RoS: Through the Belly of the Beast

This is part of the Reign of Shadows Crafting and Housing Preview, written during the beta phase. As with all things beta, things may change before the expansion goes live. The RoS expansion will be released on December 15, 2020.

This is the second quest in the RoS Tradeskill Signature Line and it comes directly after completion of "The Delineation of Method". You will need bring common and rare Luclin resources for this quest, as well as fuel. The "shopping list" will be a pain due to each class needing something slightly different, so I will try to tackle it "later" to save you some math. The second part of this quest will have you using special in-zone travel and things like that, so it will be a Really Good Thing to bring all the required materials with you.

Hulda sends you to help out in Echo Caverns, telling you to speak with the foreman, Excavator Gibbons. From this point forward in the quest series, you will be ducking in and out of aggro areas, so stay on your toes!

Head to the western doorway in the Nexus to access the Echo Caverns overland zone. (Don't choose one of the instances, choose the option on the door for simply "Echo Caverns.") Once you have zoned in, you have to head down into the digsite area, dodging aggro bugs. One of the easiest ways to do this, instead of following the ramps all the way down, is to head to /way 73, 140, 6 and jump down. You may take a little damage, but you avoid a chunk of mobs.

From there, head to /way 139, 108, -10 and the Recuso Digsite. Zone in and find Excavator Gibbons at /way 479. 203, -111 Chat with him, let him know you're an experienced crafter and he'll tell you that they can't make it through the tunnels due to aggressive creatures. On cue, your M.A.G.I.C. device apparently coughed up recipes that might help. (If you did not have Ironsprocket's M.A.G.I.C. Device from the BoL crafting line, you should be slipped one before it was needed for this step. If not, there is a "Runner Bunkin" standing next for Hulda who will sell you one.) You will find that you have autoscribed two calming recipes suitable for your class - one recipe for just your class and one recipe for your subclass.

There is an all-purpose "Recuso Crafty Table" at /way 512, 201, -168 and a fuel vendor right beside it. You will want to make both calming items that were just autoscribed.

Subclass - make the one for your profession (yield 5 charges):

Class - again, make the one for your profession (yield 5 charges):

Once you have finished creating your two different calming items head to the dead balanzite terror at /way 460, 197, -136 and you will see reishi ahead of you. Some will be dormant and non-aggro, others will be aggro, so proceed with care. You need to reach the end of both branchings of the path, using the calming items as needed. Do NOT try to just run through and train them as they will root you and kill you.

The calming items have a 30 second cooldown between casts, and each calm lasts for 30 seconds. It also has a calming radius of 0.5m for the mob, so don't try to step right up next to the reishi, or they will kill you. Give them a little space, alternate the use of the calming items to get past the cooldown issue, and only bother to calm any aggressive critters (reishi and the stalagmaw models) that are between you and your objective. Once you reach the end of a path, all the critters on that pathway become non-aggro and hibernate, and you can run back and do the calm-and-scamper on the other path.

Once you are done calming both pathways down, return to the front of the zone and speak with Excavator Gibbons again.

Of course you're not done yet! Gibbons tells you about a friend of his trying to set up a business in Echo Caverns and asks you to go over and help her out. Return to the Nexus and find Kessi standing near Hulda. Oh, and "Stick to the light" (which is their way of saying "Don't die out there!")

He will also reward you with a Balanzite Stalagmaw housepet.

Kessi McGilliguddy and her husband Pops have fallen in love with the beauty of Echo Caverns. They love it so much that Pops has decided that he wants to give tours through there, and needs a bit of a helping hand.

Head back to the passage leading to Echo Caverns, and select the option for Echo Caverns: Expedition Composition [Tradeskill] from the door.

This will be a "safe" zone, and you should have no fear of dying there, but it IS a long-ish instance with several special travel mechanics, so try to do this quest when you won't have to log off suddenly and end up having to re-travel a lot.

Pops is directly ahead and to your right as you zone in. He tells you that you won't need to fight as you help him get set up, and tells you to meet him on the top of the nearby ramp (/way -36, 142, -261). He slowly takes the time to change into a gnomish flight suit sort of thing and wanders up the ramp in his own good time.

