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Tradeskill Societies - What They Are, How They Work

~by Niami DenMother

Long ago and far away, it was required that you join a tradeskill society in order to obtain your recipe books and so on. Thankfully, that is now a thing of the past, and you can craft in a variety of locations, including out in the open air in some city zones.

In all cases but the NQ and EFP instances, tradeskill books will be sold just outside the instance entrance by a Crafting Trainer. The trainer checks your tradeskill class and level, and only displays the books appropriate for your skill. (You also hail one of these trainers in order to select your level 10 and level 20 crafting profession choices.) Crafting writs can be obtained after you have dinged level 20 in your crafting profession, from NPCs inside each of the below locations.

  • Nettleville Hovel: The Elusive Commonwealth
  • Starcrest Commune: The Luminary Cache
  • Graystone Yard: The Stalwart Township
  • Castleview Hamlet: Charter of the Truthbringer
  • Willow Wood: Wayfarer's Stockpilers
  • The Baubbleshire: The Deductive Directory
  • Big Bend: The Ransacker's Annex
  • Stonestair Byway: The Brokerage of Nepeta Cataria
  • Temple Street: The Circle of Vaniki
  • Beggar's Court: The Ring of Wanderlust
  • Longshadow Alley: The Dark Bargainers
  • Scale Yard: The War Hagglers
  • North Qeynos: Ironforge Exchange
  • West Freeport: Coalition of Tradesfolke
  • Kelethin: Tunare's Pages (this is not a separate instance, but is the main crafting area in Kelethin)
If you have trouble finding the entrance once you're in the right zone, alt-w to get a waypoint wisp to it.

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