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While there was no level cap increase with the Shadow Odyssey expansion, there actually were quite a few recipes added with (or at the same time as) the expansion. Figuring out who can scribe which, and where to get them, can be confusing, so here is a run-down for you.

All Classes - Void Shard Armor and Jewelry

This requires a bit of background, so bear with me. Adventurers earn void shards from various TSO missions. These shards can then be used to make some really lovely set armor and jewelry pieces for every adventuring class ... and then those set pieces can be upgraded into greater (armor) or infused (jewelry) pieces.

All of the items in question can be found on five erudite vendors at the Dropship Landing in the Moors of Ykesha at 1678, 452, 897.

So where does the crafting come in? Crafters can make them more cheaply than the vendors. (So far, it is looking like a 1-shard savings for the base set pieces, a 2-shard savings on the greater/imbued pieces (other than chest and shoulders, which are a 3-shard savings - I don't yet have figures for the infused jewelry sets.)

There are 4 recipe books for crafting this gear (armor and accessories), all of which can be chest rewards from the three group crafting instances. Recipe books, shards and final products are all no trade, so you will need to use the crafting commission system to craft these for adventurers.

Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manual Volume 1 contains the armor sets, Volume 2 contains the jewelry, Volume 3 contains the imbued jewelry, and Volume 4 contains the greater shard armor sets. Recipe books are level 70 to scribe. Recipes themselves are level 79.

The sheer number of recipes means there are lots of chances for confusion here, so make sure the adventurer has checked the NPC merchants and gotten you the exact item name to prevent from painful mistakes. (Additional details, including set names can be found here.)

Class-Specific - Charged Recipe Scrolls

Each primary crafting class can purchase two recipes from the Far Seas Supply faction vendor in Marr. Recipes are 5 charges, and are used to make adventuring gear from a rare drop from TSO adventuring dungeons. In each case, the volume 1 recipe will use a single one of the rare, and the volume 2 recipe will use 3 or 4 of the rare in question. Recipes are level 79 and require 40,000 Far Seas Supply Division faction, a Far Seas token, and coin in order to purchase the books.

All Classes - Charged Tapestry Recipe Scroll

"Badly burned notes on tapestry weaving" (5 charges, containing one recipe for "flame tapestry") - It is obtained from Lavastorm: Deep Forge dungeon (adventuring instance) but it tradeable, scribeable by any level 60 artisan. Reports are that it is a book or page spawn in the "room with the mages in it." Recipe requires 6 hanging root, 3 adamantine, 3 horned leather, and 10 mythical filaments. Note that the recipe is for "flame tapestry" but the name of the item crafted is crimson fire tapestry.

All Classes - Faction Furniture

Grobb, Tupta and Firmroot Moot (Survival Accord) each have a faction vendor that sells a recipe book unique to that faction. These books contain regional furniture recipes that can be crafted by any level 65+ crafter. Books require 10,000 faction with the group in question.


  • Two new altars (Rodcet Nife, Anashti Sul) added to the recipe books for the common and imbued altars. In addition, Deity Historian vendors that sell the altar recipe books also sell a recipe book for decorative shrines that can be placed in guild halls.
  • Wantia furniture from a page collection in Mara
  • Tapestry of the Steam Lord automagically added to Advanced Carpenter Volume 79

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