He then lets you in on his grand plan to give tinkered tours via dirigibles. His special dirigible will set the path, and then other dirigibles will be able to follow that path. He wants you to follow him as he sets the path, and tell him how it looks from the tourist side of things. After he takes off, you will be waiting a bit as he starts his trek, then your dirigible will show up, complete with a green message in your spatial chat to let you know it is there. Click on it to hop in and away you go!

Enjoy the scenery as you make your serene way through a chunk of Echo Caverns, to land safely near Pops. (We won't go into early beta when Mum got dropped on the wrong side of the safety fence, and was practically clinging to the cliffside with her teeth, k?)

While the tour will continue through to the Limestone Forest, he needs to set up a sensor relay in the tunnels to track the path properly. After you give him details on how the path looked from your perspective, he gives you a recipe (autoscribed) for the tuners, as well as a fungus fiend plushie.

Note: The recipe scroll calls it a "Tuning Device", but the recipe that is autoscribed is for "Tinkered Device Tuner", so make sure you're filtering for "tuner" not "tuning" when looking for the recipe.

Grab two handfuls of Pops' All-Purpose Coal from the bing at /way 351, 190, -157 and then use the crafting table beside it to make two combines of the tuners (each makes four, and you need eight total). You will need a total of 20 luclizite cluster, 20 humming azurite, 20 radiant algae, 20 lunar mushroom.

The sensors are a bit gunked up by some sort of fungus growth, but when you click on each to tune it, the growth is dispelled. Make your way along the path, taking the left branch when the path forks, and click on the 8 sensors as you go along.

When you reach /way 555, 216, -9 you will find a jetpack and a note waiting for you. He tells you that he left you something fun to get to the next spot, but that you'll need to dismount to use it. So send your mount back to your magical stables and strap on that jetpack!

Wheeee! (Remember to resummon your mount once you have safely landed, for a bit more in-zone travel speed.)

Oh dear, it seems that Pops is clinging by his fingertips to the edge of the platform you just landed on. Click on him to help the poor guy up.

Once you've got him settled again, he'd like you to make a telescope for any tourists to use. The recipe "Tinkered Autoscope Mach XIII" is autoscribed into your recipe book.

Head up the ramps to /way 457, 191, 636 and grab a handful of Pops' All Purpose Coal before you begin crafting on the station beside the coal bin. You will need 12 luclizite cluster, 12 humming azurite, 12 hornbeam spruce log, 12 radiant algae.

Click on the glowing area at /way 514, 186, 634 to place the telescope, then reach up and click on the glowing part of the telescope to "test" it with a very quick peek around. The platform you are standing on will now have a dirigible chained down, and you need to click on it to follow Pops deeper into Echo Caverns.

Speak with Pops once you land. Even though he's set up a landing spot, he isn't sure it is the best location, and would like you to scout out a nearby spot that might have a better view of the falls.

Head downhill and over to /way -305, 252, 146 and ... aiyeeeee! What was that thing?! Fortunately, it missed you, but it turned the poor tegi into a chicken. Knowing how Pops brushes off danger, you might not want to tell him of the creature, as he would be likely to try to find some way to deal with it. (Which he can't, since that was apparently Greig, and Pops isn't up to dealing with him on his own.)


Return to Pops and tell him the place is unsuitable without giving reasons. While he trusts you, he still mentions that he might want to do some checking out of the areas, including the ledge with the unfortunate clucking tegi before he brings his customers through. You convince him to avoid the ledge, citing bees and wasps and such.

Finish your chat with Pops, suggest the name of "Pops' Raidventure Tours" and hop back in the balloon to head back to the entrance, where you will find Kessi waiting for you. Tell her the real story of what happened with the tegi, and then head back to Hulda in the Nexus.

Hulda will reward you with some guild status, a bit over 8 plat, "Pops' Precarious Dirigible Model" housepet, +10,000 Fordel Midst Trade Commission faction and the "Through the Belly of the Beast" achievement.

The easily-frightened Hulda then asks you to help an aspiring merchant who is setting up in the Echo Caverns and gives you the "Paying the Piper" quest.

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