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Frugal Artisan Guide to Island of Refuge

Much of this guide may be outdated due to the changes made with LU19 and the new character progression. We're leaving it in place for now, but be aware that things have changed now that new characters start in city-specific colonies instead of on the Isle

Tips and Tricks to Saving Money - by Kyyri

  • Gather everything in sight.
  • Don't sell ANY of it!
  • Use the lead clusters for your inert material on fossil tempers. You can use either kind to make a temper, but you need a tin cluster to make a tin bar.
  • If you aren't making anything from your forested wood, use that where possible to save on roots. I don't find furniture all that useful so far.
  • Use canine or rodent (beast of your choice here) saliva in place of vendor bought liquid for your tempers, washes, oils and resins. Creating these at level 12 still yields 2% TS experience, even as level 4 recipes, for a pristine. And you get multiples on these. Pristine is 4 vials, regular 3, shaped 2, crude 1.
  • Make as many as you can afford fuel and vendor supplies for. Sell off crude and shaped, save the rest.
  • Hunt the glade deer for sullied pelts, and make bags. The drops are easier to get here than it is for a while in Qeynos anyway.
  • Create tin buckles with some of your tin after you have weaponry covered. You need them to make bags.
  • Because of the noted usage on things like inks and such, save all of your washes, tempers, oils and resins. Can't stress this one enough. A stack of 20 takes up no more space than 1 does.

Example: For a leather backpack (4-6 slots, 0-5% weight reduction) you need:

  • rawhide plate + rawhide cord + tin buckle + filament
    • rawhide plate (interim) = leather rawhide + chloro oil + filament
    • rawhide cord (interim) = leather rawhide + chloro resin + filament
      • leather rawhide (refining) = sullied low quality pelt + cloro wash + filament
    • tin buckle (interim) = tin bar + fossil temper + coal
      • tin bar (refining) = tin cluster + fossil temper + coal

That's a total of:

  • 12 fuels - vendor bought only 6c ea, for a total of 72c
  • 2 dropped pelts
  • 7 foraged - three ore clusters (two can be lead, but you need at least one tin), four roots (resin and oil can be made with elm, but wash requires roots)
  • 5 liquids - vendor distilled waters at 6c ea

But this is enough crafting to take you from 4 to 5, or very nearly so, and you have a bag, to enhance your chances of gathering more for the next round. It will cost you about 1 silver, but a bag costs 90c, and will only have 4 slots and no WR (weight reduction). Get a pristine backpack and you have a 6 slot 5% WR bag. And you have all or most of another level.

The first item noted in the list of recipes at the apparatus (loom, forge, engraved table etc) will be the ultimate control of the final best possible quality. A pristine rawhide plate can yield a pristine leather backpack, but a rawhide plate cannot. It will only get you at best, a regular backpack. Save crafting time with secondary items being vendor bought. In the above example that's the tin buckle and the rawhide cord. A shaped rawhide plate will get you, at best, a shaped backpack. 4 slots, no WR.

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