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Piercing the Darkness: The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket

This is the first part of the Blood of Luclin tradeskill signature line.

You MUST have completed Piercing the Darkness: Carving a Legacy and Piercing the Darkness: Monuments of Mythic Passage prelude quest line before you may begin this quest series.

Shopping List for this section:

  • 15 rockhopper meat
  • 15 slow creeping root
  • 15 radiant algae
  • 66 humming azurite
  • 60 hornbeam spruce log
  • 5 luclizite cluster
  • 33 splitfin dartfish
  • 10 coruscating kindling
  • 42 coruscating coal
  • 1 summoned workbench, (tinkered portalbe or AA summon workbench ability)

Piercing the Darkness: Chasing Moonbeams

Speak with Taith McJarun, who is located near the wizard spires in Teren's Grasp (Kylong Plains). He will let you know that the quadroliths are ready, but that he'd like help with a request to locate one of the members of the Dedicated Individuals Recovering Technology of Yesteryear (D.I.R.T.Y.) and sends you to speak with Alyse Ni'Hij, who is in a building in Teren's Grasp at /way 2211, 483, -729. Taith also gives you a copy of Benosch Ironsprocket's Note.

When you speak with Alyse, she lets you know that Benosch Ironsprocket, one of the best inventors she has ever known, has gone missing. She goes on to mention that he fled through the portal to Luclin the moment it was open, apparently in search of proof of the shissar threat to Norrath. She also mentions that Benosch had made a device that could help him invent recipes on the fly, just from gathering materials from the surrounding environment. This device, called the Mechanized Azoic Geologic Identifier Contraption (M.A.G.I.C.) may be of help while you are searching for Benosch, so she gives you a "Reciept for Components: M.A.G.I.C."

Hail Gabin Baera, a fuel merchant at /way 2193, 483, -730, and he will give you "Components for M.A.G.I.C., which unpacks to a Variable Snuffler, Inventor's Glowing Gyre, Hale Sealant, and a Condensed Coal Brick. (Note: I said "hail" not "buy from". He sells the components, in case you do something silly like delete the M.A.G.I.C. or such, but he'll give you a set for free if you hail.)

There are workbenches in this same building, such as one at 2224, 487, -683. Find the "Ironsprocket's Mechanized Azoic Geologic Identifier Contraption" recipe that autoscribed into your recipe book, and combine it on the workbench. You should have received all the needed ingredients from Gabin in the paragraph before this.

Complete the combine and you also receive an account-wide zone unlock for Luclin, so that you may access The Blinding from any wizard spires. (Account-wide unlock is for live only. For beta it is a single-character unlock.)

Head to the wizard spire and travel to the Blinding. You will find it at the very top center of the wizard spire travel map.

Look for someone who may have seen Benosch after he left the portal

Speak with Nuniun Wolfbane in the Blinding at /way 632, 427, -648. He's rather rude and annoying, but since he seems to be the only one who wants to talk to you about Benosch, you are sort of stuck with the attitude. After a chunk of conversation, you find that he sent Benosch into some shik'nar caves as a "joke."

You will receive a solid chunk of tradeskill xp at this point. How much you get will depend on your tradeskill vitality, any xp buffs you have going and so on, but you should get at least one level from this first hand-in.

The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket Part I

Collect undamaged rockhopper eggs 0/3

Nuniun won't give you the directions to the place he sent Benosch until you make him a Three Rockhopper Egg Omelette. So, it is time to go grab rockhopper eggs.

Remember that you can't fly, and make sure to use the Jann Maji illusion, wear your Cloak of the Harvester, or in some way, ensure that you have some form of featherfall or the like going. You will want to head East from the spire, and while there a spiral ramp down at the center of the spire area, it is faster to jump, and you have to get used to it sooner or later! Also remember that you just leveled up at least one tradeskill level. If you are not a level 111+ adventurer, you will have harvesting skills to bring up to a new maximum, so you may as well harvest as you go!

The eggs, which are small green glowing "rockhopper egg" spawns, can be found around /way 239, 279, -531 and eastwards through that non-aggro rockhopper area. You WILL be heavyhanded and break some instead of harvesting them. (If your gathering skill isn't maxxed, you will also fail to gather some as you skill back up to maximum.) You will need to harvest 3 unbroken rockhopper egg. If there is a rockhopper too close to one of the eggs you are gathering, you have a chance to upset it, and as a squishy will have to run off the aggro, so try to snag the eggs when there's not a rockhopper in arm's reach of them. :D

Protip: If you are harvesting nodes in the area while collecting eggs, try to avoid accidentally harvesting a letalis geode. They are Luclin's version of grabbing a badger-butt, and they don't appreciate it if you try to mine them. {wink}

Create the Three Rockhopper Egg Omelette

The recipe autoscribed into your recipe book. In addition to the 3 undamaged rockhopper egg, you will need 15 rockhopper meat, 15 slow creeping root, 15 radiant algae, 10 coruscating kindling, and combine on the stove and keg.

Return the Three Rockhopper Egg Omelette to Nuniun

Bring the omelette to Nuniun, then convince him to stop eating long enough to give you directions to the spot where he sent Benosch.

You should gain at least 1 tradeskill level from this hand-in, and you will want to start watching your TS vitality levels, so you can refill it when you run out.

The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket Part II

Investigate the Shik'Nar Hive

It is time to glide into danger! This step can be done safely even by a squishy, though, as long as you know where/how to aim yourself. You will be heading south to /way 196, 44, 181 and you should not see aggro between Nuniun and the caves until you are close to the caves. If you aim correctly, you can float over the entrance area for the update, and land up on a rock wall where mobs can't reach you.

