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Feb. 5 Patch Notes

This is a hotfix of the items that were originally meant to be part of GU51, that have been released without the fighter revamp portion of the revamp. The Lavastorm revamp that is in-progress is now being called GU51 instead.


A new type of item has been added: HEIRLOOM items are the same as NO-TRADE except that they can be placed into your shared bank. Characters on the same account and server can then pick them up out of the shared bank. Normal shared bank rules apply on PVP servers.


* The spider ability ‘Sticky Webbing’ has changed from a 30 second root to a 3 second daze.
* Merchants in the Village of Shin will now buy as well as sell items.
* It should now be slightly easier to avoid the blood gorgers in the entry passage to Grobb, if you are careful.
* Spotting a business opportunity, a new fuel merchant has recently set up shop in Firmroot Moot near the mender.
* Large attribute values over the base cap will no longer cause your max hitpoints or power to decrease.
* Adornments which add additional damage to a weapon will now correctly report critical attacks.



* Bountiful Harvest should no longer display a combined harvest on root and foresting nodes. Instead you should see two messages similar to other nodes.


* Frontload will no longer cause poisons to cancel when it is toggled off or expires.


* Perseverance is now a buff and works in a similar fashion to Reversal with a hidden spell that can only trigger once every 15 seconds.


* Kindred Restoration will now cast properly if the shaman is casting another spell.


Anchor of Bazzul

* Imprisoner Y’nosii’s death now results in his weakened soul spawning. Killing the weakened soul gives a key that will open Y’nosii’s treasure chest.

Cavern of the Afflicted

* A group of zombies near the first Maledictive Terror should no longer continue to respawn.

Evernight Abbey

* Players on the quest A Brother’s Revenge should no longer be able to get a quest update and be asked to turn in Gabardine Obisgnul’s head when they do not have the item.

Halls of the Forsaken

* The mission End of the Forsaken should no longer occasionally have too few forsaken soldiers and conscripts present in the zone.


* The Avatar of Hate should cast crushing hatred more reliably on attackers now.

Palace of the Ancient One

* The Switchmaster should critically hit players somewhat less often now.
* Tythus can no longer have his Voidslide AOE interrupted.
* The duration of Nether Bolt, the reactive associated with Pentaclypse and Ultaclypse, has been reduced to 1.5 seconds.

Ravenscale Repository

* The two parts of Mission of the Macabre can now be completed in any order, so that Noyle is no longer occasionally already dead once players reach that step.


* Atrebite Mantle of Destruction may now be worn by all plate tanks.
* Drum of the Ethernaut Chronicler’s proc now functions on both spells and melee attacks.
* Cloak of the Overlord and Cloak of Antonia Bayle now have additional ranged bonuses.
* The proc text on Ripper’s Stiletto now more clearly states that it triggers only from attacks made with that weapon.
* A number of the Frostfell reward armors have been changed to create a more balanced stat progression.
* Paladin’s Zealous Voidbeam 4-piece bonus now adds mitigation instead of Spell and Combat Art damage.
* Silk Robe of Summoning, Aramid Robe of Voidcaller, and Staff of Elemental Mastery no longer function on swarm pets, but should stack with other pet effects better than they did previously.
* The 5-piece bonus on the Conjuror and Necromancer raid sets has been improved slightly.
* Razhish’s Cloak of Flowing Power has a new proc.
* The effect on Ferhustr's Furious Rolling-Pin should now add 20% to heals and runes.
* Overloaded heal procs will now trigger properly from reactives and wards
* Unholy Rift 4 piece bonus to Tenacity should now have a 35m range.
* The Neutral Avatar 2 piece charm bonus will now work correctly.
* Protective Platemail Helm of the Rising Sun is now properly classified as plate.
* Void-Etched Blade and Void Cutlass of the Lethe now have delays more suitable for offhand weapons.
* Extract Mana on the Illusionist robe from VP now functions properly.
* The collection reward Cape of Infatuation now has an appearance.
* Many of the fabled items within Palace of the Ancient One, Ykesha’s Inner Stronghold and Tomb of the Mad Crusader, have been upgraded and or had effects added.
* Gynok Moltor will no longer drop Stained Mummy Bandages or the Eye Mounted Ring. His drops have been upgraded and new items have been added in place of the ones that were shared.
* The Savage Wall was dropping from both Captain Ikalus and Xebnok the Wretched. Xebnok will no longer drop the Savage Wall and has had a new item added to his table to replace it.
* A few pet caster effects have been added to select mage items.
* The Silvered Link Chain is now usable by rogues.
* Zarrakon will now drop new items. In addition some of his existing drops have been upgraded or had effects added to them.


Moors of Ykesha

* Captain Lip Marrsquire's "Evidence?" quests are no longer impeded if completed after finishing the quest, "Who Dun It?" Return to Captain Lip Marrsquire to complete these quests.



* Examination Data will now show the critical damage multiplier if it differs from the base amount.
* Spells that are affected by achievements will no longer drop after being charmed.


* Spiritual Circle will now apply properly to members of the raid.


* Repenting Strike will now trigger if the inquisitor is stunned or stifled.


* Siphoning of Souls adept 3 will now trigger Soothing Soul properly.


* A number of trade skill faction rewards are now considered heirlooms. The components required for "Proof of the Pudding" are also considered heirlooms.
* "Tools of the Trade" set bonuses are now slightly different for each set.


* Critical Mitigation display in the persona window will now show the attribute gains as well.

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