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RoS: The Grumbling

This is part of the Reign of Shadows Crafting and Housing Preview, written during the beta phase. As with all things beta, things may change before the expansion goes live. The RoS expansion will be released on December 15, 2020.

This is the fourth quest in the RoS Tradeskill Signature line and it directly picks up where "Paying the Piper" left off.

Recipe List

You will need the following items in order to complete this quest:

  • 12 humming azurite
  • 12 luclizite cluster
  • 12 hornbeam spruce log
  • 12 radiant algae
  • 25 coruscating coal
You will also need 500 gathering skill for this quest!

The Walkthrough

Continue to chat with Foreman Gibbons, and he says they've been having issues with strange moonquakes that make the ground "grumble". They also sometimes swallow things into the ground. There is a theory that the area underneath the digsite is hollow, and Gibbons would like to prove or disprove that theory, with your help. He would also like you to watch for some specific mushrooms in the area that could use further research.

Use the nearby crafting station to create a Recuso Core Sampler from the recipe that was autoscribed. You will need 12 humming azurite, 12 luclizite cluster, 12 hornbeam spruce log, 12 radiant algae.

You will then need to run around the area, searching for spots where the ground shakes beneath your feet. You should see a grumbling arise from the ground. If you do not, walk a couple steps in one direction, and then another, to see if you can get the shaking to increase and a grumble to appear. Make sure to stand on top of the grumble when you use the core sampler, and do not move away until you get the message that you have found one of the sources of the "Grumblings." If you run off too soon, the scan will fail.

For the easily frustrated, and for the squishies, here are the locations for the grumbles:

  • /way -34.37 158.16 -20.94
  • /way -72.36 179.48 -51.43
  • /way -39.10 165.89 106.48
  • /way 96.37 156.11 136.38
  • /way 208.25 123.09 97.61
  • /way 153.72 108.37 26.92

The "jiggly" mushrooms can be found via track harvestables, where they will show as "odd looking mushroom". Since they are a bright yellow-orange, they're pretty easy to see, but also easy to confuse with the tops of the soft metal nodes. :D

Once you have found the six grumbles, and harvested five jiggly mushrooms, return to Gibbons. He wants you to bring the mushrooms to Erdani, since they are glowing, and he thinks the glowing properties may help her set up her farm.

Travel back to the Nexus and find Erdani to your left as you zone in from Echo Caverns at /way 368, -36, 731 Introduce yourself to her and complete the quest for a bit over 4 plat, plus a house item "a Grumble". You have also now unlocked access to the Savage Weald overland zone and have unlocked the ability to fly in Echo Caverns.

a Grumble (day view)
a Grumble (night view)

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