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RoK Crafting Changes and You

While at the heart of it, it is still the same old crafting system, there are changes to be aware of when you craft after the release of RoK. These changes are to the interface, reaction arts, and to recipe quality levels.

The Interface

It doesn't look that different, does it? However, those of you who use a custom crafting UI will want to see if it has been updated for RoK. If it has not, be ready to disable it if you find yourself having crash issues while crafting. (This is always a good idea when there are changes to any portion of the UI for which you use a custom UI, of course!)

Take a close look at what is going on at the bottom of this interface, and you will find more than one change. At the far bottom left, you'll see a book icon, that you can click to return to the recipes listing. At the far bottom right, there will be a stop sign icon when you are mid-crafting and need to stop the crafting process, and it is replaced with a green circle made of arrows, to repeat the item you just made, when you are finished creating the item.

In between these two graphical changes is where the real difference lies, though. Reaction arts ready and waiting for you right there on the interface. No longer do you have to set up hotbars for them (or mouseclick out of the knowledge book), no longer do you have to remember to replace them with newer versions as you level through the tiers (I'll cover that in more detail in the next section), no more will confused new crafters who don't know any better totally miss, for many levels, that they even have these reaction arts available to them.

There are a few things to note, however.

As mentioned above, custom crafting UIs may or may not work right away. If you use a custom UI, check for a new version that has been updated for RoK, or load the default UI before crafting. If you're not even sure what a custom UI is, chances are you aren't using one (unless you have an overly helpful significant other who loads such things onto your computer for you!)

When you start crafting an item, the six appropriate reaction arts will be contained at the bottom of the UI, labeled 1-6, and you activate them by hitting the corresponding number keys (or pressing them with a mouseclick, if that is your preference.) You can change the order of the reactions to match your normally preferred sequence, but they have to stay in the 1-6 number sequence.

If you prefer to use a different numbering sequence, you can use the hotbars, but this is where things start getting tricky. Read carefully, and post questions in the forums as need be. :)

If you want to use your hotbars for the reaction arts, instead of the arts on the new interface you MUST redo the reaction arts that are on the hotbar. All reaction arts were totally revamped and replaced with a single set of three progress and a single set of three durability reaction arts (again, more on this below). The ones on your hot bars are not going to match these new ones, so mashing them when an event happens won't do you any good. Redo the hotbars from your Knowledge book (K) and you're good to go. Mostly ...

When you start the crafting process, something they call the "focus" is on the crafting UI. This means that the UI is active, and if you hit the numbers 1 through 6, it will activate the corresponding reaction art that is displayed at the time. If, however, you click anywhere on the screen other than the UI, while you are in the middle of crafting, you lose the "focus", and suddenly hitting those same number keys will be trying to activate things on your hotbar. This includes things like typing in guild chat, opening a bag, etc. This is not the end of the world, and is something you'd intentionally do (clicking somewhere else on the screen with your mouse) so you can use your hotbar setup. It can, however, cause you to miss reacting to events if you're not paying attention, noodling away on autopilot. Clicking once again anywhere on the UI will bring the focus back onto the UI, but I expect this to be a common confusion/question for the first few days from people who haven't read up on the change


Personally, since I tend to be doing 50 zillion things at once while crafting, including answering guild chat and the like, I will be keeping a hotbar of the reaction arts for my primary tradeskill, and have it exactly match the sequence that I have set up in the UI. That way, if the UI loses focus, and I key-mash on autopilot, I still am hitting the right reaction arts. Different people approach this differently, but this is what has worked for me so far!

For things like artisan-level combines and such, however, it will be so much easier to use the arts that are on the UI, instead of digging around looking for the right reactions in the knowledge book.

