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RoS: Paying the Piper

This is part of the Reign of Shadows Crafting and Housing Preview, written during the beta phase. As with all things beta, things may change before the expansion goes live. The RoS expansion will be released on December 15, 2020.

This is the third quest in the RoS tradeskill signature line and follows directly after completion of Through the Belly of the Beast.

Shopping list

  • 1 wracked wood wedge
  • 50 hornbeam spruce logs
  • 15 slow creeping roots
  • 12 hardened zelniak pelt
  • 40 coruscating coal

You will find the overly dramatic Piccolo wandering through the Nexus. He wants to catalog various creatures in Echo Caverns that he has only heard about in stories, so he knows a bit more about them when customers ask him questions about them. He gives you a recipe for the Taggerbow (autoscribed) which will shoot a tracking dart at the targeted creature.

You will need 1 wracked wood wedge, 50 hornbeam spruce logs, 15 slow creeping roots, 12 hardened zelniak pelt, 40 coruscating coal. Head to Echo Caverns with your completed Taggerbow and start zapping things. (Don't forget your calming items if you are a squishie!)

While you do not have to tag the mobs in order, you will find that you can tag them in order if you know where you are going. (You may want to watch the walkthrough video for this quest in order to more easily recognize the areas where you can find each mob.

  • Eats through profits in the quarry - a rock gnawer
  • Has glowing green webs – limestone arachnid
  • Bloodsucker in miniature proportions – a needlite pupa
  • Surprisingly salty creature – giant salted sea slug
  • Winged and emits a humming noise when near - chloro-fly
  • One-horned and polkadots – cavern beetle
  • Easily excited spikey-lizard – a falls tuatara
  • Emits prismatic light – a trace sparkle

Once you have finished tagging all eight creatures, you will need to return to Piccolo, who is now located in Echo Caverns at /way -62.97 177.37 -100.85 He will then send you to speak with Foreman Gibbons, who is located downhill from Piccolo, near the entrance to Fordel Midst.

Foreman Gibbons will complete your quest, hand you a bit over 6 plat, and will also give you a Sheen Green Lumi Fungi house item.

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