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GU51 Crafting Preview

(Edit: this update was patched to U.S. servers on March 31.)

Game Update 51, including massive changes to the Lavastorm zone, is currently on the Test server. Crafting items of note that are included in this update include stat changes to crafted held items, a new level 40 crafting quest for a recipe book full of appearance armor, two new red glowie collections, a new crafting mission for Far Seas Supply Division faction and tokens, and a new city crafting faction recipe book. Interior decorators will also find a new horde of plushies and other house items, as quest rewards, collectibles and faction purchases.

Since that is a lot to cover, I am not including the now-traditional mini-story directly in the preview, but will link to it instead, so that those who want some extra diversion and amusement can still get their fix, while not distracting others from the meaty details of the update.

At this time, there is no release date for GU51, as they try to hammer out various issues. You can read more from a March 9 post about it on the SOE forums by clicking on this link.

Crafted "Held Items"* Change

(*While the above heading is sort of ambiguous, it is easier to type than "secondary and ranged items that are not bows") ~Mum

With this update, crafted shields, symbols, tomes, orbs and idols will get a revamp. All the old versions of these items will still exist (so if you really want a damage proc on your shield, instead of the new blessing proc or imbued hate proc, instead of better stats, get them made now!), but will no longer be crafted. Instead, new versions of the items will be slipped into place. This will include the standard progression of:

  • kite shield
  • imbued kite shield
  • tablet
  • tower shield
  • imbued tower shield
  • buckler
  • blessed buckler
  • round shield
  • imbued round shield
  • orb
  • tome
  • idol
  • symbol

In the above examples, the "Pristine" one displays the stats on items that were made before GU51, and the other version shows what can be crafted after GU51. As you can see, the protection stays the same, but there is a solid increase in stats to bring them more in line with looted/quested items.

Added notes - shields. Round, tower and kite shields can be imbued with the imbued (hate gain/loss proc) effect that we currently see in imbued weapons, but do not have a blessed version. Bucklers can be imbued with the blessed (spell damage/heal proc), but do not have an imbued version.

Crafting Quest Series:

One doesn't often think of goblins as the sort to invent anything that the civilized world would be interested in. So, when word is received by the Far Seas Supply Division that the Sootfoot goblins in Lavastorm may have invented a new way to work molten metal into armor, it is worth checking out. Unfortunately, Purrla, the Far Seas Supply Division representative sent to investigate, didn't hit it off so well with the goblins.

Enter the intrepid crafter, level 40 or higher, to do some investigating, coaxing, cajoling, crafting and downright grunt work, in order to first find out more about the goblins, and then to obtain the prized recipes.. This quest series will result in several nice bits of crafting experience and achievement experience, two house items, the recipes for the appearance-only Sootfoot Magma armor pieces (including 3 different pauldron styles, and two different greaves styles), and a no-trade mold needed to create one piece of this armor.

I will put the quest writeup for the series "soon", but in the meantime, there are several things to note:

  • Armor pieces are Lore, cloth armor (equippable by all classes) and require adventurer level 5 to equip.
  • If you are trying for a complete appearance set of this armor, you do NOT need forearms or feet, as those spots are covered by other pieces. (The bracers and sabatons are good if you're trying to slip in a couple pieces to go with some other set.
  • There are 3 different shoulder pieces and 2 different leg pieces to choose from when planning your look.
  • You need one no-trade mold per armor piece. Additional molds can be purchased by adventurers after completing faction quests from the goblins. (Again, no trade molds, so if you're one of those stubborn folks who is a non-adventuring crafter, and want to make this armor, you'll be relying on adventurers and the commission system.)
  • This armor can only be crafted at a Sootfoot forge, but don't panic because ... (see next section)
  • You will need to have both your mining and your fishing at 190+ in order to complete this quest series

More Red Glowies ... With a Twist!

While the Sootfoot Magma armor gives us an interesting appearance armor set, the fact that you have to trek out to Lavastorm to craft it at the special forge is just barely more happiness-producing than trekking to DFC to make Blood Iron Ore armor. Ok, a bit better than dealing with DFC, but the neverending red of Lavastorm can be a bit wearing after a while, too.

Enter two new red glowie collections that can be seen by epic crafters who are wearing their Earring of the Solstice as they roam the appropriate zones.

Unlike other red glowie collections, the glowies will be Lore and No Trade (instead of just Lore). However, also unlike other red glowie collections, the no trade rewards are actually useful, instead of just neat-looking house items.

Working specialty forges!

The Lavastorm red glowie collection will yield a fully functional Sootfoot Forge that will allow you to craft the Sootfoot Magma armor from your own home or guildhall.

The Zek red glowie collection will yield a fully functional Blood Iron Forge that will allow you to craft the various DFC Blood Iron Ore armor sets. As with the other forge, this one can also be placed in either home or guild hall.

New Crafting Society Faction Recipe Book

Another new recipe book has been added to city crafting society faction vendors (such as Ironforge Exchange). This book, Reflections of the Grandmasters, vol. II, contains the recipe for a Guild Hall Trophy Pedestal.

Many of you may be scratching your head over that item, so here's some extra details:

  • 40K faction with your city's crafting society is needed
  • Recipe requires level 75 (any crafting class) to scribe, and is no-trade
  • Recipe requires a smoldering reflective shard as the primary ingredient
  • Item created is NOT placed directly in a guildhall
  • Some epic mobs will/can drop a body part as a "trophy", such as Vox's head. This item comes in a special crate, which you can then Use, provided you have the crafted Trophy Pedestal in inventory. This combines the two bits together into a trophy that can be proudly displayed in your guild hall.

Crafting Mission #4: Emergency Portal Repairs

A new crafting mission is being added to the Far Seas Supply Division lineup. While it follows the pattern of the other crafting missions with regards to "craft 4 batches of 3 of each of these 9 items", it goes about it with a few unique twists.

First off, you'll be heading to the Overlook out in the Moors of Ykesha (this is where the new port stone from the Far Seas Supply Division vendor in Mara will take you as well). From there, you will talk to the balloon coordinator, and have a special conversation option that will send you out to where they need help.

It will zone you in to a sorry sight.

You get to see what happens on an adventurer's raid in a new light. Bodies of adventurers and mounts everywhere. The portal that was to allow the survivors to escape (their only way out) has been destroyed by a meteor, and the folks in charge of rebuilding it are behind. Once again, they need you, the mighty crafter, to help them out of this mess.

Once you talk to the foreman, you'll be scavenging armor and jewelry from the corpses of hapless adventurers, grabbing meat from the dead mounts, harvesting nodes in the area, and chasing down slow-moving residue for your materials. While you may not find 20 uses for a dead warg, at least it won't be drooling all over you anymore!

I'll add further quest details to the existing Far Seas writeup later. For now, however, let us just say that you might want to put some effort into chasing those void residue around now and then, as evidenced by this picture of Mum:

Yep, that's really Mum, in the flesh ... erm ... goo ... or something.


That's All ... For Now!

At this time, we do not have a release date for Game Update 51. Stay tuned for a date, as soon as we hear one, as well as for a preview of the upcoming Brew Day celebration world event.

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