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RoS: Tiptoe Through the Shadows

This is part of the Reign of Shadows Crafting and Housing Preview, written during the beta phase. As with all things beta, things may change before the expansion goes live. The RoS expansion will be released on December 15, 2020.

Shopping List

  • 4 jumping creeper
  • 4 primal luclizite shard
  • 36 luclizite cluster
  • 104 slow creeping root
  • 203 hornbeam spruce log
  • 64 radiant algae
  • 210 coruscating coal
  • 75 coruscating sandpaper


This is the fifth quest in the RoS tradeskill signature line and it will pick up where "The Grumbling" left off -- with you speaking to Erdani Ruilep in the Nexus. She seems a bit rattled as she's comfortable with plants, but "This whole exploration thing is going to take some time to get used to." It also turns out that she needs to set up her garden in a dark and scary part of the Grimling Forest. Not only has Hulda been scaring her with tales of fearsome beasts, but she's also afraid of the dark.

You agree to meet her at her top pick for a garden spot in the Savage Weald, and awayyyyy you go! Head back to Echo Caverns and you will get a chance to try out your new ability to fly in that zone.

This is going to be a bit hard to explain, so you may also want to take a peek at the walkthrough video for this quest, if my written explanation has you lost.

After you enter Echo Caverns, fly up and to your left, to the hole in the cavern at /way -100, 250, -41. Then make your way to /way -238, 265, -146 and the Chasm Fiend Cliffs.

From there, the best explanation I can come up with is head for the circular platform you see ahead of you, but duck under it and a little to your right. The tunnel at /way -340, 192, -435 is your destination. Run through that tunnel and you will soon end up zoning into the Savage Weald.

In the Savage Weald, you will head for /way -582, 268, -811 and need to click on the aeromanced transport there to travel down into the forest. Then you start to either dodge aggro mobs, or use your calming items on things that you don't think you can sneak past. I find it easiest to follow the road whenever possible.

You are headed for Erdani at /way -418, 96, -316 (I find it easiest to follow the path that starts out heading north then west at /way -642, 41, -383, then cross the river to reach /way -374, 63, -512 and head up the hill to your left until you reach Erdani. Beware of aggro Moor wolves as you go.) Thankfully, Erdani will have some port potions ready after your next task for her, so you won't need to be clambering around much longer.

Erdani's little candles are nowhere near enough light, so she'd like you to grab a couple samples of a nearby fungi that emits light, so she can see if they will be of use for lighting. Wander carefully around the nearby area and pick 3 "dormant emanating mushroom" ground spawns.

Return them to her and she wants quite a few more of them as she thinks they will work. She hands you three "Will of the Weald" port baubles. (Nearby merchant Vuchoz will sell you more if you need/want them.)

At this point, you can spend a lot of time playing tag with aggro in the area to collect 50 of the doggone things, or you cawn head back to Echo Caverns and ask Piccolo if he has any, since he seems to have an interest in mushrooms, among other things. I vote for visiting Piccolo!

Sure enough, when you visit Piccolo at his spot in Echo Caverns, he hands some over to you - "... You're my pal! Take 'em. We can square up another time." Use your Will of the Weald to return to Erdani.

Erdani lets you know that she thinks she might be able to mix them with a plant that grows near corpses. You will need to find 10 corpsecreeper flower seeds, and you will be able to gather 2 from each grimling corpse that you find in the area. (They can be tracked with the Track Harvestables skill.)

Sadly, when you return to Erdani, you find her upset because she can't generate enough light to get the bigger plants started, which needs to happen before she can try mixing the properties of each. She gives you a Roughspun Shelter house item and then you head back to Piccolo to see if he has any ideas for potential light sources.

Piccolo doesn't have any of the proper plant, but it just so happens that he knows someone who might be able to help you. You head to the Bazaar (via the Fordel Midst Nexus, while wondering when/how Piccolo will end up calling in the favors that he is doing for you.

Serisia is in the bank area of the Bazaar at /way -278, -1, 68. While the conversation seems promising at first, the moment you ask if you could have one of the plants, she starts acting odd, hands you a recipe for "Dimly lit firefly lamp" and ends the conversation quickly. Since this is your only lead right now, you go ahead and craft 4 of the lamps just in case they may be of use. You will need 4 jumping creeper, 32 slow creeping root, 128 hornbeam spruce log, 64 radiant algae and 210 coruscating coal.

They won't be sufficent for the task, but at least they will give Erdani a bit of light once the candles fail, while you try to figure out another source of information on light in the Grimling Forest area.

You will receive an ingame mail message. Depending on the mail server load, it may be delivered nearly instantly, or it may take up to 30 minutes. (You might as well start traveling back to the Bazaar while you are waiting for it to arrive as zoning will sometimes force the mail notification to pop up.) Read the mail from Serisia Darling and click on receive gifts to get the virtual attachment and the quest update along with it. (If you don't accept the attachment, you will be unable to see Serisia, so don't forget!). Head to the southern end of the arena area of the Bazaar and meet Serisia at /way 248, 0. 131.

It seems she does have seeds and clippings from the plant that you have been looking for, but since the plant is used in some sort of Vah Shir ritual, they tend to be very protective of it. She suggests that it can be used for research, but should not be grown where the Vah Shir will find it. Use your Will of the Weald to travel back to Erdani once you have the clippings from Serisia.

Erdani's encampment is starting to look a bit more like a garden area now, sort of, and she is glad to see you return. After you explain about the clippings and the Vah Shir, she gives you instructions on how to make some lanterns for the area, as well as a Sacred Tiger Plushie.

Use the crafting table near her to create four luclizite hanging vine lantern from the recipe that was just autoscribed. You will need 4 primal luclizite shard, 36 luclizite cluster, 72 slow creeping root, 75 hornbeam spruce log, 75 coruscating sandpaper.

Once you have completed them, Erdani has you place them on the four vines sticking out of the ground around the little farm area.

As a final task for her, she asks you deliver a flower that she grew, dried and pressed to a Vah Shir named Shoraka Lano as a thank you for giving her moral support and encouragement when she needed it. (This conversation also unlocks the city of Shar Vahl for access.)

You still can't fly, but you can see Shar Vahl in the distance to the southeast. If you're not afraid of the fall, I'd recommend jumping off the cliff edge and heading for it, instead of backtracking and trying to find a fully ground-bound path to it.

You will find the entrance to Shar Vahl at /way -825, 56, 143. Zone in and you will find Shoraka at /way -215 32, 56. Give him Erdani's greeting and gift to complete the quest, and you will receive around 32 platinum and a "Standing Gardening Tool" house item.

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