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Tradeskill-related Racial Traditions

Each race has choseable abilities that make them better at certain tradeskills in some way, if and only if they choose a specific racial tradition that becomes available at certain adventuring levels. Some of the bonsuses are a reduction in power use for your crafting abilities, some give increased success chance, and some give addition crafting skill (which improves your success chance).

GU40 and the launch of the Rise of Kunark expansion changed the racial traditions, and this guide has been updated to reflect these new racials.

Neriak Precision: +5 Artificing Skill (Jeweler)
Transmogrify +5 Transmuting Skill (Transmuter)

Brewmaster: +5% Success Chance for Provisioners
Herbology: +5 Chemistry Skill (Alchemist)

Poison Crafter: +5% Success Chance for Alchemists
Pursuit of the Arcane: -10% Power Cost for Sage Reactions

Weapon Forger: +5% Success Chance for Weaponsmiths
Master of the Tumpy Tonic: +5 Artistry Skill (Provisioner)

Scholarly Pursuit: +5% Success Chance for Sages
Chemist: +5 Chemistry Skill (Alchemist)

Magical Teachings: +5 Scribing Skill (Sage)
Forest Knowledge: +5 Fletching Skill (Woodworker)

Fervor of Marr: -10% Power Cost for Armorer Reactions
Zealotry of Marr: +5% Success Chance for Weaponsmiths

Forge Invention: -10%? Post Cost for Weaponsmith Reactions
Chemical Calculations: +5% Success Chance for Alchemists

AyríDal Adornment: +5 Artificing Skill (Jeweler)
Gift of the Faydark: +5% Success Chance for Woodworkers

Niamiís Tutelage: +5% Success Chance for Provisioners
Pants Patcher: -10% Power Cost for Tailor Reactions

Gilding of Felwithe: +5 Artificing Skill (Jeweler)
Estoric Study: +5 Scribing Skill (Sage)

Diversity: +5 Tailoring, Artificing, Chemistry, Artistry, Sculpting, Fletching, Scribing, Metalworking, and Metal Shaping Skill (All Primary Trades)
Clothier: +5% Success Chance for Tailors

Whipstitch: -10% Power Cost for Tailor Reactions
Dark Medicine: +5 Chemistry Skill (Alchemist)

Gift of the Land: -10% Power Cost for Alchemist Reactions
Timber Shaper: +5 Fletching Skill (Woodworker)

Oggokian Trade: -10% Power Cost for Weaponsmith Reactions
Rallosian Readiness: +5 Metal Shaping Skill (Armorer)

Poison Play: -10% Power Cost for Alchemist Reactions
Instruments of the Underfoot: +5 Metalworking Skill (Weaponsmith)

Troll Gourmet: +5 Artistry Skill (Provisioner)
Mender of the Mire: +5% Success Chance for Armorers

Gift of the Faydark: -10% Power Cost for Woodworker Reactions
Faydwer Fashions: +5% Success Chance for Tailors

Weapon Production: -10% Power Cost for Weaponsmith Reactions
Carpenter's Touch: +5 Sculpting Skill (Carpenter)

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