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GU37 - Living Room

As she entered the next room, Niami spied the source of this wonderful furniture largesse. "Domino-lass! I want tae thank ye frae th' chance tae see all this! Ye've outdone yuirself, lass!" Tilting her head thoughtfully, she continued on, "I was thinking aboot that chair an' bench in th' kitchen layout. I don't suppose there be more that match- ..."

Mum finally focused on the furniture surrounding Domino. "Och, lass. One step ahead o' me again, are ye? Bless yuir soul."

Back for repeat performances in our preview are the vale briarwood padded chair, and the muffin pan. In addition, please "meet":

  • vale briarwood loveseat
  • vale briarwood desk
  • vale briarwood chair
  • oval broadcloth rug

Yes! A matching green furniture set! But it's not quite done yet! That is a tale for another day, however.

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