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Summer Jubilee 2023

The summer months are rushing at us and amidst our normal seasonal events we will also have the Summer Jubilee 2023. This event comes with a lot of explanation and details and I will attempt to cover as much of those details as possible in this article. (This article has been updated with additional information on the achievements, plus a link to a walkthrough video for the Triad of Elements.)


This celebration of summer runs from the start of Tinkerfest (June 5) and runs through the end of Oceansfull (August 23) with regards to the vendor offerings. The earning of the Silver Jubilation Medals, however, can only be earned while Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky or Oceansfull are actively running:

  • Tinkerfest — June 5, 2023 to June 21, 2023
  • Scorched Sky Celebration — June 29, 2023 to July 12, 2023
  • Oceansfull Festival — August 10, 2023 to August 23, 2023

Server Limitations

Special rules servers (Kael Drakkel, Varsoon and Zarrakon) will be able to earn currency during the event, but will not have all the same methods of earning that live servers will due to the lack of certain event content on those servers. More details will be below in the currency section.


There is a new currency to be earned (Silver Jubilation Medals) from the events this year, and the vendor offerings from last year have been updated in price accordingly, along with new items being added to the merchant. Those who still have Copper Jubilation Medals from last year can convert them to the new currency at the rate of 5 copper medals per 1 silver medal.

Additional medals can then be earned in the following ways:

EventServer Details
All Three Events
Triad of Elements instance final bossLive servers only
Random chance to gather coin from cogs in Qeynos, Freeport and SteamfontOnly on Varsoon and Zarrakon
"Forgotten Complications" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"Fiddledeegrak’s Great Invention" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"A Clockwork Snafu" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"We Can Rebuild" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"Foray Into Ulterior Mechanica" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"Friendly Competition" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"The Legend of the Geargobbler"NOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"If They Only Had a Brain" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"Tinker Bound History" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"Blood, Sweat, and Gears" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
Cogsteady Rhinoticus (level 120+ final dungeon boss)Live servers only
"Not Easy Being Green" (level 120+ daily dungeon mission)Live servers only
"Gearing the Competition" tradeskill questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
Guide Quest: "A Tinkerer's Clockwork Catalog"NOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
Guide Quest: "Tome of Tinkering"NOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"Hack 'n Slash Public QuestLive servers only
Scorched Sky
"Festive Fireworks" questAll servers
"Feats of Burning Devotion" questAll servers
"The Heat is On" questAll servers
"Combusting at the SeamsNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
Savretta Seyzon (level 120+ final dungeon boss)Live servers only
"Snuffing the Fabrician of Flames" level 120+ daily dungeon missionLive servers only
Clam Shell Game giftAll servers
"Shell or High Water" questAll Servers
"Oceansfull of Good Food" questLive servers only
"To Shell and Back" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"Beach Party Brawl" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
"Terrors Run Deep" questNOT Varsoon or Zarrakon
Esodeax the Entrenched level 120+ dungeon bossLive servers only
"Trawling the Terrors" level 120+ daily dungeon missionLive servers only

In addition to the above, there may be new content for Scorched Sky and Oceansfull this year that can earn the currency, but since those events are not yet on Test, details are not available at this time.

Phew! I bet by now you want to know what you can spend all that currency on once you earn it, right? You probably also want to know about that "Triad of Elements" instance mentioned up there, too! There's also a bit to be explained about the new event slot! I will get to it all, really! (Oh, my aching hands!)

New Vendor Offerings

In addition to items returning from last year, the jubilation merchant in every home city is carrying a bunch of new items. (Ask a guard within your city to point you to "Jubilation" if you are having a hard time finding them.) These items will cost Silver Jubilation Medals.

A Stroll Amongst Fear
4 medals
Clutter of Book Piles
1 medal
Disheveled Books
1 medal
Erudin Scholar's Dais
10 medals
Fear Mist Frame
10 medals
Golden Sand Brick Blocks
(set, recipe book) 50 medals
Parade Roan Stallion
(appearance ground mount) 20 medals
Pastel Marble Column
4 medals
Pastel Marble Fire Pit
4 medals
Raj'Dur Vulture Plushie
4 medals
Scarlet Desert Zelniak Calf (housepet)
4 medals
Spires of Mystery
4 medals
Stonejaw On the Hills
4 medals
Tawny Slobberer Fluff Pet
50 medals
Void Ember Flying Carpet
50 medals
Wantia Alabaster Jug
1 medal
Wantia Glazed Vase
1 medal
Projection of Luclin Shard
10 medals
Marble Griffin Fountain
10 medals
Sunglow Jubilation Outfit, Hat, Cloak
10 medals each

Note: The "Projection of Luclin Shard" cannot be properly previewed and cannot be resized, due to the special graphical effect on it.

New Instance

There will be a new "Triad of Elements" instance for all adventuring levels (yes, even level 1, but why on earth would you want to level lock like that?) on live servers. This instance can be found in the Moors of Ykesha, near the wizard portal, only when Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky or Oceansfull is running. This instance can be completed and reset once every hour and a half. If you are a level 125 with only crate gear, you might find it a bit of a struggle the first time through, but you will get some nice gear upgrades within! The final boss of the instance will also drop Silver Jubilation Medals.

You will need 10 runs of this instance on a single character to unlock the "A Jubilee for You and Me" achievement that grants you plumes for the new event slot.

I put together a walk-through video of the Triad of Elements instance for those who might want a bit of a helping hand with the mechanics. (Yes, that means that contains spoilers!)

A collection was added to the Triad of Elements instance after the start of the event that grants a prefix title (The Reveler)*, a petamorph wand, and a house item. NOTE: If you completed the Shindig Up Some Parts collection before June 28, 2023, you must enter Triad of Elements [Solo] once to be rewarded the Reveler prefix title.

Meldrathian Power Conduit

New Event Slot - Plumes!

The new event slot holds plumes that can be earned during various events, and the slot will appear on your character sheet right above your ammunition slot. Those who use a custom UI for their character sheet will need to seek out an update for that UI element.

Effects on the plumes scale based on your level AND based on the number of characters in the group or raid that are wearing a plume. This effect can up to double the bonus from the plume.

The achievement above will also unlock the ability to purchase a recipe book that will appear on the Jubilation merchants to craft a slightly weaker version of the plumes. TLE servers will also be able to buy plumes/recipes from the Jubilation merchant via the silver jubilation medals that they will be able to obtain during the event.

There will be a second achievement for some vendor-unlockable plumes with even better stats for those who complete the Triad of Elements instance 20 times.

"A Jubilee for You and Me" Achievement Plumes at Level 125

The above are the plumes earned for the first achievement for 10 runs of the Triad of Elements on a single character when viewed by a level 125. The crafted plumes will have slightly lesser stats, and the "Jubilee Spectacularly" achievement for completing 20 runs of the Triad of Elements on a single character will unlock a slighly better version of them. TLE servers will NOT have access to the crit plumes, but they will have at least basic plume access on the vendor.

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