quickly might miss what they received. (In addition, of course, you will get tradeskill xp if not already maxxed, guild status and a small bit of coin.)

First, when your pony is summoned, you can now right-click on him and have an option to change his appearance to that of a ceffyl.

Also, when you run around with your pony summoned (or even when you are low-flying), he can grab an extra harvest from a node that you pass and dump it in your bags. This can occur every 90 seconds, and will not work if you just stand and afk at a node. You have to be actively moving around and dragging him past fresh nodes. He CAN do this with rares as well as common harvests. It does NOT decrease the harvests available on the node for whomever physically harvests the node, only gives you an extra bonus of 2 or more of a given resource. While the best way to explain it seems to be that it is like having an ample harvest proc on a node without actually having to harvest, my own mental image is of Skippy the Wonder Pony backing up to a nearby node, planting his front feet, and kicking out with both back hooves, knocking a harvest loose and straight into your bags.

Finally, you will unlock the ability to obtain harvesting missions from the NPC in Valor or from your guild harvester NPCs.

In addition to these three rewards that you get for the completion of this quest, you will also be able to keep the fluff pet "Immolated Lexicon" in your knowledge book. You will also be able to keep the "A Scrawled Note" that you plundered

Once you are finished with this quest, you may immediately begin A Stitch In Time, Part IV: A Favor of Love

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