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RoS Tradeskill Signature Line

This is part of the Reign of Shadows Crafting and Housing Preview. The RoS expansion was released on December 15, 2020.


You must be a level 120 crafter and must own the Reign of Shadows expansion. That's it! There are a couple spots in the new line that will have different dialog or a few extra actions if you have not completed the BoL crafting line as well, but it is not a requirement that you have already done it.

Notes on Flight

As you complete a zone (or nearly complete it in a couple cases), you will unlock flight for that zone. The adventuring line works the same way, so you'll gain the ability to fly in overland zones on the dark side of Luclin in chunks.

Getting Around Fordel Midst

Does figuring out which way to go in the Nexus confuse you? Are you confused about where to go in Shadow Haven to find the House of Midst port bauble and furniture vendors confuse you? Thanks to Wilhelmina of EQ2Artisans, we've got you covered with this handy map of the Fordel Midst city zones.

The Quests

  1. The Delineation of Method
  2. Through the Belly of the Beast
  3. Paying the Piper
  4. The Grumbling
  5. Tiptoe Through the Shadows
  6. The Grandiose Wordsmith Pursuance
  7. Ennoblement of Penitence
  8. Dark Side of the Dark Side

The Videos

Additional Rewards from the Crafting Signature Line

In addition to special guild status that impacts your guild buff (it also levels your guild nicely even above 300), and the ability to hire Nuniun as a fabled berserker mercenary, there are several house item rewards scattered through the crafting line.

a Grumble* (day view)
"The Grumbling"
a Grumble* (night view)
Balanzite Stalagmaw (housepet)
"Through the Belly of the Beast
Fordel Cart
"The Delineation of Method"
Fordel Farm Hay Bale
"The Delineation of Method"
Fungus Fiend plushie
"Through the Belly of the Beast
Pops' Precarious Dirigible Model
"Through the Belly of the Beast
Sacred Manta (housepet)
"Dark Side of the Dark Side
Sacred Tiger Plushie
"Tiptoe Through the Shadows"
Sheen Green Lumi Fungi
"Paying the Piper"
Standing Gardening Tool
"Tiptoe Through the Shadows"
Vah Shir Pride Banner
"The Grandiose Wordsmith Pursuance"
Roughspun Shelter
"Tiptoe Through the Shadows"
Wall of Nope**
"Ennoblement of Penitence"

*You receive a single heirloom "a Grumble". We have found that it shows as more white with blue tints during the daylight hours, dusk it goes purple/blue, and at night, it is blue/aqua.

**Wall of Nope. You need to be standing very close to the front, center of this web to do this. The web is solid. Use the right-click "Nope!" option and the web gets burned away, totally disappearing for several seconds so you can pass through the area where it was/is. It will then re-solidify.

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