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Piercing the Darkness: A Very Fortunate Turn of Events

This is the second part of the Blood of Luclin tradeskill signature line.

You will need to have completed all of Piercing the Darkness: The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket in order to obtain this quest.

Shopping List

(Resources that are harvested as a required quest step are not included in this list.)

  • 25 coruscating filament

Piercing the Darkness: A Very Fortunate Turn of Events Part I

Find and Enter Sanctus Seru

If you are still in the cavern below the spire from finishing the Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket quest chapter, your fastest way to get to Sanctus Seru is to head back up the ramp and take the "tamed shik'nar drone" at /way 590.88, 428.59, -579.50 to Recuso Tor. Then right click on the shik'nar once it deposits you there and select to travel to Seru's Ascent. From there, head to the entrance of Sanctus Seru at /way 715.50, 57.08, 699.47 and zone in.

Find and enter the Sanctus Seru Fabrication Hall

Turn left once you zone in and head to /way -182.46, 81.86, 286.53 and go up the stairs to stand on the little glowie platform.

It will teleport you up a level, and the Fabrication Hall door will be ahead and to your left at /way -181.17, 180.67, 95.52 Click on the door and enter.

Seek out Hulda Flintbraid who might be able to tell me something about the journal

Hulda is at the far end of the room at /way 148.55, -510.72, 4.24 Sort out a case of mistaken identity, then start to converse with her again, only to be interrupted by a message runner. Once she finishes talking to him, she pops up a question about the journal that she apparently saw you holding. Start to talk about it and she suddenly goes from worrying about who in the city she would trust to talk to about a seemingly magic book to worrying if she can trust YOU or not, since she just met you. So, she decides to verify that you are, indeed, a crafter.

Let Hulda know when you are ready to attempt the test

Hail her when you are ready for her "incredibly difficult" (and timed) test. She'll tell you that you need an 80% to complete the test. Since I am about to give you answers for that test, it is up to you to decide if you want to try the test first, and then refer to here if you have issues, or if you want to keep reading before you start the test. The sequence for the answers can change from time to time, person to person, so I'm going to have to give you full answers, not just an ABC sort of thing ...

Sit in the nearby chair and prepare yourself for the test

Remember to read carefully before clicking on things and if you run out of time, you'll have to get her to give you the test again.

Take and pass the test

You have 5 minutes, so click on "Begin Test"

  • Who is considered the gods of crafting or all things forged? Varig Ro
  • What kind of kindling is used to create a rockhopper omelet? Coruscating kindling
  • What is 2 + 2. 4 :P
  • What type of resources come from a coalesced stone cluster? Ore
  • What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen zelniak. Zelniaks cannot fly.

Select "End Test and Request Your Grade" ... (The "Close and End Test" option is the same as quitting/failing, so don't use that option, ok? :D)

Get Hulda's attention by raising your hand and see what grade you received

Hail Hulda, proceed through the dialog, and the quest will complete. Continue to chat with her, and she will offer you the next quest in the series.

Piercing the Darkness: A Very Fortunate Turn of Events Part II

Now that Hulda believes you are a crafter, she ask you for help. (Of course she does. Did you truly expect anything else?) She has a meeting in the city that she needs to send a representative to while she handles some other matter. Once you declare your willingness to help, she gives you information on where to go, and sends you out to harvest.

Harvest (blah blah blah)

Items must be harvested in the Blinding zone: 1 jumping creeper (rare root), 32 slow creeping roots (crawling root break node), 28 luclizite clusters (coalesced stone cluster node), 12 radiant algae (lunar berry bush node)

If you're still easily lost in Sanctus Seru, when you leave the Fabrication Hall, head ahead and to your left to the pretty portal at /way -237.49, 179.76, 79.54 When you materialize below, head to the zone exit at /way -405.45, 88.01, -0.17 and click on the moving rings. Select the Blinding and go forth and harvest!

Create the Sanctus Seru formal garb for the meeting

A pretty straightforward step. You'll need 25 coruscating filament, the items you harvested in the step before, and a sewing table.

(*reindeer not included))

Meet at the Arx Seru entrance within Sanctus Seru

This quest step is being changed between beta and live, so players will no longer have to shimmy into appearance gear under the watchful eyes of the guards. They were giving the players all sorts of creepy looks (and the quest wasn't updating if you equipped the appearance gear before getting to that spot). The Sanctus Seru Formal Garb will now be a regular chest armor slot item for the quest update. (Once the quest is complete, you will receive an appearance version of the garb to keep.)

Once you are in Sanctus Seru, take the teleporter that you used in part I to head up to the level that holds the Fabrication Hall, but instead of going ahead and to the left for the Fabrication Hall, go to its neighbor to the right instead. (/way -195.08, 183.22, 0.46) If you have done adventuring content unlock on your account, you may have multiple options on the door, so the one you want if given options is the one with "Piercing the Darkness" in the zone name.

