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GU43: Late-Breaking News

On March 3, the following late-breaking news about changes/additions to the GU43 stuff on test was posted in this thread (on page 6) in the SOE forums by Domino: Thanks for the comments and constructive feedback on the items, and tons of thanks to the test server folks who took the time and effort to check them over and share the information. A few notes:

  • The jewelry items will not be changed, but, we will be adding some additional similar ones that address some of the stat gaps in the existing items.
  • The stats on the Di'Zok Bow of Flame will be tweaked upwards somewhat in an upcoming hotfix.
  • The dimensional pocket expander will grant 100 item count when it goes live, rather than 50. Also, crafters should note that one recipe makes two of the item, so if an adventurer obtains a chromatic essence and wants the item made, you could always work out a one-for-me, one-for-you deal if you so desire.
  • It is also worth noting at this point that other ways in which to increase your house item count are being considered and will be seen in the future, this item just happens to be the first made available. At this point I don't have details on the others and they may not necessarily be available via tradeskills, so I can't give any more details at this time, but I am confident you will hear when there are more details available.
  • Both the house vault and house item count items can only be applied once per house, and there is a max cap on number of house vaults so you cannot necessarily add extra vaults to every house.
  • Weaponsmiths are most welcome to provide constructive feedback on additional non-consumable items they would like, in this thread.
  • The two provisioner charm items are not being changed, but please note they are lore, and also be aware that future re-itemizations that are in progress will contain other options for raiders.

A couple side notes from Mum. 1) When the vault expander was tested on Test, it would not allow vault space to go over 6 vaults. 2) Things like the bow stats being changed is exactly why, in previews of things still on Test, I don't post stats on items - there are too many instances where those stats can change before something goes live (or in a hotfix if the change is made too late in the Test cycle to beat a change deadline.)

The release date for GU43 is March 4

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