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EoF Recipes and You

One of the first things that any crafter is likely to ask when faced with a new expansion is "Where can I find the new recipes?" Here's a summary of special recipes that were added with the EoF expansion, and where to find them:

(For those items listed as being sold only in the EoF expansion zones, hop on a boat at the end of the Nektulos Forest docks or the Thundering Steppes docks, and head over to Butcherblock Mountains (BBM) for the start of your shopping and exploration sprees.)

  • Cloaks - Look for "Traveler's Guide of the Tailor Volume ____", on vendors in Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin and Neriak for your common cloak recipes. (Vendor on the Qeynos side is Nelis Greenpocket right outside the docks area of Qeynos Harbor, on the Freeport side is Livia Caepio in East Freeport, the Kelethin vendor is "near the library" and the Neriak vendor is Glinda B'Vaate, in Cristanos Plaza. Have the guards find "tailor" if you have problems tracking them down.) Rare cloak recipes will be in the "Enigma of the Tailor" adornment books (Volume 3 through Volume 7), which are mob-dropped off humanoid-type mobs. (Corpse loot, NOT chest drops.)
  • Altars - The books are on special Diety Historian NPCs at the BBM docks and in front of the Kelethin Library. These NPCs can explain about each of the different dieties, sell you altars, and sell the two No Trade altar recipe books for carpenters. (Level 35 for the book of common altars, level 65 for the book of rare altars.)
  • Tinkering blueprints - NPCs to certify a level 10 or higher crafter/adventurer in the secondary profession of tinkering can be found in a little tent on the Butcherblock Mountain (BBM) docks, an NPC in the Gnomeland Security area of Steamfont, and in Kelethin. (If you find "Whittier" in Kelethin, the NPCs are on the same platform as him.) Standing beside these trainers will be a vendor selling tinkering blueprints. (Note that the Kelethin tinkering vendor only sells the Apprentice Blueprints, which stop at 110 skill; the vendor at the docks in BBM sells only up through the Dabbler's Blueprints (210 skill); the vendor in Steamfont sells all the vendored blueprints, including the higher-end recipes.) At the higher levels, there will also be chest-dropped blueprints for rarer items as well as for some tinkered adornments. Make sure when you buy your first blueprints that you also buy your tinkering reaction arts from the vendor and scribe them!
  • Transmuting recipes - the only recipes that transmuters receive are adornment recipes, as much of what they will be doing is actually breaking down items into components via the transmute skill (autogranted into your knowledge book when you become a transmuter). Common transmuter adornment recipes and the reaction arts that you will need to use when crafting them, will be on the transmuting vendors located at the BBM docks and in Kelethin. Books will be labeled "Enigma of Transmuting Volume ____" Fabled and Legendary (rare) transmuter recipes are corpse drops on humanoid-type mobs of the proper tier and will be labeled "Enigma of Transmuting Advanced Volume ___"
  • Adornment recipes - Every tradeskill class gets adornment recipes. All of them. Not all of them will be instantly available, however. The common transmuter recipes, as mentioned above, are for sale in BBM and Kelethin. Tinkering adornment recipes can be found on Gnort Fizzlebottom, who is located in Gnomeland Security Headquarters in Steamfont. All other adornment recipes a mob body drops (not chest drops, body drops) on humanoid-type mobs of the appropriate tier. Keep an eye out for "Enigma of the (insert your tradeskill class here) Volume ____" books. Make sure to check those corpses!

A Bit More on the "Humanoid-Type Mobs"

By humanoid-type mobs, we mean things like NPCs, skeletons, orcs, gnolls, goblins, giants, kobolds, bugbears, and other critters that are smart enough to "talk". In tier 2 and onward, these will be the same types of mobs that are able to drop the plant food parts and guild status items.

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