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The (Nitty Gritty) Little Things

Here's a light on the fluff, heavy on the details look at some of the upcoming GU36 tradeskill changes:

Colored Loams

This change is only for harvested loams, not dust, not pre-LU24 byproduct crafted loams. Rare loams are listed in parens.
  • T1, leaded (solidified) - white
  • T2, salty (alkaline) - yellow
  • T3, pliant (malleable) - green
  • T4, supple (ductile) - blue
  • T5, bonded (fused) - purple
  • T6, soluble (alkalai) - red
  • T7, porous (spongy) - orange


New recipes automagically added to the proper books. All lights below are "decorative", and do not provide house lighting. Status rent reduction for these items are the same as for other items in their tier. Images and recipes can be found here.
  • Level 18, rare - Smoldering Bone Torch
  • Level 40 - teak mirror
  • Level 40 - teak wine rack
  • Level 51 - desert poppies
  • Level 52 - small indium candelabra
  • Level 52 - small sandworn pillar
  • Level 53 - large indium candelabra
  • Level 53 - large sandworn pillar
  • Level 56 - sandalwood octagonal chandelier
  • Level 56 - indium candlestick
  • Level 65, rare - xegonite knight's sconce
  • Level 69 - stained tapestry of valor

Crafted Ammo

Ammo is getting changes across the board. Here's some very basic information on just the crafted ammo changes. (Changes impact vendor-sold and summoned ammo as well.)

Thrown Items

  • throwing hammer - increased damage (crushing), decreased range, decreased hit bonus
  • throwing axe - base damage (slashing)
  • throwing dagger - lowered damage (piercing), increased hit bonus
As a real example, tier 3 would look like this:
  • carbonite throwing hammer: +40 crushing damage, -5 meters range, -10% hit bonus
  • carbonite throwing axe: +30 slashing damage
  • carbonite throwing dagger: +24 piercing, +10% hit bonus


  • broadhead arrow - increased damage (slashing), decreased range, decreased hit bonus
  • bodkin arrow - base(?) damage (piercing), increased hit bonus
  • field point arrow - lowered damage, increased range, increased hit bonus
Again, a real example, using tier 3 crafted arrowsL
  • carbonite broadhead arrow: +52 slashing damage, -5 meter range, -10% hit bonus
  • carbonite bodkin arrow: +34 piercing, +10% hit bonus
  • carbonite field point arrow: +20 crushing, +5 meter range, +30% hit bonus

Food, Glorious Food

Starting in tier 3, three new recipes have been automagically added to provisioner's recipe books, using the tier-appropriate fruit (i.e., fayberry, wild apple, etc.) and tier-appropriate kindling. Cocoa is back on the tradeskill vendors for 18c, sugar is available once again for 6c:
  • chocolate covered (fruitname), level 20, 30, etc: fruit, 2 cocoa, 1 sugar, 1 fuel
  • (fruitname) cheesecake, level 21, 31, etc.: fruit, cream cheese, sugar, 2 fuel
  • (fruitname) fudge, level 22, 32, etc.: fruit, 2 cocoa, 1 sugar, 2 milk, 3 fuel
Hungry for more "fluff" about GU36? Be sure to check out The (Not So) Little Things if you haven't already!

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