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RoS: Ennoblement of Penitence

This is part of the Reign of Shadows Crafting and Housing Preview, written during the beta phase. As with all things beta, things may change before the expansion goes live. The RoS expansion will be released on December 15, 2020.

This quest picks up where "The Grandiose Wordsmith Pursuance" left off, with Hulda Flintbraid in the Bazaar.

Hulda mentions that a group of adventurers that had been talking about a perfect omelet, and mentioned your name. It turns out that Nuniun (from the BoL crafting line) is out in Shadeweaver's Thicket, so you decide to go have a chat with him and see what he needs.

You may use one of the Spirit of the Vah Shir travel baubles to save yourself some travel time, then run south through Shar Vahl, aiming more or less for the big palace on the hill. When you reach /way -216, 68, 267, take the path to your left and you will find the Shadeweaver Gate at -357, 91, 178.

Zone over to Shadeweaver's Thicket and head to your right to find Enolyn Felwater at /way -447, 157, -798. She warns you that Nuniun is high up in the hills near a very dangerous area, and offers you a spare Call of Shade teleport bauble to get you there safely the first time. Once you are in Nuniun's camp, you may purchase more Call of Shade baubles for 6p each from the fuel vendor, Fertis.

Speak with Nuniun. (If you did NOT do the BoL Tradeskill line and make a three rockhopper egg omelette for Nuniun, you will need to do so at this point, then proceed with the rest of this walkthrough.) Nuniun then asks you to help check some of the sensors that they have set out looking for game. Before you do so, however, he wants you to make a signaling horn so you can signal for help if you run into trouble along the way.

One you collect an intact shadeweaver mandible from a "recent shadeweaver kill" (/way 165, 89, 131), you are granted the recipe scroll for Nuniun's Signaling Horn, which autoscribes into your recipe book.

Return to Nuniun's camp and you will find a crafting station at /way -120, 219, 448. In addition to the intact shadeweaver mandible, you will need 5 primal luclizite shard, 5 wracked wood wedge, 8 jumping creeper and 50 coruscating sandpaper. If you do not have these rares in your bags when you loot the intact shadeweaver mandible then you will need to harvest them in Shadeweaver's Thicket or buy/trade the rares while in the zone before you can perform the combine. You can pull rares from a sales crate if need be, as long as you pull them out while in-zone. (So leave the zone, drop rares from your depot into your sales crate without listing them for sale, return to Shadewaver's and pull them out to have them count for the quest.)

Bring the horn over to Nuniun once you create it, so he can check it over. He then sends you to check the last sensor, which is downhill from the camp, near the ruined entrance of Vex Thal. Head down the stone pathway to /way -767, 200, 506 and click on the device there to check the reading.


The quest completes with you being yanked into the Vex Thal [Tradeskill] zone. You are also awarded a bit over 11 plat, and the "Wall of Nope" house item.

The wall has a neat right-click effect. You need to be standing very close to the front center of this web to do this. (As in, your feet touching the web.) The web is solid. Use the right-click "Nope!" option and the web gets burned away, totally disappearing for several seconds so you can pass through the area where it was/is. It will then re-solidify and have collision once again.

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