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RoS: The Delineation of Method

This is part of the Reign of Shadows Crafting and Housing Preview, written during the beta phase. As with all things beta, things may change before the expansion goes live. The RoS expansion will be released on December 15, 2020.

The first quest in the RoS Tradeskill signature line is The Delineation of Method, which will have you speak with Hulda Flintbraid in the Nexus area of Fordel Midst. (Fast Travel or take the wizard spires to Fordel Midst, then head to the western side of the zone to find Hulda at /way 355, -36, 717) You will need to be a level 120 crafter who owns the RoS expansion in order to obtain her quest.

If you have not done the Blood of Luclin (BoL) crafting line, don't fret too much, as she'll catch you up to speed pretty quickly.

The Recuso have come to the dark side of Luclin, and are interested in researching the flora and fauna of the area, but they are having a hard time getting a foothold established. She would like it if you could convince the blacksmiths from House Fordel and House Midst to join their ranks or to at least let them set up a distribution area within their smithy.

Head to the northern doorway in the Nexus and enter the Bazaar. From there head to speak to Purihni (/way -51, -1, -6) and Gundeg (/way -51, -1, 18). It doesn't matter which you speak to first, just speak to both of these ghostly smiths and try to woo them over. Whomever you speak to first will agree provided the other smith also agrees. The second one you speak with will have you create a balanzite barbute to show off your skills on their behalf. Next to each smith is a chest on the ground that has now become clickable. Click on either one to get the recipe (autoscribed) for Practice Balanzite Barbute, plus all the resources needed to make it. You will need to supply 25 coruscating coal. Use the nicely fiery forge in the corner near each smith, craft the barbute, and hand it in to either smith. Go gently on them as their airheads with memory issues.

You will be given a Fordel Farm Hay Bale (house item), and you should return to Hulda on the western side of the Nexus.

Hulda will reward you with a Fordel Cart (house item), a bit over 4 platinum, and +10,000 faction with the Fordel Midst Trade Commission, which is needed to deal with certain merchants, research NPCs down the road, and so on. She will then offer you the next quest in the series "Through the Belly of the Beast"

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