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This is part of the Game Update 66 Crafting and Housing Preview which will be released April 30, 2013. It has been split out from the main preview article due to size.

First things first. Are you a level 95 crafter or a level 95 adventurer? If you are neither, then this article isn't about your apprentice and/or isn't about gear that you will be able to use yet. Feel free to use the link above to head back to the main preview. :D

Second - pretend for a moment that raid apprentices and heroic apprentices don't exist. Nothing is changing with them and nothing in the below applies to them.

Third - scrub your brain of everything you know about normal tradeskill apprentices when it comes to the level 95 stuff. Yes, there are similarities, but there are enough differences to make it easier to just go through the whole process.

Now that your brain is as squeaky-clean as it can get(should I be afraid of what you consider clean?), let's me do a brain dump (you should be very afraid of Mum trying to do a brain dump!) and see what is going on with regular tradeskill apprentices.

Crafters - What You Research

So, you're a level 95 crafter, and GU66 has hit. You ask your apprentice to tell you the status of his/her research, and you find that several new level 95 recipes can be researched. Every level 95 crafter, of every crafting class, will see the same new "Azure" recipe options - 4 charms, 4 rings, 7 forearms (to cover all the class/armor types). You'll also see an Insignias of the Deep research which contains 3 ring recipes that don't match the Azure stuff, so just mentally put that aside for a couple paragraphs.

Let me reword this to be sure it sinks in. Every level 95 crafter of every class, can research the same level 95 recipes from their normal tradeskill apprentice. Rather than view this as a bad thing, remember that if the above list had been given along the "traditional" research lines, a lot of classes would have been left out. So everyone gets 16 new things to research instead.

Each Azure research actually gives you two recipes in your book - the base Azure item, and then a Tempered Azure version. The base Azure item will use a rare primary (which you REALLY want to use a refined "purified" rare for), common T10 resources, and 20 azure reactant. Before you go into sticker shock about how many reactants you need, you want to read all of this section, as they're not the same as the reactants you are familiar with. :P

The Tempered Azure recipe then takes that base item as the primary ingredient (and carries over any refined stats), adds two of one Siren's Grotto (SG) drop, two of another SG drop, and one of another SG drop to turn the Mastercrafted Legendary item into a Mastercrafted Fabled item.The Insignias of the Deep research gives you three recipes for the price of one. Three lovely yummy fabled rings that snuck into beta on whisper-soft kitty feet. Someone told me that the ingredients to make it are from the group dungeon in SG, but it looks more raid-like to me. Since I haven't seen the drops for myself, I can't give you more details ... yet. This section will have to be updated after launch.

Crafters - Your Apprentice Daily

Again, this is for level 95 crafters. If you're not a level 95 crafter, then you're not going to experience the following yet.

When you hail your apprentice and ask if there is anything you can do to help them, they will give you a task. That much hasn't changed, but some of the rest has.

You will autoscribe the recipe that your apprentice gives you (as opposed to being given a scroll in inventory to scribe if needed). It will ask for T10 resources and T10 fuels, instead of the T9 stuff you've been doing since level 80. When you finish making the item and hand it in to your apprentice, you will then forget the recipe. This means that those of you who tend to ask about the apprentice item of the day, craft the item in your guildhall, then zone over to your home to talk to your apprentice, will have to change your routine a bit. (You can still pre-make more than one of the requested item, and store them until that same quest comes along again, as long as you do it while on the quest to make that item, but you're not going to be able to make the item when not on the quest from your apprentice.)

Instead of "just" getting a crafting potion, 20 common resources, a rare or a reactant, you get one of those plus one or more azure reactants, and one "a mysterious blue coin". Yep, the "reactant" is at least one every time (sometimes 2 or 3!), stackable, shareable, fits in your harvesting bag and in your depot, etc. The coin is heirloom and will drop into your currency tab.

The reactants are only used for the azure gear, and as mentioned above, you will need 20 reactants for each piece you make.

The coins are used for the GU66 Carpenter Furniture (10 for the recipes, 5 to buy the furniture item without the recipe. See the linked article for details on quest unlock requirements.) 100 of them can also be used to buy a single unit of the ingredients needed to make the Tempered Azure gear, if you have done the adventuring quest to unlock the resource purchase.

Adventurers - What You Need to Know

If you want to have a crafter make you a Tempered Azure item, first, of course, you will need to find someone who has researched the right recipe. You will then need to provide (or reimburse for)the rare primary, and 20 azure reactant, fuel, etc. I strongly recommend that you provide a "purified" version of the rare, so that you get a boost to the base stats of the item. (This gives the item the "refined" tag, and the refined boost is supposed to carry over to the tempered version.)

Once the base azure item has been created, you will then need it, and 5 drops from Siren's Grotto (different drops for different items), in order to get the Tempered Azure piece. If you don't have enough of the drops, and you have a lot of "a mysterious blue coin" from running the SG dungeons, and you have guild status burning a hole in your pocket, merchant Charsin Andolar in the Scarstone camp will sell you individual SG resources for for the low price of 100 mysterious blue coin and 50,000 status ... each. It may not be a method that everyone will like, but it at least gives you an alternative of some sort to consider if you simply cannot get your hands on one specific drop. (And gives an ongoing use for the coins!)

Once you have the Tempered Azure piece, THEN you can look around for an experimenter if you wish, for the final product.

If you're looking to have one of the three Insignias of the Deep made for your alt, then you're on your own as far as the ingredients go. As mentioned above, they may come from the group SG instances, or they may be raid drops. You will not be able to get a refined version of one of these three rings, but you will be able to have someone experiment on it before you attune it.

Yeah, after all this text, you need some eye-candy, right? Here is what the Insignias look like as of April 25. While it is still beta, and stats can still change, I hope you have your drool cloths ready! (The azure stuff isn't this yummy, but it is also easier to obtain the ingredients!)

What Did I Miss?

As usual when covering this many topics at once, I am prone to forgetting nigglies. Please feel free to post on my forums with any additional questions that you have, and I will do my best to not only answer you, but also will update this article accordingly.

May 10: The final page of the downloadable XLS file with the tradeskill apprentice recipes has been updated with a Level 95 tab to include the recipes added with GU66.

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