Enter the meeting and sit down at the table; remember to put on the garb!

That door will not be clickable until you have the formal garb that you just made equipped. Once inside, find the chair with the quest book over it, and click on the chair to sit in it.

Listen to the chatter. It gets to be quite brain-pretzeling as Lord Triskian Seru keeps running off the rails on his apparently scripted speech and suddenly ending up falling off the end of the pier. (Yes, that is intentionally a bad analogy, to give you an idea how "off" the meeting conversation is.)

He makes you stay after the meeting, burbles more half-coherent stuff at you, then dismisses you. Nod and smile and get out of there before your brain leaks out your ears from confusion.

Return to Hulda

Remember to re-equip your chest armor once done with the meeting!

When you re-enter the Fabrication Hall, you find things quite the mess. There's debris and display cases and crafting equipment on fire.

Adding to the feeling of something very "off" in Sanctus Seru, Hulda's tale leaves you with yet more questions. She saw some of Lord Seru's luminaries destroying things. Others who witnessed the event, however, said that they saw galorians. Hulda suspects magic is to blame for the different accounts, and you suggest that it may be similar to what is going on with that book that you found next to Benosch's corpse.

You don't need to be prescient to know that you're about to see a lot more of that book ... you might even want to find hotbar space for it.

Check the journal while in the Fabrication Hall

Examine "Benosch Ironsprocket's Enchanted Field Guide to Luclin" and make a mental note to yourself that from here onwards in this line, if a quest step tells you to examine "the journal", "the spelled book" or "the tome" this is the book that they mean. Keep selecting "next page" until you get to the current end of the pages. The quest will complete, giving you more yummy tradeskill experience, and receive a popup for the next quest in the series.

Piercing the Darkness: A Very Fortunate Turn of Events Part III

Examine the book in various places in the Blinding (0/5)

Exit the Fabrication Hall, then choose the Blinding choice at the exit to Sanctus Seru. It does not matter what order you get the 5 updates in, only that you get all 5 different spots. You will get cyan text in your chat box notifying you when you are in a good spot to examine the spelled book - it will also tell you this in spots you already examined it, though, so keep track of where you've been.

Examine the book in each of these spots, and keep clicking "next page" until you get to the end of the book again. New partly-legible text should appear in the book for each different spot. (The location names are from the POI points on the default map.)

  1. right in front of the entrance to Sanctus Seru
  2. Recuso Tor
  3. Marus Plateaus - a goodly chunk of the plateau will be in-range for the update. An example location is /way 31.23, 55.76, 234.46)
  4. Teeming Caldera-ish - this one can be a bit fussy, as the update area seems to be an oddly shaped area just NE of the POI for the Dawdling Pools on the map. One spot that works is /way -17.19, 39.24, 139.14
  5. Grieg's Spire

If you're truly interested in learning more about Benosch's tale, you might want to make special note of the text snippet from Recuso Tor, as garbled as it is.

Return to Hulda and let her know what I've found

Back to the Fabrication Hall in Sanctus Seru you go! You will give her an update on what you found, and what you know about Benosch as well. Hulda thinks there is more to uncover in the book, and sends you back out to check the text in all those places you just were, because, well... magic. She also wants you to deliver a note to Daini the Wright in Recuso Tor when you are out there.

Travel back to the Blinding

You should know the drill by now, and if you can't remember where to find the nearest port pad and the exit to Seru, there's information in the above sections with locations. (You could also do something like fast travel to the Blinding and end up at Grieg's Spire, so you can grab that update first)

Consult the tome in previously located significant places, especially Recuso Tor, to see if the text changes again (0/5) -- Deliver the letter to Daini the Wright in Recuso Tor in the Blinding

Hit all 5 of the spots listed in bullet points up above. When you are in Recuso Tor, also enter the building that faces the zone mount spot and Daini the Wright is at /way -585.30, 38.39, 451.79 (Keep this lady in the back of your mind, as she is one of the three public researchers for the expansion, and once you progress further in the questline, she will have research quests for you.) Speak with her to deliver Hulda's letter to her.

Travel to the Aurelian Coast

The zoneline for the Aurelian Coast from the Blinding is very close to the Sanctus Seru zone. Head for /way 679.12, 40.87, 598.94 and travel down the trail until you zone. (Note for future reference that you can also access this zone while in Sanctus Seru, from the zone exit, so if you're ever in Sanctys Seru and need to go to the Aurelian Coast, you can go directly there, without having to zone out to the Blinding in between.)

Examine the journal while in the Aurelian Coast

Do so and ... are you out of TS vitality for a second time yet? :D

Accept your handy-dandy little appearance item, a "Hooked Gardening Tool" as you complete the quest.

You will also the journal page that starts the next "chapter" of the sigline, so click on that "Look closer..." option to say the incantation aloud. You should then receive the quest for "Piercing the Darkness: Gifts From the Great Beyond I". (<--link)

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