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RoK Crafted Armor Fashions

These will be integrated with the proper fashion gallery sections sometime after the launch of RoK on the 13th. In the meantime, however, here is a sneak peek at what your friendly neighborhood outfitters will soon be able to make for level 70+ gear

Beta being what it is, there are frequent changes, and in our rush to get you eye-candy, it seems we got images before some of the changes went in. The chain "Reverent" sets" changed since the guide was put up, as well as the plate Devout and Righteous sets. New images have been provided below. In addition, the cloth sets were originally "mage only" but are being changed to be wearable by all classes, so the fashion-conscious can play with these new looks at will.

Chain Armor

Ferrite Chain (Common)
Ferrite Brigandine (Common)
Ferrite Melodic (Common)
Ferrite Reverent (Common)
Incarnadine Chain (Rare)
Incarnadine Brigandine (Rare)
Incarnadine Melodic (Rare)
Incarnadine Reverent (Rare)

Cloth Armor

Damask (Common)
Tranquil Damask (Common)
Swiftcloth (Rare)
Tranquil Swiftcloth (Rare)

Leather Armor

Bristled (Common)
Dexterous Bristled(Common)
Woven Bristled(Common)
Brace yourselves ...
Next up is something totally new
on the tailoring front!
Bristled Gi(Common)
Dexterous Bristled Gi(Common)
Hidebound (Rare)
Dexterous Hidebound (Rare)
Woven Hidebound (Rare)
Yes, you really DID see crafted Gi's above

Want to see more of them?
Sure you do!
Hidebound Gi(Rare)
Dexterous Hidebound Gi(Rare)

Plate Armor

Ferrite Plate (Common)
Ferrite Vanguard (Common)
Ferrite Devout (Common)
Ferrite Righteous (Common)
Incarnadine Plate (Rare)
Incarnadine Vanguard (Rare)
Incarnadine Devout (Rare)
Incarnadine Righteous (Rare)

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