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Scorched Sky 2023

Welcome to the sixth year for this summer event and the second year that the Summer Jubilee is running at the same time as the event./p>

This event will run on the live servers* from June 29, 2023 at 12:01 AM PT until July 13, 2023 at 11:59 PM PT on the live servers. (*Varsoon and Zarrakon will have the entire event with the exception of Combusting at the Seams, "Doomfire: Ro's Sweatshop", and Ro Resident Relics due to expansion availability. The entire event will be available on Kael Drakkel.)

Event Recap

This event involves nine zones. There is a returning collection that requires shinies from at least three zones. (Each zone has 3 purple shinies that can spawn near the celebration NPCs.) You can also visit any of the 9 locations to find scaling fire elemental mob types that will become active and aggro at your level as you walk close to them. These mobs will drop tradeable Coin of Ember that can be used to shop at the merchants located in each of the 9 celebration locations. You can be grouped while killing these elemental mobs, and all group members will receive coin(s) from the mob chest. (Non-members get 1 coin, members get double currency, so get 2 coins.)

Collection and Celebration Locations

There are nine overland zones in which you will find celebrators, event merchants, and mobs to kill for event coins.

Polished Lapis Lava, Cut Magmatic Crystal, Cracked Blazestone

  • Darklight Woods near Smoldering Lake and Sableflame Crater (/way 34, -48, -8)
  • Sinking Sands near druid ring and beach to south (/way -1460, 229, -9)
  • Tranquil Sea, South Dshinn near Lobha Peaks (/way -1413, 121, -539)

Cut Lawflow Marble, Pyre Pearl, Chipped Flame Ruby

  • Pillars of Flame, north of Giant's Field carpet, NPCs in cave at shore-level near Siyamak (/way 1385, -230, -837)
  • Commonlands near Dog Trapper Lake (/way 11, -13, -750)
  • Great Divide - SW of Scar Bridge (/way -343, -347, 658)

Molten-heart Diamond, Cut Cinder Agate, Black Scorch Stone

  • Lavastorm near Dragon's Breath Tunnel mount station (/way -102, 17, 67)
  • Butcherblock Mountains near the griffon station above the docks
  • Antonica in Windstalker Village for the NPCs, mobs and shinies in areas surrounding Windstalker

New This Year

  • New drop quest
  • Adjusted adventure quest/dungeon
  • New collection in dungeon
  • Merchant separation with 16 new buyables
  • Silver Jubilation medals

New Drop Quest: Brimfire and Flame

A quest starter will drop from loot from the event fire elementals. Like several of the recent live events, the quest updates will also drop from the same source once you examine the quest starter and accept the quest. At completion of the quest, you will be sent to one of several random locations to hand in the quest and receive your reward. (3 Silver Jubilation medals and your choice of either 5 Coins of Ember or the house item "Suppressing Rain Cinders" which is a special effect house item that cannot be resized.)

Adjusted Quest/Instance - Combusting at the Seams

The quest has been adjusted this year to be available for players of all levels (instead of just the level 120+ crowd.) This goes along with a level scaling version of the below-mentioned Doomfire dungeon for level 1-119 to go along with the level 120+ version. The quest is obtained from Chandrima near the Highland Outpost griffon tower in the Butcherblock Mountains. It also unlocks the portal to Doomfire: Ro's Sweatshop, which can be found next to the wizard spires in the Moors of Ykesha.

New Collection

Doomfire: Ro's Sweatshop now includes a second collection quest "Ro Resident Relics." Reward for completion of this quest is a "Petamorph Wand: Sizzlespit Mystifier"

New Buyables

Each of the nine celebration locations listed above has an Ember Merchant that sells items for "Coin of Ember". This year, the normal Ember Merchant sells only the new items, and an Ember Merchant Assistant will sell all the returning buyables.

Arcane Embers Mound
2 coins
Arcane Embers Mound
2 coins
Burning Arcane Embers Mound
2 coins
Burning Embers Mound
2 coins
Cinder Spire (housepet)
3 coins
Doomfire Crate
2 coins
Embers Mound
2 coins
Golden Offering Bowl
2 coins
Great Grobb Fire Pot
2 coins
Magma Weevil Plushie
4 coins
Ortallian Tent
2 coins
Petamorph Wand: Inferno Ent
3 coins
Sableflame Crate
2 coins
Sizzlespit Goblin Grunt Plushie
4 coins
Firestarter Stave, Garnet Gavel
4 coins each

Notes: Golden Offering Bowl does not preview well. When placed, it has a more proper golden metallic tone to it, instead of the more dull sheen in the preview.

Quest Tracker?

Once again, Casdoe of Maj'Dul has updated her quest tracker for the new content. There is an XLS version and PDF version. As always, thanks!

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