Reaction Arts

So, what, exactly, are these reaction art changes, you ask? They're sanity-savers, for many of us. Until the release of RoK, you had a +progress set of reaction arts in tier 1. This meant that if your durability started to drop, you had to pray that the gods of random chance were kind to you. In tier 2, you finally received durability buffs, but only for your class. Any of your old tier 1 recipes that you wanted to work on that weren't in your class (such as a craftsman trying to make armor) were still hampered by having just the +progress arts to work with. In tier 3, you received a new +progress set for your profession, a +durability set in tier 4, and so on. It was easy to forget (or to not know in the first place) that you needed to replace old arts with new ones as you leveled from tier to tier.

There were also a lot of inconsistencies in the arts from class to class and from tier to tier. This meant that not only some classes had an easier time due to more favorable reaction arts in certain tiers, and/or some folks would spend quite a bit of time sorting through several tiers of reaction arts to see if a lower-level version gave them better results than a higher level version, and so on. Bleah. As someone with an alt-army that covered every tradeskill, this was not fun.

Please welcome the new reaction art system with a resounding huzzah! Right from the start, as newbie artisan you get a set of progress and a set of durability reaction arts from the very beginning, for every single crafting technique. None of this not being able to use durability arts until you're level 10 and pulling out your hair because you are fighting to finish something to pristine. Even better, as you level, the class-appropriate reaction arts level with you. No more hitting a new crafting tier and having to find and hotbar your new reaction arts. If you're a provisioner, your artistry reactions will automagically upgrade as needed. If you're a carpenter, your sculpting, and so on. This way, you always have your "best" reaction arts on hand.

This makes some changes for how you handle tinkering and transmuting reaction arts, as well. Instead of 2 progress and 2 durability reaction arts, you will have 3 of each. You must buy your 6 new reaction arts for tinkering or transmuting if you are planning on crafting anything with either of those secondary skills.

All of this should make it easier for you to obtain pristine-grade items when you craft. Which is a good thing, since that is the only thing you are going to be able to produce from here on out.

The Pristine-Only Change

This change has been talked about for many months, both on the SOE forums as well as posted notices on this site. Some of the details may have been tweaked a little, but the bottom line is that things like the crude, shaped and "normal" versions of an item that had four quality levels before, can no longer be made. Their recipes will only create an item at pristine-grade now. Things like apprentice spells only produce an Apprentice IV, and so on. What does that really mean for you?
  • Potions, poisons, totems, ammo recipes and tinkered items stay the same
  • Common cloaks and dress clothes must now complete the pristine progress bar (instead of crude) in order to receive the item. If you only finish to one of the first three quality levels, you receive back your fuel. You might also get a bit of a resource back at the third quality level, as well as the fuel.
  • Foods and drinks will return fuel on completion of the first two quality levels, a single unit of food/drink on completion of the third quality level, and two food or drink upon completion of the fourth quality level
  • Imbues return the non-imbued version of the item upon completion of the first three quality levels. The fourth quality level returns the pristine imbued item
  • Apprentice spells and combat arts have the first three quality levels return fuel. The fourth quality level returns the apprentice IV
  • Adepts return the rare on the first three quality levels. An Adept III and two of the appropriate dusts are created on completion of the fourth quality bar.
  • All other recipes for common (handcrafted) items will return the fuel on the first two quality levels, and fuel and possibly some resources on the third quality level (Our database does not yet have an information for this extra byproduct for quality level 3, and we will be relying on player submissions of such data).
  • All other rare (mastercrafted) recipes as well as all adornments, will return the primary ingredient (rare) for the first three quality levels of completion. They will return the appropriate (pristine, where applicable) item on completion of the fourth quality level
It should be noted that pre-RoK "pristine" items have kept the pristine label, at least for now. Some of the new RoK crafted items also have the "pristine" tag in their name, while others do not.

A Quick Note About Our Database

We're still working the last kinks out of the conversion of the recipes in the database for this new format (and the removal of all the crude, shaped, etc. items that we can no longer craft), but, for the most part, we're done. Zendaken did a phenomenal job with it all, especially considering that there are a lot of odd nigglies here and there that made massive global changes troublesome, if not impossible. Expect to see the database start filling up quickly with more recipes in this new format!

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