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GU38 - Death by Chocolate!

It seems that my original GU38 preview didn't quite cover everything. (One item had been missed due to not being in the Test patch notes, and the other needed me to find the time to get back over to Test to run through the quest.) So, here is part two of the GU38 preview.

Journeyman Service

Grandmasters in/near every crafting society (Ironforge, Coalition of Tradesfolke, etc) need a bit of assistance in filling a large number of orders. (I did not find the Kelethin GM when I looked, though I have been assured he's around there somewhere.) They will only ask it of crafters that have reached a certain level of skill, however. (Level 20+ in your crafting profession.)

What they need is relatively painless. Go harvest 50 items, sort of, from a specific T3 zone, bring them back, then craft three tier 3 items for them (6 if you're a provisioner, making items by twos.)

Why "sort of"? The 50 items are virtual updates, and you receive one update per successful harvest. This means that if you harvest a single belladonna, you get one update. If you reach down and pull up five belladona at once, or the cherished 10 belladona plus one dandelion, you still are credited for one, with regards to the quest. This is a pretty standard practice for quests requiring harvesting, but it still seems to confuse some folks, so best to get that cleared up right away.

Upon completion of the quest, you are offered your choice one of any of your class's level 20-29 advanced recipe books.

I can almost hear some folks exclaiming at this point "But what about the provisioners, who don't get rare recipes?" Fret not. I give you ...

Provisioner Rares?

This quest introduces the first provisioner rare recipe book, Provisioner Mastery volume 1. While the book is only available to folks who complete the quest (not dropped or sold), any level 20+ provisioner can do the quest and get themselves the book. If your harvesting skills do not allow you to harvest tier 3 resources (skill 90) at level 20+, this is your forewarning that you might want to work on skilling up a little before GU38 goes live in the middle of this month.

Just what is so special about this book? It carries recipes for three fun items. Not food or drink that will impact current balance as far as regen rates per tier and such, but fun stuff.

The timing is perfect. Bristlebane is finally making his presence publicly known (though with that trickster, who knows how long he's been lurking in the shadows, giggling like a schoolgirl?), and a bit of good-natured prankery is the perfect way to celebrate.

And what a way to celebrate! I introduce to you:

You Jester, You!

This item, which yields two on pristine-grade, is right up Bristlebane's alley. Chug it, and you will illusion into an opposite aligned-race (such as Qeynos-resident Mum suddenly turning into a troll!) ... or you may end up as a goblin for a bit. You never know!

A word of warning, so you don't have folks wasting charges. You need to set yourself to display illusions, and drop any illusion-granting spells, such as mystic bearform. Once you have the jester buff in place and the illusion visible, you can then re-add in your stat-granting illusions, without losing the jester-granted illusion.

Death By Chocolate!

Share the chocolate-love, by throwing it! Not all cooking experiments go as planned, and some things are just not as edible as one had hoped. Pristine-grade on this recipe yields 10 throwable cakes. --SPLAT-- (As mentioned below, the no-trade tag will be removed from these.)

Hair of the Dog

Do you know a dwarf or barbarian that gets falling-down drunk? Or, at least, they would fall down drunk, if the game allowed it. Give them a bit of the Hair of the Dog and watch them sprawl to the floor in an unkempt heap. This is not a feign death that sheds aggro, but simply a chance to go --THUD-- as you hit the ground and lie there like a lump for up to 5 minutes. (The effect can be clicked off if you want to stand up before the duration runs out, but /stand will not work.)

The Nitty Gritty

The book contains 3 recipes. Two of the recipes are level 25, and will require sparkling material as one of the ingredients. One of them will also require steppes mountain bean, and the rest of the ingredients for both are vendor sold kindling, liquid and suchlick. The third recipe, for the hair of the dog, is level 35 and will require glimmering material, a couple everfrost ice beans and more basic vendor stuffs. While the death by chocolate shows as being no-trade, this will be fixed to be tradeable before GU38 goes live.

Volume 1? What About Other Volumes?

Currently, only volume 1 exists. There's plenty of room to add more quests, and more books, as time goes on, and the plan is to do so as time permits. With the time-crunch starting to really hit for the beta of the expansion, it will take time, but it is on the radar.

Bloodlines Spell Upgrades

Part of the Bloodlines adventure pack (AP) included access to level 35 recipes for some special level 35 spells/combat arts. The recipes, for spells such as Swarm of Bats, are available only at the appropriate camp in Nektulos Forest to properly-flagged players. (The books, all of which have K'Lorn in the name, are tradeable, however.) Unlike most normal spells, these apprentice/adept spells were "one-shot" spells - ones that never were replaced with higher-level versions - until now.

It seems that the scholars in Maj'Dul have unearthed Ancient Teachings that allow them to craft level 53 versions of the old K'Lorn recipes, and are making them available for sale in the various Maj'Dul Courts (Coin, Blades, Truth), for those who have the proper faction. As with all of the advanced recipe books that are sold in the Courts, these are no-trade version of the recipes. Before anyone flies off the handle about where/how these are available, I simply do not have additional information at this time about how the tradeable versions will be made available. They may be sold somewhere, they may only be chest drops. I do not know, at this time, and this is still in the Test phase, where changes can/do happen with regularity. Patience, grasshoppers. {grin}

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