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Returning Adventurer's Guide to Tradeskill Must-Have's

by Niami DenMother

I recently realized that we had many players in our guild that are newly returned to the game after a long time away, and that a bewildering amount of "stuff" had changed since they left. After about the 6th repetition of information on hex dolls to various folks, I realized it was about time to scribble down something a bit more formal. Read the sections that are new since you left, ignore the rest. {grins}

Spells/Skills/Combat Arts

If you left before September 2005, you missed the big combat/spell upgrade. In some cases, a lot of your spellbook will look totally foreign to you, and you'll find yourself with a lot of spells/abilities still at app1 (apprentice 1). A handy hint is to call up your knowledge book (K), then use the sort options to sort by category, across. That will make it worlds easier to find the spells/skills you're most likely to use. Jot down the name of the highest in each category that is still at app1, and go a-hunting on the market for upgrades. If you can't find what you need on the market, then chase down a sage (for priests/mages), a jeweler (for scouts), or an alchemist (for fighters) to make them for you. You'll be glad you did when you see the increase in "oomph" with those spells!

Imbued Gear

(Note in all cases in the imbue section we are talking about player-made items. Looted gear cannot be imbued.) Weapons can now be imbued - wands with a triggered spell effect, and other melee weapons with a proc. Two pieces of armor can be imbued - the chest and legs of every player-made armor set. The chest piece will have a chance to proc a heal-over-time when you're hit, the legs will have a chance at a damage proc when you're hit. Imbued bows have a lovely proc on them, as do imbued shields. Rings can also be imbued with a slow-casting buff.

In each case, if you can't find what you want on the market, chase down a crafter that would make the base item and see if they can make the imbues. Depending on the crafting, they may ask you to go harvesting/shopping for the rare imbue part, but that will be something for you and the crafter to sort out. Note that the imbued items come very late in the tier, recipe-wise, so in order to get a level 30 imbued shield, you'll need to find a woodworker who is at least level 39.

Potions/Poisons/Totems Moved from Charm Slot

You'll find that potions, poisons and totems now have listed "optional slot: charm" when you examine them. Take my advice and remove them from the charm slots if you have them there, and drag them from inventory onto hotbar buttons. There are more important things to stuff in your two(!) charm slots than these items, and the above can now all be activated from inventory or hotbar.

Hex Dolls

Think you're too big and tough to be seen running around with a dollie, much less two? Think again. Hex dolls give you a lovely boost to a single stat, as long as they're equipped in a charm slot (rare ones give you more oomph than the nonrare.) Each different stat type of doll also comes with a slow-casting debuff that is great for long fights, and/or for debuff-pulling mobs. For more information on the dolls and their debuffs see Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hex Dolls. Once you've done some research, so you know which dollies to look for, hit the market and/or chase down your favorite tailor.

Food and Drink - More Oomph!

Food and drink slots have been added to your inventory screen, and you have to equip them there in order to eat/drink. Depending on your preferences and playstyle, you may want to right-click on those two inventory slots and turn off (or on) the autoconsume feature. If it's on, you'll automagically eat/drink what's equipped whenever hungry or thirsty ... even if you're selling in zombie mode from your inn room. If it's off, you'll have to right-click eat/drink when you're out and about hunting. You'll also find that foods now give a stat bonus, which will vary based on the food type. If you want more information on the importance of food and drink in the game, you can check out You Are What You Eat - A Guide to Food and Drink in EQ2

Ranged Slot Goodies?

If you're a class that cannot use a stat-bearing ranged weapon(priest, mage, crusader), you may have envied the bow classes that got an extra slot in which to place a stat item. Envy no more. You can now equip a secondary/ranged item, such as a jeweler-made tome or orb, in your ranged slot for extra stat goodness. It may take a bit of juggling with search in order for you to find items, but it is lovely to have some extra stats from what used to be a useless slot for many of us!

Quivers and Ammo Sacks

Does that durn ammo slot empty out too fast, and your ammo seem scattered about alllllll over the place in inventory? Fret no more! For the bow-users there are now tailor-made quivers, and for those who use thrown weapons, there are tailor-made sacks that can be dropped into your ammo slot and filled with your chosen ammo. These are treated a lot like back packs, in that they are not level limited. Instead, the number of slots that the quiver or sack has will vary based on the tier, quality and rare/nonrare status of the bag. Rummage the market and/or find your favorite tailor for more information.

Have Fun!

Hopefully this has covered the new empty slots that you see on your inventory sheet, and/or explained why you have some app I skills and spells floating around that you might not have seen before ... and reacquainted you with the benefit of knowing a tradeskiller or five. {grins} Now it's time to go, shop, equip and attune and have fun!


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