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Storybook: Ironforge Antics

"I swear, my memory is about th' consistency o' tapioca these days!" Niami stomped out of her South Qeynos home, muttering and mumbling. She had forgotten to stock up on a couple crucial ingredients before going on a baking binge, and she needed to run to the Ironforge Exchange to restock. She breezed past the Bag 'n' Barrel shop, not really noticing that the sign now read "Bag, Barrel 'n' Bank". So intent was she on her errand, that it wasn't until the guards waved her through the gates leading to North Qeynos that a snippet of conversation about "new bells" really sank in. "Ach, I must hae' misheard them. Progress ne'er comes tae Qeynos. Always nice an' predict..."

Another snippet of chatter caught her ear. "Did you hear the news? The Qeynos Canal system now has access points in North and South Qeynos! I heard Freeport also expanded their service, too!"

New Qeynos and Freeport bell destinations

Well, either Bristlebane day was a month early this year (she'd not put it past him!), or interesting things were afoot. Ah well, she would check out the details later. She had some shopping to do!

Still mumbling and muttering to herself, she barely noticed the crowd around the furniture shop, nor the new Norrathian Express box standing beside it. "May as well pick some extra cheese while at it, mayhaps some pre-mixed dough tae save some time ...." She stopped dead as she rounded the corner of the Ironforge Estate and saw the old entrance to the Ironforge Exchange was boarded up. "By Bristlebane's furry ..." Whatever else she was going to say was cut short as she noticed the sign:

The Ironforge Exchange has moved to a new location, at Fhara's Furnishings, across from the North Qeynos bank

Bemusedly, Mum backtracked through the city to the former furniture shop, taking a quick look around inside before picking up her supplies. It had been tastefully redecorated with all the crafting amenities, though it looked like it could get a bit cozy if too many folks crowded into it at once.

No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than a dozen people traipsed in, pushing and shoving in their eagerness to handle some work orders. Mumbling to herself, she wormed her way through several small knots of people to make purchases from the fuel and supplies vendor, who looked oddly famil-

"Mum! So good to see you again! It's been months! I don't suppose you're going to be doing some baking, are you?" The handsome barbarian looked down at her, wistfully.

There was something about that voice... "Och! Hal? I did nae recognize ye wi' a shirt on!"

Oblivious to the odd looks from a nearby crafter at that comment, she continued "I'd love tae whip ye up something, frae auld time's sake, but I prefer a wee bit more elbow room when I cook." She gestured at the three elves clustered around the stove, as if that said it all.

"There's a more traditional setup down in the basement ..." This wistful comment from the handsome hunk was coupled with an extremely loud growl from his stomach.

"Glad tae see some things do nae change, tallstuff! I'll whip ye up summat tae eat afore I head home wi' my supplies."

As she turned towards the door, she overheard some loud whispers speculating on Mum and a shirtless Hal that caused her to whirl around, shaking her ever-present rolling pin in the general direction of the whispers.

"For shame on th' lot o' ye! Get yuir minds out o' th' gutter! Hal used tae stand on th' Kylong docks an' help out th' crafters during th' early days o' Kunark exploration, when they were jus' starting tae gi' tours

Rolling her eyes at Hal, who was blushing furiously, she headed for the crafting cellar entrance, calling over her shoulder to him, "Come down on break, after ye finish wi' th' valley elves an' I'll hae summat nice an' hearty frae ye tae eat. Mayhaps ye can alsae catch me up on all th' changes around here, eh?"

And oh, what lovely changes and new goodies there are for crafters in Game Update 43! Join Mum in learning more about them here!

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