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Fact Sheet: Blackened Iron Vanguard Armor

This is the tier 2 rare (level 12) plate armor set, equippable by BER, GRD, PAL, SHD, TMP, INQ. (There are no Devout or Plate versions in this tier, only Vanguard)It is crafted by a Outfitters (Armorer, Tailor, Weaponsmith) at the Forge. There are 7 pieces available in this set, and cuirass (chest) and greaves (legs) can be imbued.

Stat Details:
Blackened Iron Vanguard: 8 STR, 11 STA, 8 AGI, 10 health, 10 power, 17 vs heat, 17 vs cold, 17 vs magic, 17 vs mental, 17 vs divine, 17 vs disease, 17 vs poison, mitigation 128* (*chest & legs are mitigation 137)
Imbued Chest adds: Lambent Imbued when equipped: When target takes any damage, this spell has a 5% chance to cast Lambent Rejuvenation on caster. Lasts for 20.0 seconds. - Heals target for 15 instantly and every 4 seconds.
Imbued Legs adds: Sanguine Imbued when equipped: When target takes any damage this spell has a 5% chance to cast Sanguine Feedback on target's attacker. - Inflicts 43 heat damage on target.

Recipe Details:
Gussets, Barbute, Spaulders, Sabatons, & Gauntlets require 1 Blackened Iron Cluster, 1 iron cluster, 1 tanned leather, 1 tuber strand, 4 brown coal. Cuirass & Greaves require 1 Blackened Iron Cluster, 2 iron cluster, 2 tanned leather, 1 tuber strand, 2 brown coal (*For imbued chest/legs, additional 1 Glowing Material and 2 brown coal)

Recipe Books:

  • Advanced Outfitter Volume 14 Pristine Blackened Iron Vanguard Sabatons
  • Advanced Outfitter Volume 15 Pristine Blackened Iron Vanguard Barbute, Pristine Blackened Iron Vanguard Spaulders
  • Advanced Outfitter Volume 16 Pristine Blackened Iron Vanguard Gauntlets, Pristine Blackened Iron Vanguard Gussets
  • Advanced Outfitter Volume 17 Pristine Blackened Iron Vanguard Cuirass, Pristine Imbued Blackened Iron Vanguard Cuirass, Blackened Iron Vanguard Greaves, Pristine Imbued Blackened Iron Vanguard Greaves

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