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GU37 Furniture Preview

"Word reached me of your recent furniture-scrounging expedition, and I took the liberty of finding the plans for a few more furniture items on a recent trip to Rivervale. While they are not quite ready for production yet, I thought you might wish to see some floor samples before they are made available to the public. They can be found on display at ..."

"Wheeeeeeeeee!!!" That was all the warning given to passers-by in North Qeynos before a small redheaded halfling woman whizzed down the crowded street, waving a letter from Domino in her tiny hands. Expertly dodging and weaving, Mum even went so far as to run underneath one oversized warg that was being ridden by a passing ogre paladin, intent on the contents of the missive.

Somehow, she managed to avoid getting trampled as she ran as fast as short little legs could carry her, before skidding to a stop outside the doorway of a previously empty building in South Qeynos. Ignoring the "Closed to the Public" sign, she hammered on the door until there was a response.

The high elf that answered the door looked down his nose at the out-of-breath halfling in typical snot elf disdain. "Can't you read? We're cl-"

Niami stretched her arm up, waving the letter still clutched in a deathgrip. "Special invite from Domino, tallstuff, so let me in!" Grinning, Niami practically vibrated with excitement, making it hard for the elf to focus on the wildly-waving parchment.

"Oh. You must be Ms. DenMother. I was told to expect you." With one snobbish sniff, he opened the door just enough to let her in before slamming it closed again.

"Och!" That one word was all Niami was able to get out before she simply gawked, mouth agape, at the first room of the home-turned showroom. Her blue eyes wide, she turned in a slow circle, blinked, rubbed her eyes, and stared again.

"A few more furniture items. A few more?!? Och! If this be what she considers a few, then I love how this woman counts!" With that giddy observation, she leapt into motion, running from room to room like a miniature whirlwind, before stopping dead at the final room.

"TWO stoves?! GIMME!!!"

GU36 is barely out the door, and already, we have word of some of the wonderful things in store for GU37. EQ2 Traders Corner is pleased to announce an exclusive sneak-peek at the new furniture that will be added as new carpenter-crafted items with the release of GU37 (not yet on Test, at the time of this initial writing). Check back often for more images and details regarding over two dozen new furniture items that are in store for us "soon"

Still not enough of a preview for you? Calthine has put together a preview of other tradeskill goodness for GU37 over at 'Zam. Hop over and check it out!

July 9: Also note that we will likely lose a few recipes (several with duplicate graphics used in other recipes, one that just doesn't seem appropriate for the tier of rare that it is), however, this is more than made up for by the fact that we are gaining almost 30 new furniture recipes in this update.

The furniture recipes that she is considering for removal are:
  • Maple Gnome Chair
  • Gnome thinking chair
  • Gukta ironwood shelf
  • Ornate bedside table
  • Twisted oak table
  • Burlap painting
  • Elegant bone chair
  • Fir trophy box
  • Ruckas rug
  • Bone shelf
For further details, check out this post by Domino.

July 10: Word has it that the two bowls, and the crafted moonstone pools (including the two that carpenters can already make), will have a steam/bubbling effect to them, as well as a sound effect. Sadly, that is hard to catch in a screenshot, but we'll see what we can do once these are available on Test.

July 11: Domino to the rescue! She managed to get us shots of the steam effect on the bowls for the master image gallery, plus a shot of the bone xylophone. Other things to note: a) The vale briarwood bed is halfling-sized, the guest bed is "large enough to fit a House Ogre", for times when larger guests are over visiting, b) Due to an issue with the potted shrub, it will not make GU37, but will be released later.

July 11, part 2: Surfing the SOE forums has once again proven interesting and informative. Domino says that shrub nodes will have the chance to produce a rare root now and then with this update. Additionally, the ability to convert low-tier byproduct dusts into higher tier ones will be a quest for high-end alchemists that will not require high adventuring skills (though may entail some mob-dodging here and there!) Three cheers for Domino and her tradeskill apprentice ogre, Olihin!

July 20: These items are now on the Test server. I will be posting further details sometime this weekend, if all goes well. Meanwhile, I did note that the bar, which was conveniently halfling-sized, also comes in a large version for you biguns. Thanks, Domino!

Image at the top of the page courtesy of Keisha Triol of Permafrost

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