Harvest materials near the Shik'Nar Hive until the M.A.G.I.C. can come up with a recipe 0/100

While this step says "near" the hive, you can harvest anywhere in the Blinding zone, and any node type. There are totally aggro-free nodes in several spots in the zone, and other spots where you'll want to watch your aggro. Keep on harvesting until that handy-dandy little "magic thingamabobber" comes up with a recipe for you.

Eventually, the recipe "Insectoid Communication Jammer" will autoscribe into your recipe book.

Create the "Insectoid Communication Jammer

You will need to combine the following on a workbench: 30 humming azurite, 12 hornbeam spruce log, 5 luclizite cluster, 12 coruscating coal.

You will be given 10 charges of the jammer. While it will show up in the quest helper as a clickable for part of the instance you are about to enter, it won't be there for the whole time, so I recommend dropping it onto a hotbar now, instead of waiting until you get into the instance.

Use the jammer and attempt and enter the hive

STOP Really, don't go in until you make sure you have some method of summoning a workbench on you. You will be going into an instance, and you will not be able to use /house_ratings from inside in order to access a crafting house or the like. If you don't have a means of summoning a fuel vendor (planar adventures charm from CD or your censer from ToT), also bring along a stack of coruscating coal.

The jammer only works on the 2 bugs guarding the entrance, plus the bugs inside. For the aggro ^ shik'nar outside, avoid, invis or fight. There are handy rock walls you can partly climb to help with evasive maneuvers.

Use the jammer to apply the buff, and the two aggro heroic shik'nar at /way 196, 44, 181 will go non-aggro. Click on the shiny rocky area between them to zone in. You will gain yet more tradeskill experience, and likely level again as you zone in.

The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket Part III

Search the hive

Keep a close eye on the timer on your "Jam Signals" buff that came from that use of the jammer just outside the zone. When it starts to get close to running out, find a safe spot with no pathing bugs, so you can safely reapply it.

Now, work your way deeper into the caves, harvesting as you go. Not only does that handy-dandy M.A.G.I.C. need fresh inspiration, but you will need resources, so I recommend you harvest in sight. You'll need it all before the end of the sig line, and then some! The nodes in this instance will not give you rares, but since you have the jammer buff, the mobs will leave you alone, so node-nibble your way deeper into the instance. This is also great for harvesting skillups if your skills are now lagging from the extra crafting levels you've gained.

Yesss, dear crafter, those ARE epic bugs. Really, this isn't looking good for Benosch, but as long as YOU are watching your jammer timer, you are ok. When the timer runs out, you will have a couple seconds extra to wait before the buff fully drops and you get the yellow message in chat saying "Insectoid Communication Jammer Deactivated!" At that point you can reapply the buff and be safe for another 10 minutes. (This also means this is a bad zone to afk in unless you first watch pathing carefully to be sure the spot is fully "safe". You don't want to be Benosched by a bug!)

Eventually, you will harvest enough that the M.A.G.I.C. will pop out another recipe (via a quest update popup), and the Advanced Lightning Tracker Mach I will autoscribe in your recipe book.

Create a few of the Advanced Lightning Tracker Mach I (0/3)

(This quest step is where the Insectoid Signal Jammer is no longer available from the quest helper -- which is why I suggested that you hotbar it before you entered the zone.)

You will need to craft 3 of the trackers, so you will need a total of 33 splitfin dartfish, 48 hornbeam spruce log, 36 humming azurite, 30 coruscating coal, and one summoned workbench. (AA ability, or a tinkered portable one). Aren't you glad I've been suggesting that you harvest?

Try to find a semi-flat area in the cave in which to summon the table so a wall or floor doesn't try to "eat" it. (Not perfectly flat, as there's no such thing in there, just relatively flat.)

Use the lightning tracker and locate Benosch

Keep your jammer buff up, and fire off one of the three trackers that you just made. Depending on how far you got into the cave system before you crafted the trackers, you may be led to interim update points (pieces of paper on the ground) before you find Benosch. If the trail dies out, you can then use another tracker to find the next evidence.

Your search will end at /way 1094, 53, 325, with a sad sight indeed. (See picture at the very top of the page.)

Grab Benosch's journal as it might be helpful

That's right, grab that glowing book. You'll be needing it!

Return to Nuniun

Finish off any more harvesting that you want to do inside then leave. (Run back to the entrance and zone out, being wary of aggro outside, or gate out, or fast travel to the Blinding)

Inform Nuniun of Benosch's fate, make him feel momentarily guilty enough that he offers to go recover the corpse, and then he's back to his old antics. You get ready to ask about the book, he starts thinking with his stomach again. Try to get him back on topic, and he'll blow you off, as in his mind a book is the same as a spell. Period. He's a thick-skulled fighter with a hollow leg. He'll suggest you go to "the city" and leave it at that.

Find someone who can tell you more about the book

Remember, this is someone known for giving wrong directions that told you to go off to "the city" (Sanctus Seru). Are you really going to follow his directions? Truly? No. You're going to head down that spiral ramp in the center of that spire platform and ask someone who looks like they haven't taken one too many shield bashes to the noggin.

Luminary Felferrin can be found in the cavern underneath the spire at /way 654, 305, -546 He is not the most friendly of sorts, but that seems par for the course so far, doesn't it?

You'll gain more tradeskill experience, and likely another tradeskill level or so, depending on your vitality at this point, and be given directions to Sanctus Seru.

This writeup will be continued in "A Very Fortunate Turn of Events".

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