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This event was released on October 22, 2008 and will continue through November 3, 2008.

It isonce again time for Norrath to celebrate the Nights of the Dead. Trick or Treating, haunted houses, and crafted goodies.

You read that right! This year, the crafters of Norrath get to make many items in celebration of the Nights of the Dead. This isn't some little pumpkin carving bit, folks, but much more solid items to wear and to decorate with.

How It Works

Much like the Erollisi Day crafting, you will need a specially-purchased recipe book. The book is sold at crafting faction society headquarters, such as the Ironforge Exchange, for a modest fee, and requires Artisan level 2 to scribe. The recipes themselves are level 29, and will use cross-skill reaction arts. This allows pretty much anyone a chance to make the items, though low-level crafters will understandably have more of a struggle to finish the items to pristine due to the level. Yield on all items is 1-2 (2 each on pristine).

Again, like Erollisi Day crafting, the items can be made year-round. However, the drops needed for the primary ingredient will be a limited-time drop while the event is going on. The drops are body drops (so can drop off grey mobs), and they all work interchangeably for the Nights of the Dead recipes. Here is what we know so far regarding the drops: (List updated Oct. 31 with new drop info)

Cubes (Vermin's Snye, etc.)Candy Corn
Flesh FeedersCandy Corn
GhoulsGummy Worms
GoblinsChocolate Buttons
GolemsNutty Chocolate Bar
Gorgers (LP, etc.)Cherry Gumdrops
GremlinsGum Ball
HarpiesFruit Flavored Hard Candy
LamiaGreen Chocolate Buttons
MummiesCotton Candy
NightbloodsRed Licorice
RatsJelly Beans
ScorpionsChocolate Bar
Shadowed MenLicorice Candy
SkeletonsPeanut Brittle
Spectres (SS, Silent City)Fudge
Spinechillers (Void storms, etc.)popcorn balls
SpidersLicorice Rope
VampiresChewing Gum
WerewolvesWere Cupcake
"Wiggly Things"*Caramels
ZombiesGummy Worms
*Centipede-types, etc in the sewers were mentioned

Notice the pattern? Creepy, crawly, spooky sorts of mobs!

In addition to these mob-dropped treats, you will need common tier 2 resources (tubers, maple, iron, etc.)

The Items

Firstly, there is one cloth clothing set, the Sinister set, that is purely decorative (no stats). This set includes both a robe and a vest, for more versatile looks.

Then there's all the lovely furniture. All of these pieces will be difficulty level 28, and use tier 2 resources. The exact resources needed, as well as the fuel and equipment used, will vary based on the item. (Forge, loom, woodworking table, chemistry table, work bench and stove & keg are all used for different items.)

Wall Shackles
Pumpkin Pie
Shackled Human Skeleton
Butcher Block
Alchemical Flasks
Sinister Pillows
Sinister Cauldron
Sinister Spider Eggs
Orb of Death
Sinister Chandelier
Sinister Tapestry
Sinister Sconce
Captive Audience
Sinister Candelabra
Shackled Elf Skeleton
Chained Blightbat

More enlarged views of the furniture can be found here

Added Notes

This section will be for any updates since this article was published.

To start it off, I'd like to note that while the haunted house instance from the past few years will be making a return, there is a second, very different, heroic haunted house event this year as well.

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