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GU48 Crafting Preview

GU48 was patched to U.S. servers on September 3, 2008. This guide other than the armor images has been updated with the relevant information. Armor images will go into the appropriate galleries as able.

Crafted Armor Gaps Filled In

Over the past several months, Domino has been working down through the tiers, adding imbues to the chest and legs of the various specialty sets. With this update, not only should there be imbues available for chest and legs of every single tier 2 through tier 8 armor set, but the "progression" gaps should be filled as well.

By progression gaps, I mean the gaps that were intentionally left in specialty sets when they were initially added a couple years ago. Tier 3 might have chest, legs, boots of a set. Tier 4 then added another slot, tier 5 another, etc. This was found to be awkward and confusing, and with GU48, partial sets should now be full sets. The crafted armor progression charts should be updated "soon", not only with the progression changes, but also the stat changes from this update.

It should also be noted that all level 10+ crafted armor sets should now have chest and leg imbues. (Several of the lower-level specialty sets had not had this added yet, and this brings them all in line with the other sets.)

Stat Changes?

Handcrafted and Mastercrafted armor and jewelry items from levels 1-69 have received an upgrade (automagic upgrade on any pristine pieces already made) to bring them in line with the GU47 changes to dropped gear for those levels. It will be a solid chunk of time before the database is up-to-date on it all, as there have been a lot of changes in the last several updates, and we can't keep up, but we'll get there, eventually. :)

Faction from City Crafting Writs

City crafting writs currently grant 150 faction with the appropriate tradeskill society for rush orders, and 100 faction for the (untimed) work orders. With the release of GU48, these will be increased to 300 faction for rush orders, and 200 faction for work orders. (Those wanting still more faction with their tradeskill society are reminded to hit up the Quests section of this site to look into the Grandmaster series of quests. Each of the quests in the series gives more crafting faction than the quest before it, and it can be a solid chunk of status when all is said and done!))

Break Out Those Harvesting Tools!

In preparation for the release of guild halls, NPCs at the Antonica and Freeport docks are looking for folks to help with resources for building the guild halls. Harvesting assignments from all tiers are available, and each offers guild status as a reward. Complete enough of them, and earn a title, and more!

Mmmm, Everfrost

Everfrost got a facelift. Not only should it be easier to travel around in, and have some solo-friendly content (which means easier harvesting for crafters, as well), but there are several new quests resulting in house item plushies. Wheee!

More Travel Ease!

On top of being able to get between the two separate sections of Everfrost more easily (without having to backtrack a lot and swim with Dreadwake again!), travel between other areas has been made easier with several additional bells: Antonica-Thundering Steppes docks, Commonlands-Nektulos Forest docks, Nek Forest docks-Neriak docks, Kylong dock-Gorowyn. Also, a carpet from Neriak docks to Sinking Sands.

Crafted Cloth and Leather Appearance Changes

Back during Game Update 38, metal (chain and plate) armor got an appearance change. While there had been a desire to also give cloth and leather looks a facelift as well, there just wasn't enough time and resources to do so before now.

With the release of GU48, the long-awaited crafted cloth and leather armor appearance changes will be implemented. While these are subject to change, and these don't include every available set, we do have some images to show you.


Aug 24: the under-layers for threadbare and sackcloth armor will be changing slightly from what is pictured here.

Tranquil Threadbare
Tranquil Sackcloth
Tranquil Roughspun
Tranquil Ruckas
Tranquil Broadcloth
Tranquil Cloth
Rough Linen
Tranquil Rough Linen
Tranquil Linen
Tranquil Sandcloth
Tranquil Cambric


Aug 23: It seems that the woven etched armor pictured below will be changing to a blue shade, to make it look more like the rest of the etched, and less like the base horned set. A new image is not yet available.

Aug 24: The woven dragonhide armor will be changing tint to blue/purple shading.

Aug 30: Rawhide armor will be gaining a reddish tint to it. Regular rawhide and woven rawhide will be losing the "skirt".

Woven Rawhide
Woven Waxed
Dexterous Cured
Woven Cuirboilli
Dexterous Etched
Woven Etched
Woven Engraved
Dexterous Engraved
Dexterous Strengthened
Woven Strengthened
Dexterous Stonehide
Woven Stonehide
Woven Scaled
Dexterous Horned
Woven Horned
Dexterous Dragonhide
Woven Dragonhide
Now, after all that, who says ogres can't be sexy? ;P

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